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WOW, absolutely fantastic Review coming soon Okay so I was asked to read and review an ARC for the sequel to this book, I blindly said yes I d never heard of the author or the books So I was hoping that I would enjoy this book first so I could enjoy the sequel as well And low and behold, I was HOOKED First off, the author is a male and normally I don t read books written by males Not that I m bias against them or anything, but I just haven t come across any I really liked besides I am Number Four , which I am hoping is indeed a male author or I will feel like an ass But Pittacus Sounds manly Anyway, so I was AMAZED that how much I enjoyed this book I didn t get to read it as fast as I d have liked because it s a very fast paced book However, I ve got like 4 ARCs I am currently reading, plus finishing my own for those that are getting antsy The premise or this series, is so fresh and interesting and albeit a little eerie, but it s based on facts and stories that have indeed happened At the end of the book, the author talks about the events that took place and its similar to the book he wrote Needless to say, I was astounded by this refreshing and emotional story.Katelyn Berkley, a lonely, misunderstood teenage girl dies suddenly, tragicallyin her bathtub No one knows exactly what happened but the small town of Port Gamble, Washington is intensely affected by the sad news There are rumors swirling around the school that maybe it was suicide, accidental, or maybe something.When the twins Taylor and Haley Ryan try to uncover the events that led to her demise, they discover some devastating secrets that could have possibly saved her if someone would have listened Taylor and Haley, sisters that are very different from most teenage girls knew Katie when they were little and at one point were very close But as they got older, Katie became reclusive to herself She wasn t popular but everyone knew her and for the part, liked her She always wanted to be a cheerleader but each year when she didn t make the team, she became bitter and jealous of her best friend Starla Larsen who by the way was a selfish bitch like her mother and she was really popular and was too wrapped up in being the perfect cheerleader than being Katie s friend Soon their friendship had demolished and Katie was all alone With an alcoholic, guilt ridden mother she had no one to really turn to except some boy she converses with online He wants to meet her and take her away from her troubled life But can she really trust him I am stopping there so I don t give anything away WOW, I was blown away by this book There were things that happened that I wasn t prepared for But this author had me on my toes going, What the bleep He wrote a very detailed book that made me feel like I was there I cried some and laughed some and yelled some I felt so many emotions at once I wasn t sure what to feel next I would guess a few times and was taken aback by how wrong I had been It had a very eerie feel to it but not to the point where I couldn t read it at night I loved the characters Taylor and Haley were my favorite.and Colton, who was Haley s boyfriend was such a cutie I loved him I loved the twin s parents too They were amazing characters There were a few times I was confuzzled confused and puzzled thrown together when they were having conversations via text Some of the slang words that were used didn t make sense or maybe I didn t see them right So I usually skipped over that unless it was valid information that needed to be read But other than that, I loved this book I disliked a few of the characters Beth Lee, Starla Larsen, Mindee Larsen and Moira forgot her last name But I highly recommend this book to those that love a little mystery mixed with some horror not really horror, but there was some ghostly encounters of sorts This book will keep you hooked, and be surprised by the twists by the end of the book too Now I must get ready to read my ARC of Betrayal soon so I can find out about this story. I am astounded at all the four and five star ratings for this book I hated this book so much I found this to be unbearably juvenile I m a fan of YA fiction, but this felt like writing geared toward 4th 6th graders with mature content thrown in Such a mess Things I hated 1 The characters were hollow They didn t feel real Their dialogue felt empty and forced for the sake of the story They were all very unlikeable.2 Somebody please tell me teenagers don t text e mail like that The texting conversations were horrible I almost returned the book after I read the first one God I wish I had.3 I didn t realize that the twins had powers until I read it in the book There s really not much else to say about them It was lame.4 The story was just plain awful.Things I liked 1 The cover.2 I do like that the author is tackling the very real and dangerous problem of internet bullying I have to admire that. Some of this story is completely true And some of it isn t Like truth, evil comes in all sorts of flavors Some bitter Some deceptively sweet Sometimes it comes with a heavy price Most people don t invite evil into their lives The dirty little secret is that an invitation isn t necessary Locked doors don t matter Neither do fancy security systems Evil is kind of amazing when you think about it She knows how to get inside Author s NoteMy main issue with Envy is that I really didn t get on with the style of writing I found it painful to read, awkward, plodding, and melodramatic while attempting to be ominous Olsen tries very hard to create a strong sense of tension, suspense and mystery by over dramatizing every little thing, through repetition, bullet points and italicsNeither girl knew it right then, but the night Katelyn Berkley died was the beginning of something that would change everything.Everything.Every Single Thing page 16 And finally, not far