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“It won’t be easy Rosemary” said Puck “You will face dangers only your imagination could dream of” “I don’t have an imagination” said Rosemary “Of course you do What else would be attacking you?”Rosemary Watson is seeing ghosts — not spectres that rattle their chains but strange characters that fold out of existence as though they were made of paper Stranger still these characters seem somehow familiar and they want something from herWhen her older brother Theo comes home Rosemary realizes she is not the one who has lost her mind But who has stolen her brother’s sanity and what must she do to get it back?With the help of her new friend Peter McAllister and her otherworldly guide the faerie shapeshifter Puck Rosemary must face the storybook perils of the Land of Fiction and learn to open her heart before it is too late

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    Rosemary Watson is compassionate In fact she is so compassionate that half the time she can't even finish a book for fear of what might happen to the characters When the going gets tough Rosemary gets goingRosemary never really thought it mattered whether or not she finished a book That is until the characters decided to get revenge on the girl who left them frozen in the worst moment of their livesWill Rosemary be able to appease the characters and save her brother from the land of fiction or will she be stuck there for the rest of her days?I had no clue what to expect when I started this book I had never read anything by James Bow or even a review about his books before reading The Unwritten Girl To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatementI loved The Unwritten Girl It was a whole different type of story than I have ever read before The whole book was about reading and connecting with the characters of a story I can totally relate to Rosemary which is why I think I liked the book so much Rosemary can't always finish books because she doesn't want something bad to happen to the characters I have never not finished a book because of that but I can understand why she did You put yourself in the book and you don't want something bad to happenIn The Unwritten Girl Rosemary is actually transported into a book to save her older brother The book is full of good bad funny and sad characters Also all the characters are characters of the books of Rosemary's past Puck is her guide through the Land of Fiction and Peter is her protectorOverall I was very pleased with The Unwritten Girl and I am just about to start the second book of the trilogy Fathom Five I definitely recommend this for book lovers

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    I received this book as a generous gift from the author for my school's libraryI had no idea what to expect from this book and was so happy to be drawn into Rosemary's world Rosemary Watson attends middle school in a small town in Ontario where life hasn't been easy for her since her brother had a nervous breakdown In a small town everyone knows everyone else's business and Rosemary knows that everyone expects her to go crazy as well When Theo Rosemary's brother returns home from university behaving strangely everyone in her family gets very nervous This is no ordinary strangeness though Rosemary finds herself sucked into a book along with her new friend Peter Guided by Puck yes the same Puck made famous in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream Rosemary and Peter must navigate the Land of Fiction to rescue TheoThere was so much that I loved about this book Ties to Shakespeare? Check Strong female protagonist? Check Humour? Check Detailed world building? Check The story drew me in quickly and kept me enthralled ironic given that is exactly what happened to Theo I will definitely be recommending this story to my students

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    The premise of this book grabbed me right away and to be honest the whole series looks amazing Rosemary Watson is seeing things Characters seem to unfold into existence and they are after her and they definitely want something from her Soon her brother Theo is home from school but he seems to be captured by a book Rosemary soon realizes that the characters she is seeing her brother's single minded focus on a book and her life turned upside down by Puck the fairy shapeshifter from Shakespeare appearing and trying to guide her means she has not lost her mind but great things are at stake Soon Puck Rosemary and her new friend Peter McAllister are lost in an adventure in the land of fictionThe story had an amazing pace Once you start reading it you will be hard pressed to put it down The characters were incredible and the plot mind blowing In many ways it is almost as if Madeleine L'Engle's two main series crossed paths in this book Chronos real world time and Kairos other time science fiction and fantasy have crossed paths And much like Meg in the Kairos novels Rosemary is a great heroine who discovers herself and grows into herself as the novel progresses With reading on average over 100 books a year there are lots of books I like but few I absolutely love This one falls into that second categoryRead the rest of the review and with links to other reviews of books by the author on my blog Book Reviews and More And also a link to an interview with James Bow

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    Bought this book on a whim and I am so glad I did It is one of the best young adult books I have read in the past few years I cannot wait to read other books from this author

