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had to rewrite the roast bc gr is a fucking shitface and deleted it so I apologize if it is sucky I tried kids And that s basically me after reading this My brain cells are ded I want to cry and drown in my own tears, not because of the feels this book gave me, but the lack of fucking everything this book failed to give me I want my time back that was wasted reading this book.You know you should dnf a book when you 1 Can t even pronounce the fucking title correctly.2 Find it hidden under your bed like that glass of milk your mom gave you years ago.3 Can t even remember the MC s name I would dnf this, but then PEOPLE.nOW how the fuck did Sana manage to hate a book with an overall 4.14 rating from about 38,500 people, you ask What is the fucking story A five star read by Sana KhalidWhat the fuck was going on in this book WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING Did I miss out on something bc I seriously don t even know what the fuck was the point What the fuck happened like WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK DID I MISS All I know is that insert MC s name here bc I forgot lmao is left on Jelis road by her mother and she goes to fucking Jelis school and she cries too much and who the fuck is Fritz Like I m sorry, actually I m not, but like I didn t even understand what was going on Honestly what was even happening You know when you read something you have a sense of what going on Well imagine reading a book in a totally different language You wouldn t know what the MC s fucking name is right You wouldn t know what the fucking plot is, right You wouldn t know what the fuck is going on , right YOU WOULDN T FUCKING KNOW WHO FRITZ IS RIGHT YOU WOULDN T KNOW ANYTHING THAT WAS BASICALLY ME AND I 130% ASSURE YOU, I KNOW MY FUCKING ENGLISH This book was torture It physically became hard for me to turn another page I was in pain and may no other reader ever suffer what I have went through reading this book I wanted to cry bc I was reading this book It was so fucking awful ugh I want to cri now This was hella fucking long and boring and I hated it all I didn t connect with anything, bc 14 15 of this book made 0 sense to me AND WHO THE FUCK IS FRITZ 5 Stars Gorgeous Books like this make me realize just how insignificant words become when attempting to convey raw emotion On the Jellicoe Road isthan just a book it is a hauntingly beautiful journey towards an unexpected destination where tragedy and despair become the bridges to the greatest of friendshipsAnd life goes on, which seems kind of strange and cruel when you re watching someone dieThis story is told in alternating perspectives set in both past and present which, at first, seem entirely unrelated But as the mysteries of this plot unravel, they begin to show hints of their glorious connection If you find yourself confused or frustrated at first, don t give up you are strategically been fed only pieces to a larger puzzle that will all fit together nicely in the end The character development in this story is extraordinary no one is denied the sweetness of redemption and transformation Seventeen year old Taylor Markham has been living on the Jellicoe Road after being abandoned by her mother at a local 7 11 The school she attends partakes in traditional games of territory wars where Taylor eventually becomes a leader Taylor is tormented by the grief and uncertainty of her abandonment and keeps herself emotionally distant from others She has few memories of her childhood, but when her history starts presenting itself she begins a relentless quest for answers The writing in this story is captivating as it flows methodically from one vivid scene to the next Taylor s character, as broken as she appears, is actually quite funny in a dry and witty, sarcastic sense which is my favorite type of humor I appreciated being able to smile and laugh in the midst of such angst ridden scenarios Taylor s love interest, Jonah, is equally damaged and initially comes across as arrogant and crude But, as their gentle relationship develops, it not only becomes one of the most loving but also one of the most inspiringBeing part of him isn t just anything It s kind of everythingEvery single element and occurrence in this book is connected to some larger piece of the story Everything Most connections are prominent enough to take your breath away, but then there are those as subtle as whispers, and if you re not careful enough you just may miss them I was still connecting the dots even after the book was done The way this author seamlessly executes this perfect union of all that exists though past and present is truly astonishing Touching messages of hope, love, and determination tugged at me endlessly while reading this book This story brought me to tears from being just so deeply moved and so humbly inspiredHold my hand because I might disappearBook Stats Genre Category Young Adult Steam Clean Romance Beautiful