read online pdf A Fruit Is a Suitcase for Seeds (Exceptional Nonfiction Titles for Primary Grades)Author Jean Richards –

Fantastic Book I love this book andimportantly, the children loved it too Many Seeds Travel Inside Fruits The Fruit Is Like A Suitcase For The Seeds It Protects Them On Their Trip Readers Will Learn How Fruits Are Designed To Protect A Plant S Seeds And Also To Help The Plant Spread Its Seeds To New Places Cute book We used it to have people sign for a bday party. Love this book I teach preschool nature classes and it teaches how and why seeds travel in an easy to understand and enjoyable way The kids love it. I bought A Fruit Is A Suitcase for Seeds as a gift for my son s preschool classroom during their spring study of plants, seeds, and gardening It makes a great read a loud for ages two to six The narrative is well worded, kid friendly, and not too verbose They served apples as the snack that day and the kids saved their seeds and planted them in handmade pots of recycled newspaper several apple trees have sprouted