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This Highly Popular And Long Running Series Has Been Revamped For A New Generation Of Readers, With A Clean, Crisp Redesign And Colourful Covers The Series Explores Questions That Young Readers Ask About The World Around Them In An Unrivalled Child Friendly Style The Conversational Format Is Perfect For Delivering Solid Information In A Natural, Amusing And Imaginative Way Why Are Twisters So Dangerous What Makes Floods Happen In A Flash What Was The Dust Bowl How Big Can Waves Get Find Out The Answers To These And Many Questions About Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, And Extreme Weather I Wonder Why Volcanoes Blow Their Tops By Rosie Greenwood Offers A Wealth Of Information Is Backed Up With Stunning, High Quality Artwork, Fun Facts, And Lively Cartoons

7 thoughts on “I Wonder Why Volcanoes Blow Their Tops: And Other Questions about Natural Disasters (I Wonder Why (Hardcover))

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    Kids love this book,very happy

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    I bought this as a birthday present complete with a make yourself a volcano kit It arrived as advertised and in good condition The child is question was thoroughly pleased with it As I haven t read it myself, I can t offer you much in the way of information.

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    I love this book It has simple yet technically accurate descriptions of why events occur in nature The book explains such events as thunder, lightning, fire balls, etc in addition to volcanoes The pictures and graphics are colorful and help explain the science The book uses everyday words to present the scientific explanations so that younger children can easily grasp the concepts For example, the thunder sound is created during the explosion of air due to the extreme heat of the lightning bolt My 7 and 6 year old sons enjoyed reading this book.

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    I Wonder Why Volcanoes Blow Their Tops and Other Questions About Natural DisastersGood pictures, short bits of information just right for a 4 year old or even older My boy is fascinated with natural disasters so this is right up his alley We already had several books on the subject, but this was a nice addition Not too wordy or scientific, but also does not talk down to a bright child.

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    Bought this as a gift for my nephew He sat right down and started reading it According to his mom He hAs read it a couple of times He is a first grader who enjoys books

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    My 5 year old loves the I wonder books They give a lot of information in an easy to read format My husband and I have even learned things from them Great for a kid with lots of questions who loves information.

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    This book is about natural disasters probably most suited for kids 8 12 very educational but for younger children might be a bit scary