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One day the Spanish ambassador moves into the Parisian house next door to Miss Clavel Madeline and her 11 classmates And His Excellency has a boy Pepito as he is named is not just any boy according to Madeline he is a bad hat for starters he's equipped with an irksome slingshot he ghosts and he boasts And when Miss Clavel gives him a box of tools to function as an outlet for his energy he makes a guillotine for the cook's chickens He ate them ROASTED GRILLED AND FRITO Oh what a horror was PEPITO Children will love Ludwig Bemelmans's jaunty rhymes and simple evocative drawings and the ferocity with which the feisty Madeline suspects condemns and rebuffs the boisterous new boy neighbor In the end however everything comes out right and we along with Miss Clavel can relax Ages 4 to 8 Karin Snelson

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    Pepito the son of the Spanish ambassador moves in next door to Madeline's house He catches animals catapults bending girls and eventually catches a cat with the purpose of letting it loose with some dogs Because of his cruelty he is injured and has time to reflect in hospital Wise Miss Clavel realises Pepito was unkind because he was lonely and bored A repentant Pepito vows to release his trapped wild animals and becomes a vegetarianAs always lovely illustrations funny rhyming and kind messages

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    I was never sure why they banned this book at my elementary school Re reading it again as an adult I guess I can sort of see the concerns but really I don't think Madeline and the Bat Hat was ever written with bad intent If anything it shows how people who do bad inappropriate and annoying things for attention are often just lonely and bored and that understanding can make all the difference I have the 1998 live action film adaptation on VHS which develops this concept deeply than the book does but either way it's a good lesson for readers With the beautiful illustrations and simple characters this book is a classic which still manages to be just as fun as it ever was

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    More like he's wearing bad hat There are so many awesomely disturbing things about this book Home made guillotines old fashioned usage of the word molest torturing animals dog fighting shooting little girls in the butt with slingshots Children's books are awesome

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    A little dated There's some casual violence against animals and like a lot of old books language that simply isn't acceptable today But there's a good heart to the story and it's a good lesson overall that some bad kids might just be looking for acceptance

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    Loved it I love that there is a bit of darkness it like the other ones And of course a wonderful ending ❤️

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    “Madeline and the Bad Hat” is another book created by Ludwig Bemelmans’ famous “Madeline” collection and was also transformed into an episode for the “Madeline” cartoon series that details Madeline’s adventures in France This time Madeline meets up with Pepito the Bad Hat who causes trouble for Madeline and the other girls This book might be the darkest of all the “Madeline” books but its exciting storyline and cute illustrations make up for that Ludwig Bemelmans does an excellent job on both illustrations and writing Madeline’s newest adventure Ludwig Bemelmans writes the story in a rhyming text the most memorable lines being “And lo and behold the former Barbarian turned into a vegetarian” Ludwig Bemelmans chooses his words carefully to make sure that the story moves along smoothly without making the rhyming text sound like nonsense Ludwig Bemelmans’ illustrations are also highlighted in this book as he draws the characters in simplistic yet colorful images I especially like the way that he makes some of the images be shown in yellow and white coloring and some images where he uses all types of colors such as the image where he shows the landscape of Paris Parents should know that there are some violent and sad scenes in this book Children might see the scenes where Pepito cuts off the chickens’ heads and eats them even though we do not see the chickens’ heads being cut off but we do see a guillotine and chickens being dragged by their necks towards the guillotine and the scene where he is attacked by dogs this is graphic as we see dogs jumping on top of Pepito as both sad and violent Parents who do not want their children to be exposed to this type of violence might want to skip these pages to avoid any discomfort from the children “Madeline and the Bad Hat” is one of the most deep and darkest of all the “Madeline” books but is also a cute story about the consequences of being bad and how one can redeem his or herself if they have done horrible things to other people such as Pepito trying to make things right after his bad behavior I would strongly recommend this book to children ages five and up due to the smaller children being a bit worried about the violent and sad scenes displayed in this bookReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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    A story illustrating that “horrid brats” learn lessons from natural consequences Je t’aime Madeline

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    35 stars

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    Feisty French schoolgirl meets high spirited Spanish schoolboy in this third picture book adventure from Austrian American children's author Ludwig Bemelmans and sparks fly When the Spanish Ambassador and his family move in next door to her boarding school in Paris Miss Clavel is thrilled but Madeline has her doubts especially when it comes to his son Pepito whom she nicknames The Bad Hat Her dislike appears at first to be well founded as Pepito engages in all sorts of bad behavior throwing rocks at the girls during their morning exercise using a toolbox given to him by Miss Clavel to create a guillotine for chickens releasing a hapless cat in the midst of a pack of hungry dogs in order to see what happens but when his stunts take him too far and Miss Clavel and Madeline must come to his rescue his reformation is soon put into motionOriginally published in 1956 Madeline and the Bad Hat contains some very interesting themes Pepito's initial mistreatment of animals his subsequent reformation and conversion to vegetarianism and his exuberant freeing of all the animals in the zoo and introduces a character in the form of Pepito who plays an important role in the two subsequent books Madeline in London and Madeline and the Gypsies Unfortunately any interest elicited in this reader by the themes or enjoyment created through the humor I did love Madeline's Bad Hat nickname for Pepito as I found it very funny was not enough to compensate for artwork that left me cold and a rhyming text that I found clunky and unappealing I'm having difficulty accounting for all the glowing reviews that mention the poetic narrative with this one as I thought the rhyming was forced On hot summer nights he ghosted In the autumn wind he boasted and the lines often read awkwardly Definitely the weakest of the three Madeline books I've read thus far

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    To check out all my reviews completely forgot that I actually read this book weeks ago and haven't bother to write a review which I apologize because now looking back I have no recollection about my true feelings when it comes to this book I adore Madeline and I will definitely continue reading the series and I hope there will be interesting storylines along the way The illustrations are marvelous and I love the references Ludwig Bemelmans make with illustrating famous buildings and locations of Paris Everything is going wonderful for Madeline and the rest of the girls until they meet their new neighbor who is the Spanish Ambassador of Spain and his son named Pepito The girls are excited for their new companion until they see he likes to terrorize every one in his sights The adults do not see the havoc he causes especially when it comes to animal cruelty and his awful pranks but karma comes back to bite him in the butt Peptic tries to pull a prank involving dogs and a cat but it backfires and he gets injured and full of scratches everywhere He is luckily saved and head to the hospital to be fixed up by the local doctors Madeline and the girls head to the hospital to see Pepito and Madeline is of course the chosen one and gets to speak to Pepito You may think that Madeline is humble and is worried about Pepito but clearly you have never met a child who holds a grudge to someone who performs awful violence and cruelty to others Madeline essentially gives him a dose of his medicine and he learns she has no sympathy for him He feels bad about the whole experience and decides to change his ways and becomes the good boy that everyone lovesI just realized now that my review portrays Pepito like a demented child but I realize children sometimes do not know any better and cause harm to others There is not much mention about his parents but I guarantee you between having his father in a high level position and his parents living the bourgeois lifestyle they may not be paying attention to Pepito and providing the love and attention that a child needs on a daily bases Plus I believe when someone feels genuine pain and suffering they are less likely to harm other living beings especially animals Was this better than the original Madeline book? HELL TO THE NO but it wasn't awful either This series honestly could have gone on for over 10 books and this would have been one that necessarily wasn't important but nonetheless introduced a vital character in the Madeline series I still cannot wrap my head around that Madeline is not an orphan and Miss Clavel is not a nun