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This is a wonderful book that s full of information about ice and how it affects all of us It takes you from the ice ages up to modern day and how climate change is causing the worlds ice caps to melt It is written in such a way that the information is easy for younger children to understand, yet still interesting for older children, teenagers and even adults I read this book myself and found it absolutely fascinating, I learnt things about ice that I didn t know before.The best think about this book is the illustrations, it really is beautifully illustrated The pictures and diagrams bring the subject alive and draw in the young reader.This is a fantastic book, it s informative, interesting and accessible for young children. With changes going on with the oceans because of climate change, this book makes for an interesting and also eye opening read Not too heavy on the wording but with illustrations and photographs throughout The book shows us the history, evolution, and what is happening now in the Arctic Antartica Georgia with the retreating sea ice and the effect it is having on the delicate ecosystem in the water and on the ice as animals battle for survival Worthy of a read and hopefully it will help a new generation wake up to climate change. Dorling Kindersley, as DK were previously titled, will already be a very well known name for most, being famed for it s range of illustrated educational literature, with its multimedia titles being ubiquitous with the advent of Personal Computers.So the style of this new book will probably be familiar also DK s trademark of copious lavish illustrations accompanied by small and concise text, is apparent all through these glossy and image filled pages Photographs, Drawings, Computer generated images abound, with text boxes refining down the essential information In fact the animalsprofiled have text boxes that include their region habitat, size length height weight and their conservation status, which indicates if and how threatened they are in the wild.The book does in fact have a brief look at Climate Change in its foreword and final pages, but as a children s book it naturally doesn t do muchthan give an outline of current climate concerns that affect the polar regions Of course the subtitle Chilling Stories From A Disappearing World may suggestof a focus on the disappearing world aspect, but this is not really the case although given the format of the book and the age range of the intended audience it s probably struck the right balance.The book covers an impressively extensive range of subjects from a brief overview of what ice is, and a look at the Ice Age, it ranges through glaciers, mountains, migratory animals, polar extrapolation including the story of Shackleton s expedition , adaptions such as camouflage, heat retention and movement on the ice, polar research, the flora and fauna of the frozen regions andAnd with an Index and Glossary to help steer through all that.From the front 11 x9 cover with it s bright embossed lettering, through every one of its 153 image filled pages plus 7 pages of Glossary Index , this is a vivid and compelling look at all aspects of the frozen regions of the earth While it certainly follows the DK tradition for being heavy on the visuals, the accompanying text is concise and to the point and results in an educational book for children that they will delight in.Education has never been so much fun This is a lovely book, from Dorling Kindersley It s a big book, approx 22.5 x 28.5 cm with 153 beautifully illustrated pages The book covers everything to do with ice including what ice is prehistory frozen world animals on ice and humans on ice The theme throughout is climate change and its effect on the world we live in The layout is great, lots and lots of fantastic photography and information provided in small chunks that are easy to read and absorb There is also a handy glossary in the back A book designed for children, my 7 year old grandson loves it and so do I I would definitely recommend this book. This large book is well illustrated with photos and drawings of creatures long gone and those still with us Covering land, sea and air plus the people who live in the coldest climes Not too much reading all very succinct on each animal covered plus what ice is and can do I liked the piece that explained, in an environment with no trees, how the hunters used mammoth bones covered with hides for shelter This is very good value Educational and entertaining This isaimed at children teenagers The information is well presented and the pictures are annotated which makes reading it easy The information is interesting to adults too and a great read but I think this would be a perfect present for a young adolescent The book is split into sections that focus on plants and animals that thrive in those locations and humans that live there as well as the environment and how it differs in different locations.Interesting read for sure This is a really well thought out book about a very topical issue It covers everything to do with ice, including how it is disappearing from some regions through climate change It is full of great illustrations and photos with just enough detail on each subject to keep older children enthralled Very important subject presented in an accessible and interesting way Very good book On The Bleak Polar Ice Caps, High On Windswept Mountains, And Deep Below Frozen Seas, Come Face To Face With One Of Earth S Greatest Resources Ice Discover How Animals, Plants, And Humans Survive In These Icy Realms Watch Glaciers Form, Witness Icebergs Calve, And Shiver With The Great Polar Explorers In This Amazing Journey Through The World S Most Beautiful But Threatened EcosystemsPacked With Stunning CGIs, Illustrations, And Photography, Ice Will Take You On A Frosty Expedition To Explore How Icy Worlds Are Created, How Life Clings On In These Harsh Environments, And The Impact Of Climate ChangeSee How People And Other Animals Use And Interact With Ice Travel From The Ice Age To Modern Day And Walk With Mighty Mammoths, Patrol With Leopard Seals, Roam The Treeless Tundra, And Navigate The Treacherous Northwest Passage Ice Shows You Extraordinary Frozen Worlds And The Animals, Plants, And Humans That Make Them Their Home