love story involved, but not sole focus Characters Complex, well developed, lovable Plot Uniquely focused on tragic events forming powerful friendships Lots of mystery a side story interwoven Writing Brilliant Beautiful execution Insightful, poetic dialogue Inspiring concepts with a slight spiritual element POV 1st Person Heroine Cliffhanger None Standalone I M Dreaming Of The Boy In The Tree I Tell Him Stories About The Jellicoe School And The Townies And The Cadets From A School In Sydney I Tell Him About The War Between Us For Territory And I Tell Him About Hannah, Who Lives In The Unfinished House By The River Hannah, Who Is Too Young To Be Hiding Away From The World Hannah, Who Found Me On The Jellicoe Road Six Years AgoTaylor Is Leader Of The Boarders At The Jellicoe School She Has To Keep The Upper Hand In The Territory Wars And Deal With Jonah Griggs The Enigmatic Leader Of The Cadets, And Someone She Thought She Would Never See AgainAnd Now Hannah, The Person Taylor Had Come To Rely On, Has Disappeared Taylor S Only Clue Is A Manuscript About Five Kids Who Lived In Jellicoe Eighteen Years Ago She Needs To Find Out , But This Means Confronting Her Own Story, Making Sense Of Her Strange, Recurring Dream, And Finding Her Mother Who Abandoned Her On The Jellicoe RoadThe Moving, Joyous And Brilliantly Compelling New Novel From The Best Selling, Multi Award Winning Author Of Looking For Alibrandi And Saving Francesca I will preface this review by saying that I love this book But not every will love this book I will also preface this review by saying that you shouldn t decide whether you belong in group A or group B before you get to page 125 or so The first 125 pages are a confusing, emotional slog that seems to be about territorial wars between rival teen sects in Australia But it s really brilliantly done because that is exactly what the main character, Taylor Markham, thinks of things It s busy and there are plot threads everywhere and all I knew was that I loved SAVING FRANCESCA and Melina Marchetta was doing all of this for a reason And she was It ties up beautifully in the end, and there s a scene which even made me shed a tear me, who has not cried since THE TIME TRAVELER S WIFE three tears and while writing my second novel SHIVER one tear from each eye and I m left feeling just about cheerful about everything in the book though it was not a Hollywood happy ending by any stretch I think quite possibly my absolute favorite thing that Marchetta does is the character reversal She introduces a character which we view in a terrible light because the main character views them in a terrible light, and then she completely changes our mind about them in a subtle and realistic way throughout the book until finally we and the main character are in love She did this in SAVING FRANCESCA and she pulled it off again in JELLICOE ROAD even though I was watching for it By the time we get the first kiss in the novel, I was sort of clapping embarrassingly like a seal This is one of those books that I know will be wonderful on the reread, because I ll get to look past the busy beginning to see the groundwork Marchetta was laying Happy sigh I m very happy this one won the Printz this year wondering why all my reviews are five stars Because I m only reviewing my favorite books not every book I read Consider a novel s presence on my Goodreads bookshelf as a hearty endorsement I can t believe I just said hearty It sounds like a stew. On the Jellicoe Road is the first book I ve read listened to by this author After all of the glowing reviews for this one, I was prepared to be blown away Unfortunately, it just didn t work out that way for me It ended up being an okay story for me.My first problem has less to do with the actual story, andto do with the format that I chose I listened to the Audible edition and that was a big mistake The problem didn t stem from the quality of narration, so much as the complexity of the story There were simply too many moving parts for me to try and keep track of while listening to an audiobook It is incredibly hard to pull off a book like this in audiobook format and it didn t work for me.I spent hours trying to figure out who the characters were and what the hell was going on The transitions between characters and time frames was not always obvious, making matters even worse I must have been hours into the story before I figured out that there were actually two stories playing out one in the present and one in the past Needless to say, I lost a lot of time being utterly confused and unaware of what was going on By the time I began to piece some things together, I had already missed so many of the connections and details that it was kind of pointless When the big reveals came toward the end, they were kind of meaningless to me I never really connected with the characters or the storyline I had simply missed too much to play catch up at that point.The story centers on Taylor Markham, a girl