Audible Science Works: 1: Student Book By Philippa Gardom-Hulme –

Excellent book Very well designed and concise I bought it for my son year 7 to work with him at home So I found the lessons short enough to teach him what he actually needs to learn and on the other hand it won t make him tired and board. Science Works Enables You To Deliver The Skills Based How Science Works Approach In An Integrated, Manageable And Fully Supported Way Very Satisfied I brought this for my daughters school work and it helped her so much in her first year of secondary.It arrived nice and clean also it arrived on time.I haven t found any thing wrong with this book. everything perfect This is the book my sons school use for their year7 science homework I only needed to buy it because he had lost his school issue one Typically it turned up later after I bought this as a replacement It is a good book, which my son is able to follow There is a supporting CD, but we haven t used that yet Great to have been able to get it so easily well doneEfficient supplier service.