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When Natural Disasters Happen They Grab Headlines Around The World People, Creatures, And The Environment Are All Impacted When Nature Gets Out Of Control Natural Disasters Can Be Upsetting To Live Through, But Scientists Today Better Understand Their Causes And How We Can Protect Ourselves And Others Natural Disasters Investigate Earths Most Destructive Forces WithProjects Teaches Readers About Some Of The Natural Disasters Throughout History, What Caused Them, Their Impact On Civilizations, And How People Today Cope With Natural Disasters Readers Of This Book Will Make Their Own Shake Tables, Create A Cake Batter Lava Flow, Invent A Wind Tunnel, And Experiment With Avalanches These Hands On Activities Engage Readers And Add Depth To The Text While Ensuring That The Learning Is Made Lasting And Fun

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    Excellent for the school project for my daughter.

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    This is a solid book for using at home or in the classroom I used this for a long unit on Natural Disasters in a middle school classroom It was worth buying and I will use it again.

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    This was a very good and awesome boo the sturdy and awesome boo and look is the girls let us