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Very good product and fast delivery I m happy with that order. The Cool Story Of Volcanoes Will Intrigue Kids And Adults Alike Hot Melted Rock From The Middle Of Our Planet Forces Its Way Up Through Cracks In The Earths Crusts, Exploding Violently And Sometimes Unexpectedly In Volcanic Fury That Can Terrorize Populations For Months, Even Years Anne Schreibers Narrative Gives Readers A Little Of The Science, A Little Of The History, And A Lot Of The Action National Geographic Photography Fires The Imagination On Dramatic Spreads Alive With Vivid Images Of Lava, Ash, Molten Rock, Weird Rocks, And Steaming Seawater As others have said, it s a booklet pamphlet rather than a book Purchased for my 3 year ols niece who loves volcanoes, is a bit grown up for her but her mum reads it to her and she loves the photos. A very interesting and fun book for younger and also older children Packed with pictures and interesting information. Very good for the granddaughter project My volcano obsessed toddler loves this book She gets us to read it to her as a bedtime story I ve even learned a few things myself I bought copies for my year 4 class as a basic introduction to volcanoes It does not have lots of information but it does have glossy pictures with short explanations as stated in my review of Earthquakes It gives the children images of different volcanoes around the world and includes a map of the ring of fire It is quite a short book but the images are very inspiring It lacks text but really I think it is designed to engage children visually It is suitable for lower school junior or less able upper school I would definitely recommend it for the price around 2.80. This was much smaller than I expected andlike a magazine than a book It was a booklet really and perhaps I should have read the description closer A little disappointed.