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If I didn t have to read this for a committee, I would have stopped reading after the first chapter The premise is interesting, and I like the concept of the book, I just HATED the writing There was nothing compelling about the main character, he didn t ever really DO anything, just kind of passively floated around I think this passivity might not bother kids, but it really made it hard me as a reader to be excited about what happens next Recommend this to kids who are looking for a superhero book, but have read all of the other better options. I read Accidental Hero by Matt Myklusch The genre of this book is fantasy because the main character has a superpower which makes it fantasy because superpowers aren t real In this book Jack Blank, the main character, is an orphan at St Barnabys He was dropped off there with a note that said Jack He meets Jazen who is a cyborg who takes him to Imagine Nation It is there where he discovers he has powers He must fight the R stov to prove he is not one himself The internal conflict in this book is the existence of a R stov parasite inside him which is fighting to take control of his body The external conflict is people thinking he is a R stov and the R stov wanting him I liked this book because it is very entertaining and very interesting I love fantasy so I loved this book I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and superpowers. All Jack Blank Knows Is His Bleak, Dreary Life At St Barnaby S Home For The Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, And Lost, An Orphanage That Sinks Further Into The Swampland Of New Jersey With Each Passing Year His Aptitude Tests Predict That He Will Spend A Long, Unhappy Career As A Toilet Brush Cleaner His Only Chance At Escape Comes Through The Comic Books Donated Years Ago To The Orphanage That He Secretly Reads In The Dark Corners Of The Library Everything Changes One Icy Gray Morning When Jack Receives Two Visitors That Alter His Life Forever The First Is A Deadly Robot Straight Out Of One Of His Comic Books That Tries Its Best To Blow Him Up The Second Is An Emissary From A Secret Country Called The Imagine Nation, An Astonishing Place Where All The Fantastic And Unbelievable Things In Our World Originate Including Jack Jack Soon Discovers That He Has An Amazing Ability One That Could Make Him The Savior Of The Imagine Nation And The World Beyond, Or The Biggest Threat They Ve Ever Faced I bought this for my kid while we were on a road trip we stopped in Oxford, MS and while my husband tromped in the footsteps of Faulkner, my kid and I spent a couple of hours at Square Books This book was recommended by the staff there as something a kid who loves Harry Potter and Percy Jackson would enjoy So I bought it and handed it to Cameron one of the first books I ve given him without a pre read I guess I was tired He read it before we pulled into Nashville that afternoon and pronounced it excellent When I finally read it, I agreed with his assessment but with caveats The story and ideas are, indeed, excellent clever turns on phrases and ideas about alternate realities that made my adult brain nod with recognition The writing issketchy than I had hoped and not sketchy in a questionable context but sketchy in a outline and not much detail context I have had these problems with other children s books I often decide that kids fill in left out details better than I do In this one, though, I wished Myklusch had fleshed out his fantastic ideas a great dealWhat is a good book could have been a great book.Regardless, my kid thinks it s brilliant And that s what really matters, right Author Matt MykluschGenre Middle Grade FantasyRelease Date August, 2010Source LibraryRating 5 5Description All Jack Blank knows is his bleak, dreary life at St Barnaby s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost, an orphanage that sinks further into the swampland of New Jersey with each passing year His aptitude tests predict that he will spend a long, unhappy career as a toilet brush cleaner His only chance at escape comes through the comic books donated years ago to the orphanage that he secretly reads in the dark corners of the library Everything changes one icy gray morning when Jack receives two visitors that alter his life forever The first is a deadly robot straight out of one of his comic books that tries its best to blow him up The second is an emissary from a secret country called the Imagine Nation, an astonishing place where all the fantastic and unbelievable things in our world originate including Jack Jack soon discovers that he has an amazing ability one that could make him the savior of the Imagine Nation and the world beyond, or the biggest threat they ve ever faced.Review Two words describe this book so awesome I loved it There are similarities between this series and the Harry Potter series orphan boy discovers powers he didn t know existed orphan boy goes to a hidden world but that s where the similarities end Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation is in a class of its own.What I Didn t Like Umnothing I couldn t find any unlikeable thing about this book Oh, I didn t like that it had to end I have to actually wait for the next book in the series Oh, the pain What I Did Like Jack Blank I loved