away, one person got online and started deleted the contents of a file folder marked KATELYN Inside were copies of emails, messages and photographs that had meant to trap and hurt her so hard Each item had been designed as payback.Delete.Delete.Delete page 22It s not the least bit subtle, was irritating, and frankly, as a reader, I felt a little talked down to I believe this is the author s first YA book he has, according to the back of the ARC, written several best selling adult novels , and the way in which he over emphasizes significant details tells me he doesn t yet understand or trust his younger audience Instead of allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions, he bashes us over the head with it The editor s note which may or may not appear in the final publication , had a similar effect,Young Adult readers beware there are no cupcakes, ponies or rainbows in this book Life is messy Death happens Evil is all around you and right within these pages Envy is just the beginning Don t wait for Gregg to push you jump inThe whole thing is just trying too hard.Aside from the style of writing, the paranormal aspect felt weak Taylor and Haley, twin protagonists who don t believe Katelyn killed herself with an espresso machine, in the bath , have some odd abilities Haley is compelled to inanimate objects and with a touch can see a memory or feeling Taylor receives coded messages from the dead when she is submerged in water They first sense something isn t right surrounding Katelyn s death when, in the middle of the night, from their bedroom window, they see a small boat spell out the message Look in the water I m still not quite sure how or why the boat did this, something to do with the foam in the water creating the letters, either way, it s all too random for me.The characters are flat and lack any sort of personality The almost clinical way Envy is written makes it very difficult to form any sort of emotional attachment to anyone, something not at all helped by the fact that the majority of the characters came across as fairly unlikable in any case I m also not a fan of using text message speech within a narrative, which Olsen utilizes quite a lot, while failing to create an authentic teenager voice Basically, everything, from the editor s opening letter, to the author s misogynistic note, considering how women have long been blamed as the root of evil, I don t particularly appreciate the labeling of evil as she , to the writing, it all served to annoy the hell out of me Maybe I was simply in a bad mood, maybe this book just put me in a bad mood, but there it is It s a shame, because this could have been a solid story about the growing issues of cyber bullying As it was, I wasn t interested in finishing this one. I was initially drawn to this book by the eerie cover so I really wasn t too sure what to expect when I started it Was it going to be scary, the mystery to easy to figure out or just another YA paranormal book Well I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised with what I got Envy is a dark, cleverly written mystery with a very real threat.Envy takes place in Port Gamble, a small town in Washington State, and centers around twin girls Hayley Taylor The central plot of the book revolves around the mysterious death of another local teen Katelyn The girl s desperately want to learn the truth surrounding her death and as they delve deeper into the mystery, we soon come to realize that there is to Hayley Taylor as well.I thought the plot was interesting especially as a parent but I have to admit I was a little nervous at the beginning that I knew exactly where the story was going since Gregg uses a true event as the basis for his story I don t want to give anything away in case you aren t familiar with the actual case but I can say he twisted it up and gave me a bit of a surprise at the end My biggest pet peeve in mystery novels is when I can figure out what happened to easily so I was happy that Gregg threw me for a bit of a loop at the end I enjoyed the paranormal elements in the book but hope we get a little information in the next book His characters are definitely a bit on the darker side and I wasn t quite expecting that Can you say mean girls It makes me thankful that I am no longer in high school but makes me nervous as a parent My biggest complaint with the book was the text IM messages between characters Gregg uses them a lot throughout the beginning of the book and they were so distracting I had no idea what they were trying to say half the time I found it so frustrating trying to decode them and it completely took me out of the story Do teens really text like that If so, it s annoying UGH Overall I really liked the book I thought it touched on a real issue that needs to be addressed but at the same time gave readers a clever mystery to unravel as well I look forward to discovering about Hayley Taylor and what other secrets may be revealed in Port Gamble. I picked up this book because of the cover, the cover is creepy and dark, all the things I love in a book It was not a horror And although I was deeply depressed with the fact that the story did not match the cover at all, I kept reading.This book at best is a who dunnit mystery with some paranormal activity, I can not call it a thriller and there was very little suspense The story line was okay, psychic twins looking for the person who killed their old best friend and saving their own butts along the way.There were parts of the book that didn t make sense, such as why was Shania okay with murdering someone, what promise did she make to the twins mum Who was Moira working for Just a few of the questions left unanswered lol.The main thing that irritated me through the book was 1 Who takes a damn coffee machine into the bathroom and then leaves it close enough to the bath that it can fall in And 2 Why didn t Teagan knock on the bathroom door