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An Inspiring And Fun Field Guide To The Natural World, Featuring Artwork From The Animated Special Of We Re Going On A Bear Hunt Inspired By And Featuring Artwork From The Animated Special, This Field Guide To The Natural World Is Informational And Fun Young Naturalists Will Discover A Wealth Of Facts About Plants And Animals, Bugs And Birds, Clouds, The Night Sky, The Weather, And So Much City And Country Kids Alike Will Find Much To Discover, From Urban Streets To The Remotest Forest The Book Features Facts Galore, But Also Recipes, Science Projects, And Tips For How Kids Can Help Protect The Environment Whether Skipping Swishy Swashing Through The Grass, Or Squelch Squelching Through The Mud, There S Something Here For Everyone

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    A great resource for a forest school or primary teacher or for a family looking for inspiration.

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    This is a lovely book but I am a bit bemused about who exactly is the market audience Were going on a bear hunt is a book for pre school children and is much loved, especially now that there is an animated TV version my 3 year old grandson has to watch this every day This book is a guide to nature for a child probably in their early teens I am not sure that that teenager, however much s he liked the content of this book would like what they are reading to be associated with something they might perceive as babyish I expect the publishers have done their research and there is a market for this book and I also thing it would be fun for a family to have before they went on a holiday which involved time in the countryside.The book starts with a section on being safe and sensible in teh country and then has eight sections 1 High in the sky weather, clouds and stars2 Down in the Ground rocks, fossils and the water cycle3 Further Afield different environments such as rivers and towns4 Tiny Plants and Tall Trees5 Incredible Creepy Crawlies6 Extraordinary Creatures birds, bats and mammals This section also contains a bit about bears although it is made clear that they are not native to the UK7 Keeping On Track tracking and poo identification8 The Big Wide World global warming and other threats to the countrysideAs you can see there is a wealth of interesting stuff in this book It is full of recipes, things to look out for, experiments to try, fun facts and ideas of things to do All are suitable for a wide age range of children and any child with an interest in nature will find loads here to occupy them The book doesnt speak down to children and uses proper words for things It isnt all encompassing as it is just over 100 pages long, but a child who is interested in anything they see here could easily be steered to another book which has detailed information.The book is well illustrated with pictures and diagrams and illustrations based on the Bear Hunt picture book scattered around the text It is laid out well and is full of colour pastel rather than glaring and contains a glossary at the back.For the right child this will open up the natural world and encourage an interest in science.I received a free copy of this book from the publishers.

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    This 110 page book which even uses the inside of the covers for text and artwork is a superb guide to nature in all its aspects.It is presented as a field trip, with artwork showing a young family and their dog wandering around various landscapes, looking at details, while the excellently written and colourful informative pages explain what they are looking at and what you yourself can see The pages are colourful in that they contain lots of colourful artwork, but are also themselves coloured there are no white pages until you reach the glossary at the end.The book is arranged in 8 main chapters, each looking at a different landscape or skyscape, with the appropriate clearly illustrated and explained science to go with it how clouds work, what is weather, different types of soil and rock, how caves form, and what lives in all these environments and how to identify their droppings even urban environments are mentioned.Grown ups can read this book and learn new things or be reminded of things that they d forgotten I left South Wales in 1980, and the page on the Great Bear reminded me of the starry nights that I haven t seen since moving to London.This really is a superb book, and should be a compulsory present for grown ups to give children though I read my local library s copy.The one missing element in this however, is a bear They are illustrated occasionally, but there are no wild bears in Britain since Man Friday shot the last one in Robinson Crusoe in the unexpurgated version the bit not usually printed is the final section when Crusoe and Friday return to Britain, and Friday demonstrates how his people hunted bears by shooting one though as he explains, his people normally used a bow and arrow Whether this was an escaped bear as opposed to a native one, I don t know Now, badgers are frequently referred to as Britain s bears, but none are mentioned in this book and I have observed that squirrels, apart from their fluffy tails, uncannily resemble teddy bears when they are loping towards you in a park, hoping to be fed.If you really want to go on a bear hunt nowadays, take some nuts to the park and hunt squirrels.

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    We re Going on a Bear Hunt, My Adventure Field Guide, is based on the characters from the very famous book by the same name, written by Michael Rosen It contains Everything you need to know to begin your nature adventure.This book is all about planning and staying safe on your adventures, whilst at the same time learning about clouds, rainbows, the sky, why the wind blows, plus much, much The book is split into many sections including The sky, soil, water, town, country, woods, river, plants to name but a few.Throughout the book there are also lots of adventurous things to try, such as, making a cake fit for a bird, making mud bricks, and baking your own bear paws.Although the book is based on the characters from a young children s book, I would say that this book is aimed at those from around 8 9 years plus, due to the facts, and activities throughout I don t feel that younger children would understand what they are being told, so wouldn t be able to comprehend the information.I thought the book was a great idea With lots of things to get the children outside and exploring, plus many factual pieces of information This book will have children having fun, at the same time as it educates them.It really is a great book, one that I m sure children, especially the outdoorsy type, will enjoy and read over and over again.Reviewed on Whispering Stories Book Blog I received a free copy of this book, which I voluntarily reviewed