this character He s memorable, likeable, funnyI found myself rooting for him throughout the whole book, which is what writers aim for when coming up with protagonists His last name isn t really Blank, that s just the name they gave because no one knows who his parents are Imagine Nation The name of this world is cool in itself, but the actual world is cool, too Imagine Nation is where you find all creatures that come from the imagination of humans superheroes, supervillians, aliens, etc Many of the inhabitants of Imagine Nation are from the comic books Jack loves to read The Whole Story This book is full of action I loved it from beginning to end It was like one big adventurous ride The descriptions were awesome I could actually picture what was happening and what the world would look like The cover is what drew me in The story is what kept me in.I loved loved LOVED this book I highly recommend it for anyone who likes a good readespecially if you like fantasy books Boys will love this book Girls as well as adults will too I so cannot wait for book 2, Accidental Hero to come out April 26th. When I put Science Fiction it s because of all the crazy futuristic technology This is by far one of my favorites So if you just want to sit down on the sofa and read an action packed, crazy, funny, amazing, insane plot twisting, book I recommend this one The author has such a fun, not really Unique, but sort of a creative way of writing I need to wrap this up so here s my last part With this book, I wasn t able to put it down at all and it was even better the second time Please read this, it is so good and hardly anyone I know has read it. I had my doubts about this book when my friend lent it to me The way she described it well it made me less than enthusiastic, I have to admit Yet I decided to give The Accidental Hero first published under the title Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation a chance After all, I had been skeptical when the same friend lent me Cinder and it turned out to be amazing.Matt Myklusch s novel pokes tongue in cheek fun at old superhero tropes while at the same time putting a new spin on them so that young boys and girls too will love it I ve only read one comic book in my entire life, but as with most people, I m familiar with superheroes I m a closet fan of the new Batman movies, used to watch the Spiderman cartoons and actually didn t mind Thor The Accidental Hero focuses on the adventures of an orphan, Jack Blank, who accidentally discovers his superpowers and is taken away to the Imagine Nation, a constantly moving island of superheroes Yet from the moment he arrives, things start to go wrong.I considered Jack a cardboard cutout for the first third of the book, but then I realized the author was poking a bit of fun at old superhero clich s while slowly building a three dimensional character with a great character arc Jack is a character readers of all ages will love, especially boys, who seem to be woefully neglected in the YA genre.With a fast paced plot and amazing world building, this is the kind of new spin on old clich s I love Personally, I m glad I read it and look forward to reading about Jack s future adventures. I started reading this book because my 9 year old recommended it He had bought it from a local book store thinking it would be an exciting adventurous tale And you know what He was right The Accidental Hero is written for kids ages 8 12 I can say that it fits into that category very well It allows for exciting adventure without the content being too grown up Jack Blank the main character is well written and someone all kids could identify with The Accidental Hero follows Jack Blank on his journey to find out who he is and how he fits into the Imagine Nation Through most of the book he s asking himself why he s there What part does he play when it comes to the Rustov The Rustov being the villain of the story, specifically one named Revile This book keeps the reader engaged and curious about how it will end I didn t even guess the plot twist at the end I really look forward to reading the next two books in the series, The Secret War and The End of Infinity. Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation Book ReviewReviewer JacquelineSometimes, some books are just so horrible you feel like you just fell down a deep, deep, dark, scary but boring hole Now ladies and gentlemen, here s something I d like to share with you, about a book called Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation by Matt Myklush Maybe you ve read this book before, or maybe you haven t Whether you re a Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation fan or not, I thought that book was HORRIBLE I personally like books when the character is dynamic The character changes through out the story But in Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation, Jack doesn t change, at all Things just happen to him but it doesn t change him as Jack.Jack Blank is from an orphanage Nobody likes him there Then, a Rustov robot comes and attacks him Usually others wouldn t survive, but Jack does A cyborg called Jazen and a blue giant comes and picks him to take him to the Imagine Nation When they try to find out who he is, they find out that Jack has been infected by the Rustov Then, the Imagine Nation is evenscared