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The UK S Bestselling GCSE Science Series Has Been Updated And Specifically Tailored For TheAQA GCSE Science Specifications Supporting Your Students On Their Journey From Key StageAnd Through To Success In The New Linear GCSE Qualifications, This Series Helps Students And Teachers To Monitor Progress, While Supporting The Increased Demand, Mathematical Content, And New Practical Requirements All Student Books Have Entered The AQA Approval Process This Teacher Book Offers Fully Integrated And Differentiated Support Tailored To The GCSE Specification Differentiated Learning Outcomes And Checkpoints Following Our GCSE Assessment Framework Intervention And Extension Checkpoint Lessons For Every Chapter Full Lesson Suggestions, With Ideas For Support And Extension Practical Guidance For All Required Practicals And Guidance And Support For Developing Maths And Literacy Skills

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    This book is expensive, but there should be at least one in at least every science dept that follows the AQA scheme of work and uses Kerboodle AQA online resources I ve bought my own as the science dept I m in are very reluctant to spend this kind of money on text books As a student teacher I ve found this invaluable when planning lessons outside of my speciality It gives an overview plan for each lesson It would be of limited use however if you don t have access to Kerboodle because many of the activities it suggests are on there I would suggest that at this price there should be copies of the activity sheets included in this book for photocopying, so I have docked one start for value for money.

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    I m genuinely shocked that they d put out something with such low production values at a price like this It s all in black and white, for one thing Colour isn t just a frippery it genuinely helps a person navigate a book, and often helps communicate information The student versions of textbooks are in colour for a reason, and they re a fraction of the price Then there are the reproductions of the corresponding pages from the student book, which are too small and printed at too low quality to be able to read the text, so that you always need a separate copy of the student book to refer to The old Nelson Thornes Teacher s Book had larger, colour reproductions from the student book on each page still small, but legible I also spotted a number of mistakes.I guess this could be useful if what you mostly need is a detailed scheme of work, but as a teacher s handbook to the student textbook, it s grossly overpriced and disappointingly executed.