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    Review by Nancy HolznerYou’re reading a book and then you put it down turning your attention to other things What happens to the book’s characters when you stop reading? That’s the question James Bow asks in The Unwritten Girl a charming and imaginative fantasy for middle school readersRosemary Watson prefers facts to stories she’d rather read the Encyclopedia Britannica than get emotionally involved in the pain and conflict of literature But when her older brother Theo literally loses himself in a book Rosemary must venture into the Land of Fiction to find him and bring him homeRosemary is helped on her quest by Peter a new boy at her school and Puck Midsummer Night’s Dream character and their guide in the Land of Fiction Every bit as strange as you might image the Land of Fiction is the kind of place where ideas grow on trees and a boy can turn into an eagle just by asking What if? It’s populated by all kinds of characters from numbers to knights from detectives to a villainous mad scientist There’s also a girl very much like Rosemary who was left in a terrifying situation when Rosemary stopped reading her bookPuck describes the Land of Fiction as “a patchwork of stories” and that’s how Rosemary and Peter experience it With each new story they enter their clothes and surroundings change and they encounter new characters and a new test Rosemary is smart and resourceful and Peter makes a likable and loyal sidekick As they themselves become characters in a series of stories they face increasing danger and learn important life lessonsAuthor Bow clearly had a lot of fun creating this world The Unwritten Girl is the kind of book that richly rewards imaginative involvement Middle school aged readers will enjoy Bow’s silly puns and sometimes mind bending ideas although they’re likely to miss literary allusions to writers such as Shakespeare Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle

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    Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadToocomRosemary Watson likes the company of books much better than that of people her own age Which explains her hesitance to accept the help of the new boy Peter That and the weird thing she saw in the library right before It looked like a girl but it folded up and disappeared The only thing Rosemary knows for sure is that it was angry And if there’s anything worse than a hallucination it’s one that’s mad at you Maybe she’s just going to have a nervous breakdown like her older brother TheoDue to a huge freak storm and missing the bus Rosemary is forced to bring Peter home Theo seems to be literally lost in a book he can’t put it down or stop reading it He won’t even let Rosemary look at it When she manages to get a peek she is shocked to realize the book is blank until Theo reads it Theo snatches the book out of her view and warns her to “look out for the booksAfter another visit from angry ghost girl a near breakdown from Theo and a message from Puck it appears that it is up to Rosemary and Peter to save Theo He has gone to the Land of Fiction to try and keep Rosemary safe and now she needs to rescue himRosemary and Peter must navigate the Land of Fiction with Puck as their guide They must meet challenges find their strength face their fears and find out why so many of the characters in the Land of Fiction are so angry with RosemaryI can’t describe to you how great I thought this book was Between the idea of being truly sucked into a book to living in the stories that you’ve read to the fabulous reason that all of the characters are upset It’s hilarious scary exciting and impossible to put down I’ve always loved Puck and the fact that he speaks mostly in iambic pentameter intended or not is just too perfect If you’re a book fanatic this is an absolute must

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    It says something about a book when you read to the second to last chapter and then just can't bear to read another page I read the last few pages of this book today after starting and nearly finishing it than a month ago I wasn't expecting any sort of redemption I didn't get any either In fact things got even worse I didn't think that was possibleFor the most part I didn't have any problems with the technical aspects of the writing However the plot dialogue characters and message left a lot to be desired I think my overall impression was one of cheesiness The plot made no sense and got even confusing at the end if it was all about Rosemary's mind and hang ups why was her brother the one who had a nervous breakdown? The characters were melodramatic in their speech and yet they lacked any real emotion I felt like I was reading about robots who had been programmed to act like humans It all seemed a bit juvenile even though it's supposedly a young adult title And the whole tone of the book seemed condescending and pedantic it reminded me somewhat of The Explosionist with an author who seemed to have no desire to tell a really good story but only wanted to demonstrate how clever they areThis book really bothered me so I thought a lot about it and came to the following conclusion this should never have been a novel It should have been a graphic novel The cheesiness the lack of emotional character development the weird settings and events all those zeppelins the hackneyed dialogue all of these would have worked better with panels of illustrations rather than pages of text But since the wrong choice of format was made the book failed I can't recommend this one at allhttptheladybugreadsblogspotca20