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A Perfect Introduction To History For Young And Old, This Illustrated Journey Through Our World S Culture And Events Travels From The Big Bang To The IPod And Into The Future This Is A Trip Through Time, Past Dinosaurs, Vikings, Aztecs And Spaceships It Looks At Wars And Disasters Introduces Artists, Explorers And Leaders Shows Us Living In Castles, Yurts And Skyscrapers And It Does Not Neglect The Imagination Here Too Are Dragons, Mythical Figures And TV Characters, Alongside World Changing Inventions Borne From The Imaginations Of Scientists And Explorers Each Scene Puts Global Events In Perspective, In Space And Time For Adults And Older Children, These Detailed Images Reward A Close Study To Test Your Own Knowledge Of Political, Cultural And Historical Events For Young Children, Each Spread Provides A Slew Of Talking Points, With The World S Stories Concisely Represented Really great book for kids and adults Illustrations of the timeline is accompanied by small interesting facts This book is absolutely gorgeous I bought it as a present for my sister who is doing a masters in children s book illustration and she was so impressed, the page layout and flow is fantastic and the illustrations are really quirky and cool It was a big hit not only with her but with the whole family, especially my little brother who loved picking out all the little details in the illustration and sat for hours enjoying the fantastic facts All in all very educational and an absolutely beautiful book, cannot recommend. Stunning illustrations It s beautiful to look at I got my son this book for Christmas last year when he was 8 and he said it was his favourite gift There s a good mix of facts and illustration It encourages my son to ask me questions about the illustrations so it s a book that encourages conversation if you read it together A year later he is still enjoying this and picks it from his bookshelf above other books. Beautiful book Went to a parents evening and was told that my son s teacher has been told about this book in depth, so I guess that s a positive review Excellent Didn t expect it to be quite as big when it arrived Beautiful illustrations inside, though I wish the book had a bit thought into the binding process and printing as it could have really made the illustrations stand out The book itself arrived a bit damaged around the edges and some sticky mark on the front, but it s a beautiful reference book overall Stunning attention to detail in the illustrations.