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Castigated In His Time For Breaching Such American Conversational Taboos As Religion, Sex, Censorship, And Racism, Lenny Bruce Proved To Be A Pioneer In Exposing Hypocrisies, The Impact Of Which Still Echoes On Both Sides Of Censorship Controversies This Book And Soon To Be Released Private Tapes Are Sure To Bring The Extent Of Bruce S Influence Into Sharp Focus Photo Insert

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    This was a rare book left behind by the overweight and greasy lead singer of a band I booked once when I used to do that I read it immediately and furiously like a masturbating teenager adopting Bruce s jargon as my own and made many decisions based on what I thought Lenny Bruce would do When those decisions went up in flames I thought to myself well, fuck, it could be worse, I coulda been Lenny Bruce Reading this book at times made feel overwhelmingly dirty, disgusted and guilty like porn and Bukowski and I can t wait to read it again.

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    There is an ebb and flow to the tale of classic comics People are brought up on a basis similar to comets passing through the atmosphere Someone dies and the comet appears a little quicker X lived in the shadow of Y who had paved the way for X to do their most famous bits .Lenny Bruce s comet comes every 5 or ten years, it seems He s been labeled a martyr and a genius and one of the most important comedians to ever come across a stage Just a couple of weeks ago, another website was looking at Comedians who had forced society to move forward and started their discussion with Bruce and Mort Sahl a contemporary whose humor was a bit political This reminded me, Man, it s been a while since I heard those Bruce bits Gotta hear them again And then, You know, there s his autobiography I wonder what that s like The answer It s the ESSENTIAL Lenny Bruce More essential than the book falsely labeled as The Essential Lenny Bruce if only because this one ties his jokes together He took his time with this book and crafted something that tells a great deal of his story From early life to beginnings of his comedy career to his obscenity cases to his overwhelming paranoia stuff that comes out in Let The Buyer Beware s CD s but that s over 7 hours of listening to poorly recorded material , it s almost all here And integrated throughout are some of his classic bits Yeah, Christ and Moses is not complete Sure, Are There Any Niggers Here Tonight while quoted on the back is not here But instead, we get him running off on jerking off We get Lenny discussing the mysterious object in his Aunt Mema s cupboard a douche and we also get his criticisms of the police and The Man We even get him criticizing himself from time to time.It rambles on, like his performances, but because it s written, we don t lose any word The reader understands the power of the words that Lenny uses in his comedy and, with the book spelling out some of his performances word for word, we can actually laugh at it This book is what needs to be discussed every time Lenny s comet rolls on through the comedy ether They talk about seeing him and listening to his records, but frankly, they didn t translate very well This book, though, allows us living 50 years after his death to get in touch with his work and understand what makes it funny and what makes it poignant and why it was important in the first place.Now, how much of this autobiography is true that s up for debate I don t know, I don t want to know my guess is around 75% This book isn t about learning about who Lenny Bruce is This book is about why Lenny Bruce was important in the 1950 s and 1960 s and why we should still care about him now Some of his bits like one I named a couple of paragraphs up still can t be performed today As South Park gets censored over and over again via death threats of all things , as words are still thought of as dirty, as Political Correctness has swamped the nation and our thoughts with what should be allowed sometimes we need a Lenny Bruce to stick a finger in our assholes and tell us it smells like shit down there.The only drawback to reading this book or listening to a lot of Bruce is that you begin to talk like him Give me a week and I ll stop.

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    Funny Pointed Social Commentary.

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    I love Lenny Bruce and I respect what he was able to accomplish, regarding free speech and the position of the satirist in the modern world Every comic every single one who has come after is in some sense trailing in his wake.I got really into reading this in high school I relished noticing that other people got into it, too, and saw what happened when the American legal structure decided to try and take him down A landmark case for defenders of free speech and dissent.Only trouble is a lot of his work, this book included, seems too dated to stand up to today s reader Too many obscure 50 s references along the lines of that s like telling Arnie Winkler to start selling dolphin insurance to AMERICA UNITED.audience cracks up completely goes way over my head.I ve heard a couple things recently, particularly How to Relax Your colored friends at Parties which actually did make me laugh out loud, so maybe my opinion isn t still relevant.Anyway definitely recommended for anyone interested in post war American counterculture

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    Page for page, line for line, semi colon for semi colon, the funniest book I ve ever read.

