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Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis Headline Making Natural Disasters With Devastating Consequences For Millions Of People But What Do We Actually Know About These Literally Earth Shaking Events In This Exciting Launch Title For Penguin Young Readers Group Smithsonian Books, New York Times Bestselling Author, Explorer, Journalist, And Geologist Simon Winchester Tells The Gripping Story Of What Happens When The Earth Shakes, Explodes, Or Floods Winchester Who S Been Rattled Awake By Earthquakes In New Zealand, Skied Through Greenland To Help Prove The Theory Of Plate Tectonics, And Even Charred The Soles Of His Boots Climbing Live Volcanoes Looks At The Science, Technology, And Societal Impact Of These Inter Connected Natural Phenomena Stunning Geological And Historical Images From The Smithsonian, Handy Maps And Charts, And On The Scene Photos From The Author S Personal Collection Richly Support This Compelling Nonfiction Narrative

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    Interesting perspectives of certain geologic forces with human interaction.

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    Good book for grades 1 12,

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    Great book quick delivery

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    Great information for young and old a like.

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    Extremely well done My 11year old grand kids twins studied it intensely, as did I We consider it one of the most important works we ve studied.