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Fabulous book Stage by stage topics and exercises Well written and stimulates interest Works very well with the Activate Physics and Biology books too. Big help to my doughter Written concisely and in an imaginative way great books shame the courier left them outside on the wettest day of the year so they are badly damaged Happy with purchase Received on time Excellent resource Activate Is A New Key StageScience Course For TheCurriculum, Designed To Support Every Student On Their Journey Through Key StageTo Key StageSuccess This Student Book Will Spark Students Curiosity In Chemistry, Whilst Gradually Building The Maths, Literacy And Working Scientifically Skills Vital For Success In The New KS Qualifications This Chemistry Book Has Three Chemistry Units C, C, And C With Working Scientifically Integrated Throughout This New Area Of The Curriculum Also Has Its Own Introductory Chapter And Activities, So You Can Be Sure Students Receive Maximum Support Use C And C To Cover The Programme Of Study In Two Years Use C For A Contextual Consolidation And Extension Of Content