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Silvanos, The August Founder Of The United Elven Nation Known As Silvanesti, Is Dead And Buried In A Crystal Tomb The Leadership Of The Clans And Households Has Fallen To His Son, Sithel, Who Is Himself Father Of Twin Sons The Princes Sithas And Kith Kanan Represent Emerging Factions Among These Elves Kith Kanan Is The Leader Of The Wildrunners, A Group Of Elves That Stirs Tension By Forging Contacts And Trade With The Humans Of Ergoth Sithas Closely Allies Himself With The Court In The Elven Capitol The Rivalry Between Kin Climaxes With Their Father S Mysterious DeathWhen Kith Kanas Is Vaguely Implicated, Sithas, The Firstborn Twin, Is Enthroned

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    Not terrible as the series goes I liked very few except the ones written by Weis Hickman but overly long and with too many long descriptive passages, and kind of overdramatic and soapy with all the betrayals and cries of anguish I did read the rest of the series, I m pretty sure, but only because I d bought all three Never reread them and am donating them to the library along with most of my other thousand Dragonlance books.

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    Shades of G R Martin in Hermathya s turn from brat to outright manipulator Her scenes with Kith in the garden and Sithas in the temple were well contrasted and give her a believable if hurried arc The temple scene is particularly tense and atmospheric Kith s turn as statesman is a bit mary sue but forgivable in light of his foreshadowed role and the well wrought reactions of the other characters The procession of the Wildrunners was a powerful moment marrying the tension between the twins another Dragonlance theme to the politicking of the ambassadors Mackeli s comic relief is a bit hamfisted and makes Kith come off as a bit naive about ladies but not over much Good set up for the finish.and the finish is pretty strong In a few terse, tense pages we see an assassination, the contrast between the new speaker and the last, as well as the reconfiguration of Kith Kananin fact, all three leads Sithas, Hermathya, and Kith are left woundedall of them turning away from the good in their lives and preparing for war.Sithas from his brother, Hermathya from her husband, Kith from his idyllic time in the forestand this last is the most devastating as the good, simple life that Kith had was believable and recognizable To have him dismiss it as the innocence of youthsomething to be shrugged off in favour of cold duty and bloodshed, is heartbreaking.The finale is a direct parallel of the introduction but it is inverted Kith is flying away from home rather than towards it, he is burdened rather than carefree, he is the Prince and not the man I think we are meant to see how much he s lost and wonder if it can be regainedbut only the next two volumes can say if it s a journey worth taking.Keep or Toss Keep for now

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    I read a lot of Dragonlance titles in Middle High school, and this was the series that I remembered as being one of my favorites I was, unfortunately, disappointed in revisiting this title.The best parts of the book take place in the wild forests, but the action in the cities is so soap opera ish that it was hard to take.I may read the rest of the series, but I might prefer to hold my memories of these books being good and not ruin the rest.

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    A frustrating book As one of the books right at the beginning of the Dragonlance timeline, there s a genuine attempt to make this trilogy serious and emotionally affecting, whereas Dragonlance books I ve enjoyed up to this date have a streak of humour and easygoingness which accounts for a large part of their charm even Legend of Huma, the other serious historical offering The authors rightly want to use the trilogy format to stretch their legs a bit, but I think in this case they ve scrimped on interesting events for the sake of showing how Kith Kanan lives a life separate from his brother in the forest all very well intentioned but quite dramatically dull, despite the fact that he fights a few people.This is really not a bad book and it does do a good job of setting up a broader conflict that works on a political and personal level although I never quite got engaged with all the diplomacy and treaty making, which felt very forced and Sithas deciding to war with all humans because a human killed his father feels hurried and unbelievable.The next two books of the trilogy are going to have to count to justify this slightly stale feeling entry I hate judging setup before I m done with the payoff Nevertheless, book 1 has to be intriguing enough to make one continue with book 2 I m doing that, so maybe Firstborn did its job

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    Actually, 1,5 because I managed somehow to finish the book.I only liked the universe constructed by the author, but unfortunately nothing else.The book is written in a very simple way The action happens too quickly and then we ve got a lot of longueur to deal with Paper characters and a paper story It seemed to me like a fairy tale Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess One day she went to the forest and then her friend was killed She was sad and then she went on a journey She had a lot of fun Something like this I do not recommend if you have your standards.

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    My wife wanted to read a DD Novel , she has played before, but never read a novel based in a DD world We got to about page 100 before I pulled the plug The elves weren t majestic or mysterious, really no different from humans The story overall seemed kind of young adult and we ve been reading a lot of gritty, adult fantasy lately so it just seemed really slow and juvenile.

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    it starts out slow but picks up a good way to see the history of the world of dragonlance.

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    Loved it

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    The unicorn did this in for me Could not take it seriously after that

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    The story of the twin sons of the Speaker of the Stars in Silvanesti begins with a prophecy a prophecy that they will both wear crowns which seems impossible, since there s only one crown available in Silvanesti.The story takes off when the Speaker announces that the eldest of the twins are ready for marriage and as his future wife chooses the younger twin s lover This causes the younger twin to make a scene at court and ultimately, to disappear from the city and go to live in the woods where he meets new friends and learns about life outside the sheltered walls of Silvanesti.Even though the twins stay closely connected, this is the beginning of them slowly growing appart especially when it comes to view on outsiders halfbreeds, humans and Kagonesti elves The Silvanesti elves must remain pureblooded, is the old attitude and the one held by the elder twin, and it s an disgrace and against the law for a Silvanesti elf to marry into another race The younger sees it differently after being out and about and as such, the book is sadly relevant today when so many people look with mistrust at outsiders, even those fleeing from war, terror and other tragedies.Only thing I have against this book is the back cover which actually gives something away that doesn t happen until page 296 10 pages before the book ends and also, has gotten important parts of the story wrong Lousy editing