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This book was awesome It involved time travel, drama, and mystery I really enjoy books that aren t predictable I just pulled this off the shelf not expecting much, and would really enjoy reading the others It kept me going and I read it in three days. Meet BobNow we can tell that Bob is going to work but what is his job He could be a businessman, a lawyer, a clown, an assassin, a secret agent, a doctor, or that might not even be his briefcase at all What about his personality He looks happy in this picture but what if one of his friends just died and he s trying to look happy since that s what his friend wants What if he has an evil plan inside that head of his The thing isWe don t know Bob.That s what I felt like when I read this book.I knew all of the character s names and maybe what they did but they didn t have any personality The lacked the pizzazz I need in characters.I absolutely love time travel but I had a hard time getting through this book since they didn t feel alive.I probably knew them as much as Bob. Ethan Lives A Secret Life As A Guardian Of The Named Under The Guidance Of Arkarian, His Mentor, And With The Help Of Isabel, His Unlikely But Highly Capable Apprentice, Ethan Has Become A Valued Member Of This Other Worldly Corps As The Only Defense Against The Evil Order Of Chaos, The Named Travel Through Time To Prevent The Order From Altering History And Thereby Gaining Power In The Present And The FutureAs The Threat From The Order Intensifies, Secrets Of The Past Are Revealed And Villains And Heroes Are Exposed This Gripping Fantasy Is Set In Modern Times, But Is Infused With Intrigue From The Past, Super Natural Characters And Surprising Plot Twists Curley Has Written A Winner Through To The End What if you could protect the Futureby traveling into the PastThe Named where the Gaurdians of Time travel into history to protect life as we know from the Goddess of Chaos, a rampaging Immortal intent on taking over the world Ethan a member of The Named , part of a prophecy made years ago fortelling the end of the battle that rages between Lorian and the Goddess, and the main character of the book He has been promoted to Trainer and his apprentice is his ex best friend sister which doesn t set well with Matt the ex friend who is overprotective as well as the jumping to conclusion s type With his fragile peace with Matt verging on all out war, and his standing with the Tribunal in jeopardy this is an interesting time to spend with him.Isabel Matt s sister and Ethan s apprentice she is a huge part of this story With her gift healing revealing itself the Guardians recrute her and Ethan has only two weeks to get her ready for her first mission to save King Richard the II of England In this book of ambiguity and beautiful ideas Everything is not what it seems Mysterious and mesmeric this is a very, very enjoyable read Fantasy and reality intwine in this lovely book where worlds and deminsions collide This time rereading it I noticed this book is really funny which I havent thought about before.Love the different pov s chapters in this book.If you havent read this trilogy yet you really should It has multiple povs, timetravelling,and lots of twist Love stories that arent forced. The first half of this book was just like all the other YA paranormals that I ve grown so tired of teenagers in class, passing notes, grumpy teachers, girl boy working together, one with a crush on the other Depressing home lives, parent and sibling issues, blah blah Not a lot actually happens at first, but I could see where it was going and was quickly falling into eye rolling mode, fighting boredom and frustration How many times have I seen these clich s play out by now When I picked this up, I really thought it would be about time travel adventures Although the Named are guardians of the timeline, this story is about the guardians in the present than what they do when they travel to the past The teenagers are in training very vaguely described aside from repeated mention of parent and sibling problems caused by the two spending time together , and the focus is not enough on their lives as guardians, at least at first Irritated at being sucked into another one of these sorts of books, I forced myself onward, prepared to skim if necessary to finish this thing Then something changed I m not sure exactly when I stopped having to force myself to read Probably about the time high school dropped out of it and we actually got past the training and into the missions yes, this does happen Then there were a couple small events that challenged my sense of knowing exactly where it was going, and then stuff started happening and I got interested and then then the end Just as it started to get up to speed, it ended, and now I m going to have to read the next one I sincerely hope I don t have to wait through another half book of the daily lives of teenagers before things get interesting again Please no high school If we can stick to the business of the Named, I ll be happy. Very adventurous, a definite page turner.It had me wanting after each chapter, i literally could not put this book down.The characters are a fine set all with their own personality.My only complaint is that they were not defined much, as in, i had no idea how they looked like At times Curley would describe a few of their qualities, but not enough to get a strong image If anything, all i got a good image of was when they turned into someone else Arkarian is my favorite character along with the intelligent Isabel.I m glad this book is a series.Recommended Man twists and turns, and at times it seems predictable, but goes back to being What the thankfully it isn t another book about werewolves and vampires, in fact, hardly any love is in this book Mostly action and world traveling.It s a very good read, and i do hope a very good series. I got this from the library when I was about 11 or 12, and took it on holiday with me I remember devouring it and wanting to go home from my holiday, purely so I could read the next one I still love the series now, and re read them every so often They re a quick and easy read, and the story is gripping If you re a fan of history, the books are especially appealing I also liked that one of the main characters shared my name Reread August 2 to 7, 2015 for fivefavesMaybe of a 3.5 5 stars NOT SURE.Well I still really liked this book, but I m not sure if I can count it in one of my faves any I still really love the story and overall concept they are so unique and wonderful that it s hard NOT to love them However the writing is so SO bad It s something I definitely wouldn t have noticed as much years ago, but it s really bad The character development is definitely lacking as well, and the characters being SO YOUNG aka not 18 kinda makes things like romances a little icky SO I STILL LIKED IT but I now have issues with it At least now I recognize them happy sigh There s a reason I ve read this series so many times Ethan will forever be one of my favourite characters of all time This world will always be one of my favourites of all time It has been so awesome to go back and relive this On to book 2