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    Millenial left leaning cucks such as myself are often credited for creating and proliferating the Politically Correct Society we supposedly find ourselves in, and I hate to perpetuate my own stereotype, but I must say I take offense to that You see there s a large sect of people who think we have something of an epidemic on our hands a generation of coddled pussies They believe we would rather live in a world of safe spaces and trigger warnings than think critically or allow our ideas to be challenged They believe that we all want to end free speech, and censor any dissenting opinion or hurtful word because we re just too coddled to cope with reality For anyone who believes this, or who believes that this Politically Correct Society is the reason our future as a nation looks Orwellian with each passing day, I invite you to read How to Talk Dirty and Influence People.Lenny Bruce was a comedian and entertainer, perhaps the most notorious of his day, whose acts were hilarious, but were also constantly under attack thanks to Obscenity Laws These laws, when put into practice, made the utterance certain, obscene four letter words an arrestable offense In the words of the law itself, public speech is declared to be obscene and therefore illegal if to the average person, applying contemporary community standards, the dominant theme of the material, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest Let me translate that for you You have no right to free speech if the words you speak are deemed OFFENSIVE.Of course Bruce probably could ve gotten away with saying certain four letter words After all, he performed mostly in jazzy strip clubs and salacious bars What really got him into trouble was the meaning behind his words, not the words themselves See, Lenny Bruce dared to criticize the most hypocritical institutions of his day and our day He joked about organized religion, officers of the law, and the supposed progressive liberals who talked the talk whenever it came to race relations, but never walked the walk He was a brilliant and witty social satirist which made him a dangerous criminal, and with each new city he performed in, he faced another arrest, another trial over words.What Lenny Bruce experienced 50 years ago was censorship Today, bigots say bigoted comments and are promptly called out for being bigots, and then they complain that the liberals are trying to censor me When that happens, I can only laugh When certain alt right pundits are dropped by their publishing companies Note the word companies for vitriolic, baiting comments that don t reflect the values of those companies, they decry the state of our Politically Correct Society and invoke the tenets of the first amendment Then I laugh even harder When online forums are shut down for being incestuous buckets of hate, and the suddenly silenced army of rage monkeys unleashes fury via social media I just laugh and laugh WHERE IS MY FREE SPEECH They all scream I M A VICTIM OF CENSORSHIP What these people don t get, is that they are not victims of censorship They were not arrested for their unpopular opinions, they weren t even forced to stop speaking They may have been dropped by a for profit organization, or a website that has its own rules about discussion, but they act as if they are revolutionary martyrs fighting tyranny and oppression What they really are is a group of sissy crybabies They re crying because slurs and remarks that used to be acceptable in polite conversation are no longer acceptable, and they just can t take it Companies looking to reach as wide an audience as possible don t want to be represented by racists Websites designed to be social and welcoming don t want to be overrun by nazi trolls The first amendment protects your speech from government persecution, not from economic consequence But you may say what about these college campuses Full of liberal censors, going around and telling speakers not to come, telling professors what to teach Obviously, I don t condone that, and honestly I wouldn t worry too much about it Congress has stepped in on this issue, and they ve reached a bipartisan consensus that it just isn t acceptable Meanwhile, laws that actually promote censorship, such as laws against Net Neutrality, and laws that allow parents to edit school textbooks and reading lists, fly right under the radar Funny how I don t hear complaints about censorship from our revolutionary martyrs then But I m getting off track My point is that the Politically Correct Society did exist, and Lenny Bruce lived through it His fight against the censorship of that society took such a toll on him that it very probably killed him So to anyone complaining about out P.C culture today I do not think you should be censored, but maybe every once in a while you could just shut the hell up My favorite quotes from the book Marilyn Monroe s respectability when she died was based principally upon her economic status, which is, in the final analysis, the only type our society really respects 67 I knew in my heart by pure logic that any man who calls himself a religious leader and owns than one suit is a hustler as long as there is someone in the world who has no suit at all So I made up my mind I would become a priest 75 Any 19 year old girl who is married to a wealthy, elderly guy well, never mind that just anyone who is married for security is a hooker Two dollars for a short time, as opposed to a marriage license and a lot of two dollars for a longer time 105 Marijuana will be legal some day, because the many law students who now smoke pot will some day become Congressmen and legalize it in order to protect themselves 164

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    Wow what a funny, absurdly relevant book I could go on about this book but mostly I m distracted by how much I want to go back in time and fuck the shit out of Lenny Bruce.I m sure he d have the review end no other way.

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    In this politically correct version of the world Lenny Bruce is just as offensive as he was back when he was being busted by the fuzz for being obscene You see Lenny is an icon that paved the way for greats like Carlin, Pryor, Hicks, and even Sam Kinison Words themselves aren t dirty It s the image that they create Lenny was ahead of his time and he paid dearly for it It s unfortunate that Mr Bruce doesn t get the respect that he deserves He changed the way that people approached comedy and busted down doors that were formerly closed I know I m coming off fan boyish, but Bruce is one of those guys that taught me about life than most teachers I learned about free speech from Lenny, and I also learned that you don t really have the freedom to speak at all You just think you do This isn t the first time I read this book I read it back when I was eighteen and I hadn t really seen Lenny perform, and I didn t really know all that much about him I knew how he died, and how dirty he was, but then again when you looked back at the state of who came after, he wasn t really all that dirty He knew how to hold a audience s attention but he wasn t trying to offend anyone He just spoke to them the way he spoke to his friends If you look on Youtube there are some really good bits of his that still hold up well, while others are quite dated I fell in love with the book and read it about ten, or eleven times I thought this was an autobiography, but it s really not It s just a series of stories that seem true, and who knows, maybe to Lenny they were They are entertaining and what makes it so readable is that they re funny, and you re inside Lenny s head a bit There are other biographies of Bruce, but this one is special because it s the man s own words before his world started falling apart We do get a glimpse of his beginning legal troubles, but we don t get the tragic end Lenny had no idea just how bad things were going to get Neither did family or fans Some of the stuff is dated but anytime you read an older book you re going to have this issue If you re one of those people that are bothered by that then maybe you should avoid the book and read something else It is one of my favorite books though, and one that you should read if you re at all interested in what the world was like for someone like Lenny who actually arrested for saying cock sucker on stage He talks about his status as a sick comic and we also get a glimpse inside his marriage to Honey Bruce This was at the time, the definitive book on Bruce and still is These are somewhat autobiographical tales that will make you laugh and is a great introduction the legend that is Lenny Bruce.

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    This book starts off well but toward the end slips into a mess of legal rhetoric that became dull so I m giving it a 3 star rating But there are valuable lessons to be derived here such as what it is to be a jew vs a gentile, the power of words both written and spoken under those people in power who are in charge of censorship, how sticking your neck out in society does not always go over well, and why it is important to remain stoic and objective in a climate of religion vs politics.

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    An entertaining book for anyone already kindly disposed towards Lenny though the only moment that it really teeters into his usual greatness is when he, disguised as a priest in order to collect money for a fake charity fun guy , passes a Rabbi, who nods at him and he is forced to wonder whether they are always doing this, like bus drivers.