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The New York Times Bestselling I Survived Series Expands To Include This Thrilling Nonfiction Exploration Of Five True Stories, From The Titanic To The Henryville TornadoesAL KIDS REAL DISASTERS From The Author Of The New York Times Bestselling I Survived Series Come Five Harrowing True Stories Of Survival, Featuring Real Kids In The Midst Of Epic Disasters From A Group Of Students Surviving TheEarthquake That Set Off A Historic Tsunami In Japan, To A Boy Nearly Frozen On The Prairie In , These Unforgettable Kids Lived To Tell Tales Of Unimaginable Destruction And, Against All Odds, Survival Read Their Incredible Stories The Children S Blizzard, The Titanic Disaster, The Great Boston Molasses Flood, The Japanese Tsunami, The Henryville Tornado,

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    None of the stories are complete Each story is 30 pages long when in reality they are 90 100 pages My son was so excited to get this book only to be let down that only 1 3 of each story is in this book If you want the full stories buy them seperately.

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    I have a visual disability and depend heavily on the ability to adjust the font size on my Kindle books I was not able to adjust the font on any of the I Survived series I now have to find someone to read them to me so the money I paid is not wasted I am looking forward to hearing the stories, but even if they are A 1, the fact that I am not able to read them myself puts a damper on my rating If, like me, you are a Kindle reader that uses larger fonts, you may want to reconsider purchasing or downloading this series.

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    All of these are highly shortened versions of the stories maybe 30 pages long instead of the normal 100.

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    My 8 year old son loves these books I personally felt the subject matter may be too dark for him, but since he was reading these series in school I figured I d let him decide what s too dark for his taste He reads the books from this series over and over I was surprised how well these books make history interesting to kids of his age by relating the story some someone similar to their age He just may know about Titanic than I do.

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    I bought this for my son who loves reading books based on real stories He is 7 years old and in 2nd grade He loved the I Survived Natural Disasters book he bought from the book fair, so this one was purchased for an upcoming plane trip He couldn t wait to read it, and had the first 2 stores read before I packed it All 5 stores are in one book making it easier to keep up with and take along in his backpack to read at school.Looking forward to my younger children being able to read it in the future.And of corse, it was a better deal on than it would have been at the book fair.