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Just as good as the first time I read it What a thrilling start to a series I can see myself devouring the rest of the books like I did this one Creative world, charming characters and engaging storyline. I was not expecting to like this graphic novel as much as I did It s darker than I had expected it to be I m pumped to continue on with this series FANTASTIC This came recommended to me by a co worker s daughter through my co worker who knew I wanted some recs for my kid since she will only read graphic novels or books that look like graphic novels, haha My daughter, who is almost 9, and I read it today while we were at the doctor she has been sick for like, forever, not cool.Anyway Me So, how do you rate this book, if five stars is awesome and Kid Six She loved it, and you know what I did too This was just fun, imaginative fantasy with magic, robots, an alternate reality, and the cutest bunny ever Emily is a cool female lead She is given an amulet that has been in the family, and it s magic of course, and she gets to become a Stonekeeper Ohhhhhh, coooool For realz Can I be one I can t wait to read the next book One thing for younger kids is that there are several instances where family members are either sick or view spoiler die One scene where she meets her great grandfather and he literally dies right away My daughter and I were a bit like, ohhh no Sad But we went right on and kept turning the pages hide spoiler Amulet s story is about a young girl named Emily Em and her younger brother, Navin Two years after Emily s father dies in a car accident, she moves with her mother, Karen, and Navin to a house that has been in the family for years The locals believe that the house is haunted, yet Karen chooses to ignore the rumors And soon, the family discovers a small door in the basement of the house leading to an alternate version of earth known as Alledia.Emily has to decide if she wants to be the new stonekeeper after her great grandfather passes away, and she agrees to take on her new responsibility.I found this story to be an overall exciting and exhilarating adventure, And I m really interested to find outabout this world.I haven t been able to focus on any new books this week while waiting for The Raven King, so I m glad that I took a leap and picked this up because the artwork within was great with relatable interactions between the mother and daughterNote I m anAffiliate If you re interested in buying The Stonekeeper, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commissionSupport creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with I loved this little graphic novel My favorite is the pink bunny named Miskit So Emily s dad dies in a car wreck, Emily and her mom were in the car with him The book jumps ahead 2 years and Emily s mom takes her and her brother Navin and moves to and old family home out in the middle of no where When they are all cleaning the house, Emily finds this amulet She decides to keep it and it talks to her, I want one All kinds of things happen and Emily and Navin are on a search for their mom, which leads them to a home in the middle of another nowhere place In this home are some really cool creatures AND their great grandfather Emily has to decide if she wants to be the new stone keeper after her great grandfather passes away and it s a no brainer for her They go on some adventures and then we have to find out what happens in the next bookI thought this was a great graphic novel and now I want to buy them all Not very many novels, let alone a graphic novel, stir up a visible emotional response from me for example something might be funny but I ll rarely laugh out loud This book, however, made me cry within the first 15 pages Now, that s an accomplishment I ll admit though, I m a bit of a softy when it comes to moms or husbands dying, so your mileage may vary with that.The story is a familiar one a magical object passed down in the family contains enough power to save the world, and a young girl is now tasked with making the right decisions to save those she loves There is still plenty of originality intermixed that I didn t feel like I was reading the same old, same old I liked the combination of steampunk style additions, robots, spaceships, rayguns and gadgets, with classic fantasy characters, like elves and other monsters That s something I haven t seen that often in middle grade books.Some of the character designs are odd I don t understand why the mother s head is so long and skinny, but the full color illustrations and backgrounds are gorgeous I love the bunny robot character and I didn t find either child protagonist annoying or too whiny Because of the beginning, I wouldn t recommend this for really young readers there s a particularly harrowing scene that includes blood and death I think this would be a good segue if you re someone who s never read manga before, since this didn t feel wholly Japanese, but it also didn t feel completely Westernized either.This first volume was a really great setup for the series and it gave me just enough of a taste of things to come that I put the rest on hold at the library right after I finished I look forward to continuing this story. Graphic Novel Star Kazu Kibuishi Creates A World Of Terrible, Man Eating Demons, A Mechanical Rabbit, A Giant Robot And Two Ordinary Children On A Life Or Death MissionAfter The Tragic Death Of Their Father, Emily And Navin Move With Their Mother To The Home Of Her Deceased Great Grandfather, But The Strange House Proves To Be Dangerous Before Long, A Sinister Creature Lures The Kids Mom Through A Door In The Basement Em And Navin, Desperate Not To Lose Her, Follow Her Into An Underground World Inhabited By Demons, Robots, And Talking AnimalsEventually, They Enlist The Help Of A Small Mechanical Rabbit Named Miskit Together With Miskit, They Face The Most Terrifying Monster Of All, And Em Finally Has The Chance To Save Someone She Loves 4.89676 I really really really really enjoyed this Much darker than what I was expecting but amazing nonetheless Also, this just reminded me so much of a Miyazaki film that I just couldn t stop smiling I NEED THE NEXT ONES I discovered this series of awesome kids graphic novels almost by accident in a bookstore during a trip to the US And what a series It is for kids every bit as exciting as Saga is for us adults Wonderful creatures and devices, a very adorable family thrust into the story of their grandfather s mysterious past into a world of magic and evil but with lots of friends along the way and the mystery of the Storekeepers This first volume was gorgeous in terms of art and spell binding in the text My kid was blown away and begged me to get all the other volumes This one is highly addictive so beware or make sure your local library or bookstore has the other 5 extant volumes of a projected 7 or 8 before you start You and your kids will LOVE it