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Both my children loved this and I loved to read this magical series when I was young Fun and learning combine to teach science in a way where no one will become bored. To Celebrate Its Th Anniversary, Is Re Releasing The Ten Original Magic School Bus Titles In Paperback With Updated Scientific Information, The Bestselling Science Series Ever Is Back Rock Collecting Has Never Been Quite Like This When The Class Forgets To Do Its Homework, A Fieldtrip Through The Earth S Crust, Into The Center Of The Earth, And Out Through A Volcano Will Teach Them Not To Forget Their Assignments Again And Then Some We have been through over a dozen reference books on geology in the past year Some on loan from the public library, some on loan from private libraries, a few purchased at sales, and one or two wholesale All in the interest of figuring out what we re looking at on the ground outside our house.A frequent exclamation around here is, Cool Look at this rock Almost daily someone will find their new favorite rock.I have yet to find a truly good source for deciphering backyard rock specimens Is it because geology and rock formation is just so terribly complicated that it s not possible to write an easy guide Not sure The search is on.However, this MSB Inside the Earth is, surprisingly, the easiest to understand reference we have found thus far in terms of explaining the broad stroke picture of what rocks are and how they form It is a delightful read It s packed with info The kids love it They have learned lots and so have I My son started reading this series at school, he was so interested i ve kept buying the next book and he loves reading them Great book series My daughter now 7 has loved magic school bus for about two years now Now she is really getting into it and everything is an experiment There is nothing quite like this series. we love Magic School Bus, Ms Frizzle and the class We use MSB books, science kits, videos and lapbooks for our science curriculum and we are all learning SO much Nothing like a little adventure to help us learn Arrived as promised Happy with product and service Thank you. Arrived as described