that was abandoned on the Jellicoe Road by her mother at the age of 11 She lives at a boarding school orphanage When the lady that has taken care of her disappears, she is certain that something is amiss Taylor sets out to find Hannah, or discover what really happened to her When she runs across a book journal written by Hannah, she begins to unveil some long standing secrets Along with some friends from her school, she has several creepy encounters and a variety of adventures There is some sort of rivalry described between the two groups of kidsbut I was pretty confused so I can t say I ever really grasped what that was about for sure.Overall, this ended up being a middle of the road story for me I do suspect that I m not doing this story justice though I was just too lost for most of the book to take much away from the experience this time around I do plan to re read this in the future, because I have some lingering questions I m sure they were answered along the way and I just didn t catch it I definitely won t be listening to the audiobook on my second attempt This story will require my full attention.Check outof my reviews at www.bookaddicthaven.com As seen on The ReadventurerI don t often give books 5 star ratings Normally these are the books that either horrify me Unwind, The Handmaid s Tale or delight me with superb writing The Queen of Attolia, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks or awe me with imaginative world building The Left Hand of Darkness or make me cry Before I Die Jellicoe Road definitely falls into this last made me weep category.Jellicoe Road is the location of a boarding school for kids that are often neglected or with criminal tendencies Taylor Markham is residing in the school because her mother had abandoned her at the age of 11 at a nearby 7 Eleven Now Taylor is 17 and unexpectedly selected to be the school s leader in the game of territory wars with the Townies locals from a tiny neighboring town and Cadets who spend several weeks a year in the Australian wilderness Taylor is not sure she can handle the responsibility She is uneasythan ever her mentor and friend Hannah disappears and Taylor is sure it has something to do with her mother Jonah Griggs, a Cadet who she has a shared past with, is back and seems to know her all too well she is plagued by dreams of a young boy who attempts to tell her something What follows is Taylor s journey through the past and present to uncover the reasons why and how she was abandoned by her mother As always, it is hard for me to explain what I like about a 5 star book, but I ll try Melina Marchetta draws characters that are deep, complex, and real The relationships among them are touchingthan anything I think, this book is about the power of friendship and, boy, there are some magnificent examples of friendship in this book The book is also about grief, guilt, forgiveness and, of course, love.If I am forced to point out any flaws in this book, I d say the writing some might find confusing in the beginning It takes a few pages to figure out what is a dream and what is a page from a story Taylor is reading what is from present and what is from the past But soon enough all pieces of the puzzle fall together and you are faced with a deep, meaningful and heartbreaking story Another thing that might bother readers is that some characters go through a lot of tragic events, sometimes too many However, the story never becomes overly melodramatic or emotionally manipulative IMO Jellicoe Road is a remarkable work of YA fiction and rightfully deserves the Printz award it was given in 2009 I have no doubt I will read Marchetta s books in future. I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12 Jesus, did youThis quote belongs to Stephen King, but it describes the soul of Melina Marchetta s Jellicoe Road perfectly Jellicoe Road is the story of friendships that form your world, friendships so wonderful that it s easy to fall to pieces when they break It is the story of abandonment and loss and learning to deal with it It is the story of love, intense to the extreme with the generous helping of teen angst In short, it is an excellent example of a good quality YA book, emotional, intense, and lyrical I remember love It s what I have to keep on reminding myself It s funny how you can forget everything except people loving you Maybe that s why humans find it so hard getting over love affairs It s not the pain they re getting over, it s the love. Here s a short spoiler free synopsis Taylor Markham was abandoned by her drug addicted mother at age eleven She is now 17, living in Jellicoe School, a boarding school full of state wards and troubled children She is in charge of her House 50 girls and is expected to lead a sixteen year old territory war between the Jellicoe School kids, the Townies and the Cadets who camp out in the area for a couple of months each year All while having strange dreams and feeling abandoned by her caretaker Hannah All