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Over Intriguing Science Questions Answered This Is The Ideal Science Encyclopedia To Help Budding Einsteins Ages And Up With Their School And Homework Projects As Well As For Parents Who Need To Answer Those Tricky Science Questions Do You Know About Sciencebrings Subjects Such As The Living World, Human Body, The Material World, Energy, Forces And Movement, And Our Planet To Life, With Colourful Pages And A Fun Question And Answer Format Where Does Light Come From Can I Feel Forces What Is My Body Made Of Why Is Lemon Juice Sour Do You Know About Sciencefocuses On The Subjects That Kids Really Want To Know About And The Questions They Ask, Helping Them Easily Learn New Information From Everyday Questions Such As What Makes The Light Turn On, To The Bigger Questions Like What Is In Space, Do You Know About Science Will Satisfy Even The Most Curious Minds With An Amazing Collection Of Facts Brilliant, easy to read, ver very informative and fun at the same time Both 7 yr and 10 yr old boys love it