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Thomas Elpel S Shanleya S Quest A Botany Adventure For Kids AgesToStems From The Idea That We Keep Each Other Alive With Our Stories Elpel Turns The Potentially Drab Topic Of Plant Taxonomy As It Relates To Food And Medicinals Into A Story Of Adventure And Discovery Each Plant Family Receives A Page Of Text Accompanied By A Whimsical, Full Page Illustration By Gloria Brown On Her Voyage, Shanleya Encounters Eight Islands Where Each Of The Plant Families Mint, Parsley, Mustard, Pea, Rose, Aster, Lily And Grass Reside With The Help Of A Mysterious Guardian, Shanleya Learns About Each Family Cosmology, Evolution, Key Characteristics, What Foods Or Medicines Are Contained Therein, And If Any Members Are Poisonous A Set Of Playing Cards Sold Separately And Instructions For Five Different Games Reinforce The Learnings, And A Related Lesson Plan Is Free Online Looking Past The Story S Metaphors, This Book May Be A Useful Way To Introduce Students To Plant Patterns And The Reasons To Know Them Teachers With Younger Students May Need To Explain The Odd Concept Or Metaphor This Is A Companion Piece To The Author S Botany In A Day, Which Was Reviewed In The FallEdition Of Green Teacher Green Teacher Magazine, Spring What Shape Is The Stem Of Plants In The Mint Family What Is The Pattern Of Parts In Flowers From The Mustard Family How Many Petals Do Flowers From The Lily Family Really Have, Or Are They Tepals The Answers To These Andquestions Can Be Found In A Fun Book Called Shanleya S Quest A Botany Adventure For Kids AgesToBy Calypso Chapter Member Thomas J Elpel And Illustrated By Gloria Brown The Book Tells The Story Of A Girl Sent On A Mission To Collect Samples From A Number Of Plant Islands And Thereby Learn The Keys To Identifying Major Botanical Families The Book Is A Great Way To Spark Or Extend An Interest In The Plant World There Also Is An Accompanying Card Game Sold Separately To Further Practice Plant Pattern Recognition Shanleya S Quest Grew Out Of Another Book By Elpel, Botany In A Day The Patterns Method Of Plant Identification This Larger,scientific Text Contains A Primer On Plant Evolution, Keys To Learning Plants By Families, And Keys To Figuring Out Specific Types Of Plants Within Many Groups The Majority Of The Book Is A Field Guide With Numerous Illustrations Montana Native Plant Society Newsletter VolumeNoFall A Positive Relationship With Nature Our Culture Teaches Us That We Are Separate From Nature We Spend Most Of Our Lives In Houses Surrounded By Manicured Lawns, Living In Towns Or Cities Where Recrecational Activies Are Based On Human Centered Sports Nature Is Something We Go To A Park To See, Or We Watch A Show About It On TV Those Of Us In The Field Of Environmental Education Try To Preach A Different Message, Telling People That All Life Is Interconnected And That We Really Are Part Of Nature But In The Next Breath We Tell Them To Stay On The Trails And To Practice No Trace Camping We Tell Them To Look At Nature And Photograph It, But Not To Touch It We Tell Them Our Modern Way Of Life Is Destroying Nature, And That We Need To Stop Mucking Up The Planet In Other Words, We Tell Them We Are Part Of Nature The Bad Part Here At HOPS Press, LLC We Advocate A Positive Interactive Relationship With The Natural World We Want People To Get Involved In Nature, To Be A Part Of The Process On Many Levels Through Participating In Nature Thomas J Elpel S Field Guide To Primitive Living Skills And The Art Of Nothing Wilderness Survival Video Series, You Can Experience An Intimate Connection With Nature As You Rediscover The Skills Our Ancestors Used To Survive For Tens Of Thousands Of Years Instead Of Merely Camping In The Wilderness Or Passing Through It, You Will Become Part Of The Process As You Learn About Nature By Using It To Meet Your Needs For Shelter, Fire, Water And Food Learn To Set Aside The Trappings Of Modern Culture And Step Directly Into Nature With Little Or Nothing, To Experience Nature On Its Own Terms With Tom S Book Botany In A Day The Patterns Method Of Plant Identification, You Can Connect With The Wonderful Diversity Of Plants And Flowers All Around You In A Way That You May Have Never Imagined Instead Of Seeing The Green World As Littlethan Pretty Wallpaper, You Will Learn To Know The Individual Plants, Wildflowers And Weeds As If They Have Been Your Life Long Friends Our Book Shanleya S Quest A Botany Adventure For Kids Ages Utilizes The Same Patterns Method Of Identifying Plants As Botany In A Day, But In A Metaphorical Story Form Where Children Of All Ages Can Join Young Shanleya On Her Journey To Learn The Plant Traditions Of Her People In Living Homes Integrated Design Experts Say It Isn T Cost Effective Finally, In Direct Pointing To Real Wealth Thomas J Elpel S Field Guide To Money, You Will Learn To See The Economy As An Ecosystem Where Money Is A Token That Represents Calories Of Energy Learn The Basic Rules Of This Economic Ecosystem And You Will Be Empowered To Use Your Resources Toeffectively Achieve Your Desired Quality Of Life, While Making The World A Better Place To Be You Will Be Able Help Convert An Economy That Harms Planetary Biodiversity Into An Economy That Helps Restore It

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