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New Chemistry For You Has Been Written For A Wide Range Of Middle Ability Students Who Will Benefit From Its Motivational Style, Leading Them To Better Achievement At GCSE This Edition Offers Comprehensive Coverage Of The New GCSE Specifications

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    I major in computer science and decided to study chemistry in my free time I never studied chemistry before so GCSE seemed like a good starting point I read this book carefully from the first page to the end There were those little pictures that made the study fun, but besides that I did not enjoy it as much as I should Many terms were explained in an ambiguous way.I do not understand why atomic structure is explained in the first chapter but the logic that explains how atoms are connected to each other to form molecules is explained in the 5th chapter Notice that many molecules are used throughout chapters 2 4 Not knowing how they bind you have to memorize the information lots of them memorizing without understanding.E.g If you knew about covalent bonds which explains why halogens are diatomic do not happen to exist singularly, always in pairs , you would not simply memorize that they are diatomic but would know why they are diatomic understanding.Just memorizing is very error prone and tiring process.In my opinion, this book in many places did not foster UNDERSTANDING but simply offered lots of information to be MEMORIZED.Kind regards,Mat

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    I recommend this book to anyone whos studying towards gcse chemistry I used it for the aqa board It simplifies gcse chemistry, making it easier to understand Plus it s got all the information you need for a GCSE A star grade The real exam style questions at the end of each section are really helpful and similar to what you will get in an exam.

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    So many facts even though its the old version

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    Straight forward

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    Updated book that has good content Useful for GCSE and btec courses.

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    Good book

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    Great book, used for year 9 homework within days of buying it So has been worth it already My son was struggling with Chemistry and this book was easy to understand