and who even names a boy Teagan, is it an American thing Teagan here in Australia is a girls name.The Author has noted that the story line of Envy has taken some cues from a famous case involving the suicide of a young girl The young girls frinds and mother had taken to cyber bullying her via MySpace after a falling out between the girls.At the beginning and throughout you learn of a falling out between two girls and it is hinted that there was some online bullying happening And finally, not far away, one person got online and started deleting the contents of a file folder marked KATELYN However the cyber bullying conducted by Katelyn s friend and mother is only really mentioned in the last few chapters and is overshadowed by the killer coming forward I believe that the cyber bullying would have been a great baseline for the story, if it had actually focused on it, and a believable reason for the death of Katelyn Not because of an accidental electrocution from a coffee maker. Alright, this book OK so yeah, I was all ready to like it, was in the mood for a scary read even if it proves to be generic, which can be lots of brainless fun sometimes, in fact I wanted just that It certainly looked like it could deliver It started out creepy and I was liking it, kinda reminded me of The Ring, movie American not the book Japanese, maybe because it was set around Seattle with all the verdant rainyness It began with a very atmospheric tinge and it was very reminiscent of that greenish greeny mood, maybe it was the girl on the cover, which by the way indicated it was a horror novel, but wasn t really It was mostly a suspense murder mystery with bits and pieces of supernatural stuff happening, but that was presented in the dullest way possible and I am being very nice about it I want to be fair, so I ll say I did like few things about it, it crept me out here and there, no doubt The book was competent but I have problems with its storytelling technique I have major issues with its narrative structure and its cover was very misleading Worst of all, Olsen made us a guilty of judging his book by its cover and deeming it worthier than it truly was Third person omniscient nearly choked the life out of this novel, there were no characterizations whatsoever, it was just horribly done The story was being told to us instead of being shown, God it was terrible In many ways this was worse than Twilight and that s saying something Although they don t have anything in common just the Washington state maybe Structurally Twilight was better than this Imagine that I don t know why but the twins protagonists kinda reminded me of the twins in Hemlock Grove for some reason, despite the fact they were indeed kinda bland For a true crime writer Olsen seemed really clueless as to how people behave in reality and he seemed really, really insensitive at times Among many woes to lament, the loudest would be that this should have felt like a novel than a true crime nonfiction.It s style and technique frustrated me so much I almost hated Envy as much as Ken Kermode hated the Entourage movie Just kidding, I don t hate books but Olsen could have done much better with this than this.Supposedly, this is based on a true life event, with Olsen being a true crime writer himself, the denouement and all felt a little too sketchy He could have at least improved the ending, could have improve upon its over all message I appreciate the point he was making, the concern he was clearly trying to raise but he should have been eloquent about it, honestly he could have made the whole thing a little bit exciting Another thing, the twins based on his own children who could just divine the clues felt lazy and wasn t very creative Just terrible, terrible storytelling I kept repeating no no no no as I trudged through this novel. Oh God, it is bad Details coming soon.Update Okay done So 90% of the plot is ripped off the Megan Meier suicide story This is acknowledged at the end of the book, but if you ve read about Megan Meier and Lori Drew, the twist endingjust isn t one The chapters end with an overly dramatic, ominous line like Neither girl knew it right then, but the night Katelyn Berkley died was the beginning of something that would change everything Everything Every Single Thing She was onto something big Bigger and far dangerous than she really knew It made me want to sing dan dan daaan every time The author thinks he s funny and clever, but he s not a lot of witticisms and attempts at observational humor that fall flat Example Beth deflected the remark by changing the subject Beth was like that Taylor thought that Beth s Chinese heritage might have had something to do with it She often wondered if Beth s ancestors invented fireworks because she seemed to totally get off on lighting fuses and standing back to watch the fun Ummmwtf The twins who are the protagonists, kind of have psychic powers What That came out of nowhere One can touch stuff and see the past And the other gets visions while she s underwater Oh, but they can see the future too when they were babies, they warned a woman against a serial killer by spelling with their alphabet soup OkayThe characters are flat and superficial the plot isn t believable and the writing is cringe inducing I guess Gregg Olsen usually does true crime Maybe he should stick to that By the way, the copy I read was an advance reading copy Just in case there were amazing edits before they printed the final version. When I found out via Daisy Chain Book Reviews that one of my favorite true crime authors was now delving into the world of young adult fiction I was way excited Who better to weave together true crime, mystery, and paranormal fantasy into a fast paced young adult novel than Gregg Olsen For years young adult mysteries have languished being replaced with the ever popular paranormal romance While these books have had elements of mystery in them