How A Plant Grows (The Science of Living Things) books –

love this book Created By Bobbie Kalman, Author Of Than Bestselling Children S Books, Crabapples Are Starter Non Fiction Books For Primary Students Each Entertaining Book Features Fascinating, Easy To Understand Information Along With Awesome Full Color Photos And Illustrations On Animals, Sea Life, Machinery And Many Other Subjects Kids Are Curious About They Also Contain The All Important Glossary And Index Young Students Need To Do Reports Features Starter Non Fiction For Younger Readers Large Size Photographs And Simple, Easy To Understand Style A Multitude Of Subjects That Fascinate Children How A Plant Grows Gives Children A Simple, Entertaining Introduction To The Lives Of Plants From Their Beginnings As Seeds, Through Their Growth, To Reproduction And Death Detailed Illustrations Accompany Simple Plant Experiments Other Topics Include The Parts Of A Plant And Its Life Cycle How Plants Make Their Own Food Why Leaves Change Color In Fall