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Its Another Beautiful Day Of Your Paradise Vacation In South Asia You Look Out Onto A Calm Sea On This Day After Christmas, Already Looking Forward To Ringing InBut Why Is The Ocean Receding So Far From Shore Are Those Fish Flapping Around In The Sand Something Is Not Right Your Island Getaway Is About To Be Devastated With TheFoot Plus Waves Of One Of The Worst Tsunamis In HistoryTheAsian Tsunami Was The Result Of The Second Largest Earthquake Ever Recorded Lasting Over Eight Minutes, It Was Also The Longest On Record The Quake MeasuredOn The Richter Scale, Large Enough To Vibrate The Entire Planet, Violent Enough To Move An Ocean Through Eyewitness Accounts And Dramatic Photography, The First Chapter Of Tsunamis Puts You In The Terrifying Path Of The Wave That Washed Ashore In Many Countries The Tsunami Wiped Out Whole Communities And Claimed An Estimated , Lives Tsunamis Explores The Science, History, And Personal Experience Of Tsunamis And Shows Kids What Scientists Are Doing To Develop Early Warning Systems So We Can Survive Such Disasters In The FutureNational Geographic Supports KEducators With ELA Common Core ResourcesVisitnatgeoed Commoncorefor InformationFrom The Hardcover Edition

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    Needed a book for school project, had all the information I needed Living by a coastline, you should know some of the basics.

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    I think this book is really helpful It teaches you and shows you what to do during a tsunami I am a freak with tsunamis I loved this book