they are mainly focused on the romantic entanglements of humans and otherworldly creatures such as vampires and werewolves What happened to just a good old fashioned mystery One where you have to piece together clues and sort through the red herrings to figure out who dunnit Now that Gregg Olsen has entered the YA fray with Envy, the first installment of his Empty Coffin series, there is a fresh new voice that expertly encompasses all of the elements of a can t put the book down mystery mixed with all of the things we love about YA novels Port Gamble, Washington is not your average scenic small town Bad things happen there Behind the historic homes and beautiful beaches there is evil, and the first thing one learns is that evil never takes a holiday Things were not going well for Katelynn Berkley She was depressed and lonely, shutting herself off from everyone who once cared about her Former friends Taylor and Hayley Ryan knew that Katelynn needed help, yet they had a difficult time accepting that Katelynn s unexpected Christmas evening demise was actually a suicide First there was the manner in which Katelynn supposedly used to kill herself, an espresso machine in the bathtub Next, were the cryptic messages they were sure Katelynn was sending them from beyond the grave Messages they felt would unlock the mystery behind Katelynn s untimely death As twins, Taylor and Hayley share a psychic connection beyond the boundaries of normal sibling relationships They have kept the extent of their connection a secret from everyone except each other How would anyone else be able to understand that they can catch glimpses of the past and future and possibly receive messages from the dead Their gift has been something that they never gave much thought to until the death of their former friend Taylor and Hayley want to know the truth behind Katelynn s death and agree to use their abilities in solving what they come to believe is her murder The idea of psychic twins might seem a little far fetched, but Gregg Olsen does a masterful job of creating a subtly to their messages that makes the storyline completely believable The messages Taylor and Hayley receive are little than feelings and glimpses they get when they come into contact with something that belonged to Katelynn These bits of information are what help to propel them in their quest to discover the truth about Katelynn s death The cast of characters who reside in Port Gamble are brilliant Every family has a secret they wish to keep hidden This not only adds to the creepy factor of the story, but also sets up numerous plotlines for future installments One of my favorite characters was Starla Larsen Her name alone is genius What better name than Starla for a girl who feels that she is better than everyone around her and will stop at nothing to get what she wants Starla is the proverbial mean girl in the story and she plays the part well A villain the reader will relish to learn about One of the things that make Envy an engrossing story is the way in which Gregg Olsen weaves fact with fiction throughout the book While Port Gamble and its residents are his own creation the plot is loosely based on the true story of Megan Meier Megan was thirteen years old when she committed suicide after being horrifically cyber bullied Her case brought attention to the cruelty that can be perpetuated by both teens and adults through the various social media outlets many of us innocently enjoy By using what he knows best, true crime, Olsen creates a story that keeps the reader captivated until the very end Some of the plot choices he makes are extremely bold and refreshing in that he chose not to soften the events of his story just because it is being written for a young adult audience There are than a few OMG moments throughout Envy While Katelynn s story comes to a satisfying resolution not all loose ends are tied up in the final chapters of Envy The second novel in the series, Betrayal, is set for release in the fall of 2012 and promises to deliver on some of the edgier themes touched upon in the first book Might we see the very first well done young adult serial killer novel I hope so Gregg Olsen definitely has the experience and talent to tackle a topic of that magnitude I definitely recommend Envy for any reader who loves to be scared, but you might just want to sleep with the light on Envy is set for release in September 2011 Click HERE to watch the trailer Ore della mia vita perse.L ho finito a stento e faccio fatica a ricordare quello che ho letto perch praticamente dormivo.Non so che dire.Tra la confusione delle prime pagine ho capito che la ragazza stata trovata morta nella vasca da bagno dalla madre a causa di un probabile ed ingiustificato suicidio.Due gemelle vecchie amiche della suicida non credono alla storia che gira cos si mettono ad indagare A parte il fatto che non provano quasi nessun sentimento alla notizia non capisco perch dovrebbero disturbarsi tanto per una ragazza che ormai da tempo era diventata una semplice conoscenza, bah A conti fatti sono due ficcanaso e basta.Il tutto condito con una figura misteriosa di cui si parla di continuo, nessuno sa chi e nemmeno che esiste ma si diverte alle loro spalle.OkkeyUna noia indescrivibile, magari a qualcuno pu anche lontanamente interessare ma io consiglio di starci alla larga. Crime Lives And Dies In The Deceptively Picture Perfect Town Of Port Gamble Aka Empty Coffin , Washington Evil Lurks And Strange Things Happen And Year Olds Hayley And Taylor Ryan Secretly Use Their Wits And Their Telepathic Twin Sense To Uncover The Truth About The Town S Victims And Culprits Envy, The Series Debut, Involves The Mysterious Death Of The Twins Old Friend, Katelyn Was It Murder Suicide An Accident Hayley And Taylor Are Determined To Find Out And As They Investigate, They Stumble Upon A Dark Truth That Is Far Disturbing Than They Ever Could Have Imagined