[ epub pdf ] My Very Important World: For Little Learners who want to Know about the World (My Very Important Encyclopedias)Author DK – Kairafanan.co

This Children S Encyclopedia Of Discovery Will Inspire Little Learners To Wonder About The World Around Them Our World Is An Amazing Place It S Full Of Rivers, Mountains, Forests, And Too Many Other Amazing Places To Count But That S Not All There S Also Families, Friends, Animals, Music, Technology, Language, Games, And All Other Things That Make Life Wonderful My Very Important World Is A Celebration Of Our World And What It S Like To Live In ItOn One Page Children Will Read About Their Body And Brain, On Another They Ll Learn About Sporting Events From Around The Globe, And On Others, They Can Marvel At Wonders Of The Earth Including The Great Wall Of China, Awe Inspiring Giant S Causeway, And The Beautiful Rainbow Mountains Of Peru My Very Important World Makes A Beautiful Gift Book With A Padded Jacket And Colourful Illustrations And Images Discover Where The Coldest Place On Earth Is, How Many Languages There Are, Why We Sometimes Feel Scared, And Much, Much There S A Big Wide World Out There So Turn The Pages To Explore It This is a such a great book for children, filled with fun fact and things that are actually relevant i love the fact they even have a section on bullying its bright and colourful filled with tons of pictures and i find myself looking forward to go through it aswellThe book itself is very good quality pages are thick and has a little section to personalize ot highly recommend I am reading this with my children 5 and 8 at bedtime, alongside a fiction story They are enjoying it and it is a great way to introduce the wider world to young children The book starts off with information about people themselves bodies, feelings, etc before moving to our immediate environment e.g houses, flats , and then talking about the wider world geography, cultures, religions, etc.The book is brilliantly simple with limited text per page and mostly pictures this is good in my view Non fiction books with endless text just don t work well at young ages The pictures are great with illustrations and photos bringing the world to life on the page.I think the suggested age range of 5 9 is about right.There is so much here to help your children understand the world around them and to get some perspective on life there is so much than their immediate surroundings. This is a fabulous book, extremely colourful and very well written It is jam packed with excellent illustrations and photographs, accompanied by relevant and informative text about the topics It achieves a very good balance between being an enjoyable book to browse and also being a good source of information It will serve many purposes it will quite definitely inform any child, not only about their own life, but also the wider world, but will also help to extend their vocabulary and enjoy reading I think this is a must have book for any child a great book for parents to sit and read with their children and a wonderful book for children to discover facts for themselves. This is a fantastic book with so many interesting facts and figures to keep their minds occupied We have been reading it together and there are so many things packed into this book and so many things you can carry on from it like trips to the woods, zoo, museum, safari park etc..Its a lovely big hardback book illustrated throughout I really cant think of any negative to say about this for a book to expand the mind of young learners this is perfect. This is an absolutely brilliant book I don t know what I was expecting but it far outweighed those expectations I thought it would be a lovely book for my younger grandchildren to read when they came to stay but it s the 8 year old who seems to have taken to it the most The world is a weird but wonderful place and there is so much to learn about it that I don t think even I know every fact in the book Already she has taken an interest in the rivers section which I know will be a topic in year 5.A stunning book that every family bookshelf needs. This is a lovely little encyclopaedia for small children As with other DK books, it is of a high quality and contains a wealth of pictures and information There are many sections on diverse topics, such as the human body and different types of animal families The encyclopaedia provides a good and superficial introduction for children to many areas of learning A good book to dip into with your child. This colourful, hardbacked book is packed full of fun images and facts about the world around us, covering both physical and human geography My five year old son is not normally very interested in books, but has been quite happy to browse this one on his own, and to make the effort to read the text with me when we look at it together.The pages are very visual, with photos dominating, and the text restricted to paragraphs of just one or two sentences dotted all over the page However, the content is not lightweight and conveys a good mix of high level introduction to each topic as well as interesting snippets of trivia.Apart from occasional preachy environmental alarmism The future of Earth is a worry , Eat vegetables and less meat , etc and secularism You don t have to believe in any god , it manages to stay pretty neutral in tone.My eight year old daughter has also enjoyed dipping into this book, so it should appeal to the whole spectrum of primary school ages with some adult help at the lower end, or on their own at the upper end.