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Perfect For Introductory Science And Biology Lessons Explore Science This Nonfiction Picture Book Serves As An Introduction To Plants That Do Not Have Flowers Like Mushrooms, Seaweed, Ferns, And Vibrant, Colorful Spreads Detail Many Different Types Of Plants A Feast For The Eyes Readers Will Be Entranced With The Beauty And Breadth Of The Flowerless Plants She Describes San Francisco Examiner

7 thoughts on “Plants That Never Ever Bloom: A Book about Plants Without Flowers (Explore!)

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    This is a gorgeous living book for inquisitive young children My 3 year old had been asking lots of questions about moss and fungi, so we ve been learning about them, and this was a lovely accompaniment to the topic.

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    Lovely illustrations but pretty thin on actual information

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    Technically fungi are not plants This fact bothers me as I was going to use this in a science class.

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    Beautiful illustrations with a story that makes information entertaining Some of them are not true plants, but I think it s fine for entry level learning.

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    The illustrations in the book are beautiful, and the text is both informative and entertaining My granddaughter loves it

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    Heller s poetic texts and gorgeous illustrations are award winning and rightfully so I just used this with a second grader who loves Heller s The Reason for a Flower as part of a unit on planting and raising flowers Plants that Never Bloom are an amazing addition to both her knowledge and my own.

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    Got these for my children They love them The pictures and text are beautiful and very informative.