☆ Polymers: Chemistry and Physics of Modern Materials, 2nd Edition PDF / Epub ✩ Author J.M.G. Cowie – Kairafanan.co

This Text Follows A Broad Sequence Of Preparation, Characterization, Physical And Mechanical Properties And Structure Property Relations Polymers Chemistry And Physics Of Modern Materials, Second Edition Covers Several Methods Of Polymerization, Properties, And Advanced Applications Such As Liquid Crystals And Polymers Used In The Electronics Industry Topics Also Include Step Growth, Free Radical Addition, And Ionic Polymerization Copolymerization Polymer Stereochemistry And Characterization Structure Property Relationship Polymer Liquid Crystals And Polymers For The Electronics Industry

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    Good introduction Covers chemistry of polymerization step growth, free radical, ionic Amorphous, semi crystalline and elastomeric polymers Covers mechanical properties in terms of viscoelastic behaviour This book could be very useful to non chemists requiring a brief readable introduction to, or overview of, polymer chemistry Does not assume high level of prior knowledge in chemistry or calculus Does also not provide much specific physical or mechanical data of commercial polymers.