while reading Hannah s unfinished novel about five teenagers in the 1980s who form very intense friendship bonds after the horrific car accident on Jellicoe Road when they were 11 12 years old.Now, I have to say that not once did I look at this book as a mystery even though it s marketed as such The central mystery of the story well, I easily figured it out only a few chapters in, and the rest of the details easily came into light as the story developed Not much took me by surprise it was quite predictable, actually But since the mystery was not why I enjoyed the story, the reading experience was perfectly fine To use the book s own language, the whole mystery setup was not a trip but a journey It was never about the resolution but about the emotional journey it took to get there I remember asking, What is the difference between a trip and a journey and my father said, Narnie, my love, when we get there, you ll understand, and that was the last thing he ever said. What I loved was the friendships that the old five and the new five have developed throughout the course of their respective stories My favorite by far was between Taylor and Raffaela, with the developing friendship with annoying but adorable Jessa as a close second Even though there was a romantic story threatening to take the foreground, it never overshadowed the rest of the story and the friendships, and I m thankful for that This is the best night of my life, Raffy says, crying Raffy, half our House has burnt down, I say wearily We don t have a kitchen Why do you always have to be so pessimistic she asks We can double up in our rooms and have a barbecue every night like the Cadets Silently I vow to keep Raffy around for the rest of my life. I was quite emotionally affected I d say manipulated if not for the negative connotation of that word by the nostalgic atmosphere Marchetta creates here The nostalgia for the beauty of childhood and adolescence, for the friendships of the kind that you can only have before you reach adulthood, for the safety of childhood no matter how messed up it can be , for the safe haven of Jellicoe School for the lost and messed up children I also loved Marchetta s excellent characterization Her characters are well developed and multi dimensional, and feel quite real That is not to say that there s no stereotyping or clich s, but those are kept to the minimum These people have history and I crave history I crave someone knowing me so well that they can tell what I m thinking. As for the voice of the novel it is very emotional Please be warned it is emotional with the generous helping of teen angst Oh, teen angst It s on every page, in every sentence just like it was so overwhelming when you were 16 17 Everything is intense, the tension is palpable, emotions are right on the surface Reading this book is like experiencing being a teenager you once were I found it to be a bit of eye rolling experience initially thankfully, I m way out of the adolescence but eventually the style grew on me and started to feel quite organic But if you d rather not deal with overexaggerrated raw teenage emotions well, be warned and stay away from this story What do you want from me he asks.What I want from every person in my life, I want to tell him.More. Now, here are the issues that I had with this book that forced me to knock off a star The Territory wars I thought that storyline was limping on both feet Why all the intensity if the whole thing only takes place for about 2 months each year Why the whole issue with the Club House when it s only a few weeks when it becomes relevant Honestly, just setting up a rivalry between the factions would have been enough for the story view spoiler Especially since about halfway through the story any of that territory stuff becomes completely irrelevant as nobody pays any attention to it any hide spoiler GUYS.I JUST READ THIS AGAIN ON A WHIM AND MY HEART I AM A MESS ALL OVER AGAIN.HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE BECAUSE EVERYTHING HURTS JUST AS MUCH BUT ALSO EVERYTHING HURTS JUST AS GOOD OR MAYBE EVEN INFINITELY MORE SO AND I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO FATHOM THE FUCKING BEAUTY THAT IS THIS STORY AND THIS PROSE AND OFFICIALLY MY MOST CHERISHED BOOK OF ALL TIME.Thank you for existing 21.10.16 This is the kind of book that slowly sucks you in, and at first, you may be unsure if you want to go on but before you know it, it s already swallowed you whole.And I m not sure I ever want to get out of the abyss of emotions and just plain rawness this book snared out of me.And it s not like there s some blatant, profound message here that s changed my life It s not like I hadn t already started to pin the pieces of the puzzle early on for myself It s the sheer beauty and mastery with which Miss Marchetta constructs this tiny little world and its complex characters who don t feel like characters at all because that s how deep in you are It s that constant air of enigma