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This is my son s age 6 second Gail Gibbons weather themed book He loves how she describes each category making it easy to compare the wind speed, storm surge and damage across the categories The illustrations are excellent and the story is informative And we both get a kick out of the fact that the author of a hurricane book is Gail Highly recommend for any child that is fascinated by weather. What In The World Is A Hurricane In This Age Of Extreme Weather, This Newly Updated Edition Of Gail Gibbons Informative Introduction To Hurricanes, With Safety Tips Included, Answers That Question Imagine A Force That Can Toss Boats Around Like Toys, Wash Away Bridges, Create Waves As High As Eighteen Feet, And Change The Shape Of A Shoreline With Fierce Winds And Torrential Rains, Hurricanes Can Do All Of These Things In This Newly Revised Edition, Vetted By Weather Experts, Gail Gibbons Introduces Readers To The Concepts Of Hurricane Formation, Classification, Weather Preparedness, And The Ever Evolving Technology That Helps Us Try To Predict The Behavior Of These Powerful Storms Extensive Updates Include Refined Definitions For Hurricane Related Vocabulary, Updated Information About The Wind Speeds That Define Hurricane Categories, Information On Emergency Preparedness, And As These Weather Disturbances Become Frequent And Powerful, Hurricanes Is The Perfect Introduction For Children To This Important And Timely Topic With Her Signature Clear, Colorful Paintings And Well Labeled Diagrams, Gail Gibbons Nonfiction Titles Have Been Called Staples Of Any Collection Kirkus Reviews And Offer Clear, Accessible Introductions To Complex Topics For Young Readers Beginning To Explore The World My 6 year old grandson is fascinated with weather and storms but primarily tornadoes He has now taken an interest in hurricanes since he lives in an area which has them I found this book and a few others for his age and my daughter says he likes them a lot. I always love Gail Gibbons This is a good book that shows how hurricanes can affect us Good for lower elementary grades. I have a 4 3 year old who request to read this each night and has the text memorized On top of learning about weather and science they have really picked up a lot of geography from this and the Tornados book by this author and are able to point out states, bodies of water countries I cannot reccomended this book enough for kids of all ages