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Great book With His Powerful And Intriguing Narrative Style, Newbery Honor Book Author Jim Murphy Tells The Harrowing Story Of The Blizzard OfAvailable For The First Time In Paperback Snow Began Falling Over New York City On March ,All Around Town, People Struggled Along Slippery Streets And Sidewalks Some Seeking The Warmth Of Their Homes, Some To Get To Work Or To Care For The Less Fortunate, And Some To Experience What They Assumed Would Be The Last Little Snowfall Of One Of The Warmest Winters On Record What No One Realized Was That In A Very Few Hours, The Wind And Snow Would Bury The City In NearlyInches Of Snow And Bring It To A Ferocious Standstill It s a good book don t get me wrong I liked it but it s not as in depth as some of the stuff I ve read on this subject in the past in fact, it s been a long time since I ve noted anything on the subject Just goes to show no matter how man s technology seem to be making life easier on planet Earth Mother Nature can still throw us a curve ball The thing that really bothered me though was how man treated horses in those days good thing the SPCA didn t exist or some people would have their butts in jail. This is a very readable non fiction book about the East Coast blizzard of 1888. Lots of detail and engaging text and illustrations My fifth graders loved this book and were inspired to do some primary research about the period on line., It meets the high standard of his other books for kids Lots of information about the history of weather forecasting, it also includes a hefty amount of 19th century social history post Civil War While I used it in science class, it would stand on its own for a reading group He also replied to a letter we sent him. At the start of 2015, Bostonians braced for back to back nor easters The storms dumped almost 50 of snow in two days News coverage of our record breaking snowfall of 2015 mentioned the Blizzard of 1888 with its nearly 60 , which is how I came to read this excellent book Author Jim Murphy focuses on New York City not Boston in his riveting story of a region brought to its knees by the three days and nights of hurricane force winds and unrelenting snow Still, the Snowpocalyse of 127 years ago is a gripping read in the hands of this master storyteller who also wrote The Great Fire Like in his other works, Murphy is generous with his illustrations many of the drawings and photographs are from the author s personal collection indicating his level of interest in his subject The weather maps also help explain how the storm developed so quickly and covered such a wide area extending from the Carolinas all the way up the coast to Maine At only 124 pages, Murphy s story moves as fast as the storm did His writing gift is to put you in the moment through his narration, his graphics, and his telling little details Mark Twain got stranded at a NYC hotel Seriously, I was shivering as I read some passages I highly recommend this book to weather buffs and history aficionados. Had to read for a summer project Very interesting My daughter loves anything dealing with the 1600 1800 s.