and enchantment, that underlying presence of hope mixed with tragedy that draws you in so very thoroughly all presented without the need for tasteless dramatics, maudlin behavior or overattention to romance.When you can manage making my heart feel so passionately for a person who only exists in whisps of memories throughout the entire course of a novel, I salute you To me, reading this book felt like a journey An experience in and of itself And quite frankly, the first time, in a long time, that I ve been taken away to that far away place we all go to with the simple power of words.Word of advice suitably apt mood music will make reading this endlesslyexhilarating Do it Trust me Here s mine The Takedown by Koda Dabin 19.10.15 There s a reason why books like Twilight don t receive those They don t give those to just any book, and when you factor in excellencewell, a lot of titles just don t make the cut But it is clear to me why Melina Marchetta s third tribute to YA literature received a Printz award back in 2009 It is because it is excellent, to the very meaning of the word.If all YA contemporary writers wrote like Marchetta, I doubt I d play in any other genre playground very often She writes these beautifully inspirational, relatable, and emotionally charged novels that seem to affect me in an undescribable way Some of the passages in Jellicoe Road seem to beat with their own heartThese people have history and I crave history I crave someone knowing me so well that they can tell what I m thinking What do you want from me he asks What I want from every person in my life, I want to tell him More I ve always believed that an exceptionally good writer can take you places emotionally that others can t, and, for me, Melina Marchetta is one of those writers I m going to end this review here for two reasons 1 I believe this is the type of book that should be experienced first hand, without much knowledge of the story going in So, go read it and remember, the beginning is confusing, but plow through it and I promise you won t regret it 2 I m tearing up thinking about this story and its characters, so all you ll be getting from me is the aforesaid and this I love this book and I m anticipating the day when I can read it again I highly recommend Jellicoe Road to everyone.Oh, and onething I Jonah Griggs. i have got to stop being surprised when teen fiction is good printz award winning fiction you know, the award for literary teen fiction that all the grown ups read and say this is for teens australian teen fiction complicated, multi layered teen fiction.this book is all of the above, and it is remarkable.it has sex and drugs and rock and roll, it has violence and terrible crimes, it has shock and awe and guilt and terrible secrets and it opens with a death this is my kind of teen fiction it is mostly about loss and being lost, and being so close to redemption but frustratingly denied it is about the teen girl default position of lashing out like a wild animal and of the deepest regrets.it howls.it is astonishing jellicoe road is sophisticated both in its subject matter and the way in which the story is told it actually took me a little while to get into the swing of things whose story is italicized what is their relationship to the rest of the story but it was a good kind of lost the kind of lost where you are in an interesting part of town with attractive people and cute little knickknack shops, not the kind of lost where you are late to a job interview in the wrong goddamned borough and toward the middle, the plot became a little predictable, but that didn t even matter, because by that point i was so enmeshed in these characters lives i just wanted everything to work out for them, even though i knew this was not going to be the kind of book with a tidy sweet ending she created powerfully three dimensional characters that i cared about and hated to close the book on truly it has been a while since i have fought sleep i love sleep i neeeed sleep but i forced myself awake to keep reading this, and when i finally had to give in, it was with the deepest resentment.this is a rich and emotionally complicated tale, and when i go to that panel next week, i may have to throw myself on her a little bit and beg her to take me with her and tell me bedtime stories every night.for posterity, i will announce here that i did not cry but this is definitely a crying type of book for those of you that way inclined i got that throat thing that happens before a good cry, which is unusual enough for me, but i expect you people will cry like when a puppy dies on your birthday and you will love every minute of it view spoiler and can i just say how my heart went out to jude, who was so like my beloved jude the obscure who just wanted so badly to be let into christminster the tragic bond the other kids had forged on the old jellicoe road i mean, he ended up better than hardy s jude, but still the yearning you have my heart, jude hide spoiler