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Today’s stories of alien abduction and experimentation include temporary embryonic implantation THE SIXTH SEED a dark paranormal fantasy fraught with suburban Pittsburgh horror takes this scenario one radical step further when the first alienhuman hybrid fertilization develops to full term in uteroBelieving a vasectomy will prevent another unplanned pregnancy 34 year old Tom Furst Melanie’s loving husband and the father of their five children wants than anything to dig himself out of the fiscal hole he’s mired in and become financially secure However during the procedure mysterious Dr Prindar Krakhil secretly implants a worm like alien seed in Tom’s vas deferens that not only ensures that Melanie gets pregnant but plants in her womb a child half alienTheir children are abducted Melanie becomes gravely ill When Tom loses his job their home and the sixth seed is born will he be able to accept the child for what it really is and conquer the temptation to exchange it for the money Krakhil offers?

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    It's always a bit awkward reviewing horror a genre that depends so much on surprise shock and unanticipated events It's hard to say much without tipping off readers and spoiling the reading experience THE SIXTH SEED features alien abductions mad doctors and mysterious pregnancies are common fare for many horror novels but toss in precarious finances health insurance a meddling mother in law incompetent managers and a job from hell and it's a tough call to say where the real horror lies Yet Lee Howard stitches them all together in a story where the suspense never lets up The story also reveals some impressive medical research in a genre where most writers would just double talk it The vasectomy scene will have male readers squirming and checking their relevant parts In the hands of a less competent author this would be a straightforward story about alien abductionexperimentation Most such stories follow a predictable sequence of events But by blending in the personal issues Tom's work life finances and family life the author enriches the characters deepens the story and just when you think you've got it nailed down takes unanticipated twists and turns This should appeal to fans of Robin Cook and similar sfhorror themed thrillers

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    The first chapter of this book hooked me in ouch and Howard's style of prose is very clean and fast to read I expected far horror and was pleasantly surprised that nothing truly graphic jumped out at me I'm not a fan of that sorry so it's a safe pick for non horror readersAnd an interesting one since the couple who are chosen to try and bring a hybrid alien human child evoke a lot of sympathy for their circumstances The cover art alone is creepy The chapters creeped along too building plenty of tension between the characters and a few apt and creepy surprises The Sixth Seed aliens reminded of those creepy looking beings in Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind except they weren't child like and non threatening In fact their curiosity creeped me out Totally I am definitely going to keep a night light on nowWhy not 5 stars? I didn't connect deep enough with the wife Melanie or the father Tom I tend not to give spoilers but I was also confused as to who the real villain was the ob gyn doctor or the aliens I wanted a little closure or some kind of reassurance at the end as well but after all it is horror That reminded me of why I prefer less disturbing genre fictionStill I did enjoy reading the book and highly recommend it

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    Although there were some grammatical errors in the writing I actually really enjoyed this story It is easy to read not really a horror in my view but slightly unsettling and I loved the ending Based on this novel I'd probably read from this author

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    I'd put this at about 2 12 starsThis was a weird one but I kept finding myself intrigued enough to keep reading It also helped that it was a quick readThis book turned out to be mostly about the character of Tom dealing with average everyday obstacles Getting laid off needing to find a new job worrying about money and insurance all while raising children