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In A Land Where Magic Is Based On Advanced Mathematics, Sid Is Something Special, For His Awakening Sexuality And Genius Level Understanding Of Mathematics Combines To Create A Power Beyond Anything Ever Seen In The World Sid S Journey Propels Him Into The Center Of A Year Struggle With An Outcome Obscured By A Darkness Known As Black Numbers

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    This is the author s preferred edition The original, simply titled Black Numbers, was published in 2011 Two years later, Lappi had rewritten and expanded the premise of it, as evident by significant additional pages.

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    Black Numbers is different and profound It made me pause in places and it made my skin crawl at certain moments At times I thought, how could the author write that and at other times I thought, brilliant Why didn t I think of that.It s a story about a young man named Sidoro Sid who must journey to the Oblate You the reader ride with Sid along the way You feel what he feels You share his compassion and his hatred for and of others You also get to meet Crowdal my personal favorite character in the book And you become very intimate with a sly creature named the Korpor.The magic is in the numbers This is where this fantastical book differs from other books I ve read in the fantasy genre If you love math you will likely love this story, but even if you don t like math the magic is spun so simply that you can still enjoy the story through the power of the Black Numbers It s a dark fantasy and is done well.In my opinion, I would say this book is for adults Sexual experiences, both good and bad, happen throughout.I read the author s bio and it says he has a degree in MFA and you can tell he does know what he is doing I also saw that he is working on book two of this series and I for one will be in line to buy the next book.

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    As a professed geek I found the premise of Black Numbers rather intriguing The idea of magic, math and sex being reliant upon each other is rather clever The imaginary world Dean Lappi creates is as well described as his characters It is very easy to climb into his world and imagine walking the road with his main character, Sid.I will caution readers this may not be the book to read before going to bed I made that mistake the first night Lappi s monster, the Kopor, is one that gets under your skin Maybe it is the anticipation of what the creature represents, but I found the Korpor to be one of the scariest characters I have come across in a while.Overall, I enjoyed the book and am awaiting the sequel I am giving it 4 stars because of keeping me awake that first night.

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    This was the most poorly written book I ve read in a long time While the initial concept could make a great story, I couldn t get past the passive sentences, repetitive sentence structure, bouncing points of view, and tell tell redundencies This is where the author tells you what the characters are feeling thinking and then immediately has the character tell another character what they re feeling thinking Definitely suggest you pass on this one.

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    This is an absolutely fantastic book Wonderfully well written well thought out and a nonstop page turner Highly recommended to anybody who loves fantasy fiction.

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    Quickly pulled me in and kept me engaged Read it in one sitting Looking forward to the next one.

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    The original cover was much striking

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    One of my all time favorite books by indie author Dean Frank Lappi, is his first one, a little thing called Black Numbers But first the blurb In a land where true magic is based on the rare ability to use advanced mathematics to affect the physical world, those who can control such powers are part of a secret organization known as the Oblate Over the millennia, they have directed the Korpor, a violent and sexual creature, to roam the land and search for the Aleph Null, the one prophesied to control the mysterious Black Numbers, a power beyond anything ever seen in the land.Sid s awakening sexuality and genius level mastery of mathematics puts him on a collision course with the Korpor and the Oblate, and he soon finds himself on the run from powerful and mysterious forces intent on controlling him and his powers His journey propels him to the center of an ancient struggle that he cannot understand and wants no part of.But he is not alone, for the friendships that he forges along the way help him to navigate the dark and chaotic road he must travel Can Sid overcome the seductive darkness known as Black Numbers MY REVIEW This book is in many ways a traditional fantasy, but Lappi crosses the line into horror without losing the qualities that I love in an epic fantasy We have a true Good vs Evil plot, a completely believable system of magic, incredibly frightening creatures and a plot that would make Clive Barker proud.In Black Numbers, Lappi has created a character driven plot with all the elements of the Hero s Journey that true fantasy incorporates, along with the atmosphere of fear that great horror evokes.Magic is expressed both sexually and through mathematics The central protagonist, Sid Sidoro is a young boy growing up with a hard, uncaring father Sid s father teaches him how to use mathematics, believing with all his heart that Sid is the Aleph Null a prophesied wielder of the Black Numbers who will rule The Oblate However, the dreadful creature called the Korpor must test him, and sexually awaken his numbers.This is not a story for the weak of heart Sid s violent and frightening encounters with the Korpor are the stuff of nightmares Many people want to see Sid dead, because of what he is Fortunately for Sid, he attracts friends who are willing to protect him, one of whom is Crowdal, a giant of a man who is a member of a race called the Trith.Lappi has created a tale that makes you both afraid to turn the page, and terrified not to You want to see what will happen to Sid and Crowdal, and at the end, you are left wanting to read Lappi set it up beautifully for the sequel, Blood Numbers I loved this book

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    I wanted to read this book because of one line in the blurb true magic is based on the rare ability to use advanced mathematics to affect the physical world Now, I m no maths nerd, but I would geek out at a book full of concise mathematical equations that actually made magic Can you imagine Gone would be the days where bored kids raise their hands in class and demand, Sir, why are we learning this When will we ever need to use the Pythagorean theorem in real life Why Because if they did their teacher would simply shake his head, raise his arms, spell out a2 b2 c2 into the air and poof a right triangle would appear or something Well some of em would be cool You could do something with the theory of relativityor that hilarious and genuine formula for the perfect cheese on toast My point being, it was such an amazing idea I would clearly have no idea what to do with it, but I was so excited to read a story from someone who could.Yeah That day did not come The magic system in this book is not how I envisioned It doesn t require you to solve mathematical equations to unlock magic, rather if you re smart enough you can use magic and have a whole bunch of pretty numbers and division symbols floating around another person s head to cause them pain Eh Well maybe they are solving the equations in their head or something, but that s certainly not how it s described and not as awesome as I hoped it would be.I did give it a go though Not bad at all, but it quickly went down a narrative path that I just didn t have the time of day for to be honest It became apparent that it was going to be an overly sexual book and I just couldn t be bothered with that at the time I have to be in the right state of mind for books where sexuality is a main focus.So I did not continue I have, of course, no idea how sexual a novel Black Numbers turned out to be, or if the magic system turned out to be decent But despite the very intriguing start, I still didn t find myself giving a shit.Good news though If anyone does fancy writing a novel where you have to solve complex maths problems in order to unlock a hierarchy of magic.you still can

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    Black Numbers is a hybrid of classic fantasy with a twist of mathematics thrown in The main character, Siddoro, is on a journey On this journey he meets interesting friends and frightening creatures who propel him toward his destiny as the Aleph Null kind of like the king of numbers Sid learns that he can use the mathematical equations in his head to create magic but there are other people in his world who are anxious to steal his power and retain it for themselves This is Lappi s debut work and I found it to be a fun, fast paced read I m eagerly anticipating the sequel to Black Numbers