of Jack and they really dislike him.I don t mind science fiction, like robots and aliens I actually enjoy them they are exciting and fun at the same time But this book was ridiculously BOOOORIIIING I say it s boring because it didn t give me the chills, or it didn t get me excited Sometimes there weren t enough details But when the author does put in detail, it seems awkward and it doesn t make it interesting I found this book soooo horrible, that I threw it back in the book shelf and didn t finish reading it.The crafting was not well done The book started off too quickly Already on the second chapter, Jack is at Imagine Nation The exposition wasn t long enough to establish the character It said that Jack got attacked at the orphanage, but then he s on his way to Imagine Nation My reaction was, Wait, wait, wait He s at Imagine Nation It s only been two seconds at the orphanage What s going on here Is that all the author wants to say about the orphanage Man, the author has no patience I mean, if the author had written evenabout how badly Jack got tortured, I would ve actually felt bad for Jack, rather than thinking that he s pathetic and I m really confused.The only reason I would recommend this book to someone would be because I wanted them to read a terrible book and have a hard and boring time Okay, I ll admit, that was a bit harsh and mean But I m just being honest Here s a much nicer way to say how I d recommend this book to someone I would recommend this book to someone who doesn t really care if the character is dynamic or not, and they like science fiction or fantasy For example, my friend really liked this book When one of my classmates and my teacher and I hated it Different people have different opinions I hope you either A Agreed with me that Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation is a horrible book Or B You re the type of person who likes books when the character is not dynamic Those characters are just flat Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation was a terrible book for me I don t know about you You might like it, you might not You could try it if you want to Even though this book review contained a lot of criticism, Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation will be remembered well Either with hates or likes. This book was recommended to me by Erik, from ThisKidReviewsBooks In fact, he reviewed it in a guest post here on my blog This summer, when he reviewed the sequel on his blog, I decided book one might be a great read aloud to start out my son s homeschool year Erik assured me he would love it, so I ordered it from the library.It was a great way to start out the homeschool year You see, reading is unimaginably difficult for my son While he s old enough that he should be reading novels like this with ease, he s only just outgrown Magic Tree House books, and he still frequents The Boxcar Children for which I m very proud of him he couldn t read those independently at the beginning of last year Anyway, he s a normal boy who loves high action, super heroes, things that blow up He just can t visit those worlds without help yet So I read this one to him It weighs in at 468 pages It took us three weeks and two days, but it blew him away Within, Jack Blank is so named because no one actually knows his last name Or who his parents are Or his past As long as he can remember, he s been a ward of St Barnaby s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost He s an orphan who doesn t really fit in anywhere Not even at St Barnaby s So imagine his thrill when an emissary from the Imagine Nation a real live world right out of his comic books comes to take him away Of course, that was right after a Robo Zombie emerged from the swampy water of St Barnaby s flooded basement and tried to kill him.The Imagine Nation is the stuff of dreams There are awesome weapons, flying vehicles, intelligent machines, and an ultimate techno city, Empire City My son loved it And everyone who lives there has superpowers the heroes, the villains, and Jack But the Empire City is a fearful place A great battle was fought there in recent memory, and fears that the invading Rustov Robo Zombies will return is very great When it s learned that Jack is resistant to the Rustov virus he s found to be infected with, he is regarded with deep suspicion, especially by Jonas Smart, one of the ruling Circlemen who is using the public s fear to grab power for himself.As Jack seeks to prove himself, he does eventually find out who he is, and the revelation is earth shattering I didn t see it coming at all The fate he s facing is so monstrous that he decides it s better to simply leave the Imagine Nation altogether But one wise super has this to say to Jack It is a great burden, of that there is no question, but the future is not written It lies in the choices you make Our future is ours to decide Always And that is the positive message I was sort of surprised to uncover in this ultra techie, blow em up, bigger than life superhero story That, along with themes of loyalty, friendship, courage, and honor all developed without one single profanity Wow I have to hand it to Mr Myklusch He managed to thrill my son with supers, intrigue, suspense, and mega imagination, and he did in a positive way Two thumbs way up for The Accidental Hero