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Steve Has Heard It All Before The Same Empty Threats Follow Every One Of His Minor Run Ins With The Law, And Every Time His Parents Ultimately Decide To Give Him Another Chance But His Parents Have Finally Reached Their Breaking Point, And Finally Make Good On Their Threats To Send Him To A Summer Camp For Troubled Youths The Facility They Have Chosen For Him Bears The Name Of Judgment Cove There Are Immediate Signs That Something Is Deeply Wrong With This Place, The Counsellors Aren T Who They Seem Steve Has Exhausted His Options, Making Judgment Cove His Home For The Summeror Longer He Soon Realizes That This Will Be A Summer Like No Other, As He Will Either Become A Manor Remain A Child Forever That the author is a devilishly handsome, wildly imaginative person The story is a twist on the scared straight prison model, except with pirates Steve is an angry teenager, his parents do not understand, and his older brother was killed in Afghanistan jumping on a grenade to save his comrades in arms His parents are frustrated with him, and his tagging the school He gets into so much trouble that his parents make the decision for him to go to Judgment Cove and the charges are dropped When he gets to this Cove, things are muchdifferent than your standard camp Three quarters of the way through, I was feeling that this was a supernatural redemption story with some holes But the ending finishes everything off with a surprise twist that I thought really made the story.The writing flows nicely and I felt most of the characters even the pirates were done fairly realistically, for being a teenage action adventure The protagonist, Steve, is sympathetic, even at the unrepentant beginning which is hard to achieve The action is easy to follow and lots of fun to imagine.Chris Godsoe has got quite an imagination and this is an impressive addition to his growing literary work.