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Joanne Harris first novel is nowhere near as good as her later work It s a clunky vampire novel, with dual timelines Half of the novel is set in the 1950s, while the other half is set in modern times However the two parts are essentially the same a manipulative and beautiful female vampire arrives in Cambridge, bewitches a gullible young man and continues her killing spree.There were some interesting elements to this novel I liked Harris particular rules for vampires I found myself really liking the modern protagonist, Alice She was plucky and at least semi resourceful It was a shame that the 1950s protagonist, Daniel, was a bit of a wet flannel view spoiler Even after he turned into a vampire, he remained pathetic hide spoiler Something Inside Me Remembers It S Never Easy To Face The Fact That A Man You Once Loved Passionately Has Found The Girl Of His Dreams, As Alice Discovers When Joe Introduces Her To His New Girlfriend Ginny Jealous, Alice Is Repelled By Ginny An Ethereal Beauty With A Sinister Group Of FriendsThen Alice Finds An Old Diary Hidden Away In Ginny S Room And Reads About Daniel Holmes And His Friend Robert And The Mysterious Woman Who Bewitched Them Both Rosemary Virginia Ashley, Buried In Grantchester Churchyard Half A Century Ago Buried But Far From ForgottenAs The Stories Intertwine, Past And Present Are Merged Into One Alice Comes To Realize That Her Instinctive Hatred Of Joe S New Girlfriend May Not Just Be Due To Jealousy As She S Plunged Into A Nightmare World Of Obsession, Revenge, Seduction And Blood Joanne Harris considera questo libro un po come il suo figlio negletto, e lo scrive in una nota introduttiva.Io non la vedo cos Io l ho apprezzato tanto, per me come romanzo gotico moderno funziona, eccome Ognuno ha un lato oscuro del proprio carattere, e nell oscurit c un attrazione irrevocabile dice l autrice in un intervista.Ed questo che mi avvince in questo ed in altri romanzi, l incedere di questa atmosfera scespiriana di ineluttabilit , del male potente, pi forte del bene purtroppo, e dell impossibilit di fronteggiarlo e della nostra debolezza di fronte ad esso.Secondo me, oltre agli artisti preraffaelliti e al classico tema gotico del vampirismo la scrittrice ha di certto risentito l influenza di un altro romanzo che tra i miei preferiti Ghost Story di Peter Straub. Joanne Harris can take the story of the hare and the tortoise as her raw material and use this to construct a majestic novel In this case it is a potentially very lame theme of vampirism But in her hands it becomes a three generation saga with mystery, intrigue and perfectly formed characters no werewolves, no glistening skin and no crap In fact the characters and plot are the focus, not the clich s about vampires There is blood and gore but it is not gratuitous As with all her work the plot twists and turns into corners where you cannot imagine a solution, but somehow and credibly she adds a simple new twist and we are back on track She is a master story teller and this is the fourth of her books that I have enjoyed I like the way she thinks almost as much as her unequalled use of descriptive language surely unique in this genre Both narrators are outstanding and I would highly recommend this set. Something inside me remembers I loved this book, but then it was hard not to, as it has many of the elements I like mystery, obsession, death, vampires, an old diary, complicated relationships, a great title and a gorgeous cover I ve been known to buy books based on less than the above mentioned things But this, I must admit, having spent a day reading most of it, was such a great story I was sad to see it end From the start I was captivated by Alice, who makes her living from art There is a scene where the author describes Alice at work, painting a scene of ethereal beauty, so immersed in her work she forgets herself or the time and I thought, how very much like Joanne Harris she is, because I was so engrossed in this book I wasn t able to put it down and I was surprised to see hours had passed and I hadn t moved from my chair on the balcony under the mango tree, because this book had me under a spell There s a dreamy quality to the writing, a Gothic thread running through the whole story, and it turns and twists bringing new elements to the surface The story is told from the point of view of two narrators, Daniel Holmes, whose tale begins after the Second World War, and Alice, who bring the story into present day I liked how their experiences were like two halves that joined together made it complete Their stories have a central point Rosemary, the young girl of ethereal beauty who brings destruction and death wherever she is There were times when I wondered if Rosemary wasn t a victim herself, condemned never to rest, bringing tragedy to all the men who loved her, and they, in return, not being able to let go of her, commit the sin that will bring about a new cycle of destruction And so it goes, a wheel within a wheel, unbroken in time, because to truly break it would mean forgetting and they can t do that, no one who has known her can I have another book by Joanne Harris, Blueeyedboy, bought years ago on a whim because I had always wanted to read something by the author of Chocolat, a movie I loved even if I haven t read the book I m now glad that I started with this because it only made me want to readof her work I was surprised to see quite a few negative reviews on goodreads, people complaining of this and that, how certain elements are not believable Oh well, if you can t suspend your disbelief remember, this is a vampire novel , then maybe this is not the book for you.I m glad this is the kind of novel where vampires are old in age only, of course , cruel and beautiful and at the same time as vulnerable as they are ferocious in their hunger I wish there was a sequel I wish I knew who Rosemary truly was and where she was born and how she came to be such a destructive force over such a long time But even if I will never know her whole story, I can still love the book because like all good stories, it s made of shadow and light and the shadow is intriguing enough that whatever comes into the light is enough to make it unforgettable.I will remember My friend gave me The Evil Seed as a gift The Evil Seed was her debut novel and due to popular demand was re published this also happened with her second novel, Sleep, Pale Sister , which I have also read and enjoyed I really enjoyed reading The Evil Seed , the story was excellent, two stories are told interwined throughout the book, the story of Robert, Daniel and Rosemary and the story of Alice, Joe and Ginny, are Ginny and Rosemary the same woman well you will have to read and find out As in Sleep, Pale Sister I notice that the female characters were alotstronger than the male characters, I do not know if this occurs in Joanne Harris s other books I will need to find out , I found it refreshing to read such strong female characters, the male characters are dependable, which for me created a good balance.A truly scary gothic book, I loved the setting Cambridge , I truly believe The Evil Seed would make an excellent film. I wouldn t normally read books about vampires and I was disappointed by this book I read it because I have enjoyed other books written by Joanne Harris The clumpy story line and voice of the book made it hard to want to pick up and read I could tell that it was Harris first book and she had not yet found her voice that she has in later books It took me a long time to finish. Split between the 1940s and a modern narrative 1980s 90s , The Evil Seed tells of the havoc wreaked in the lives of two sets of characters by a beautiful and ruthless nightwalker Basically a vampire, although this kind doesn t conform to many of the popular myths, eg being unable to venture out in daylight In 1948, Cambridge scholar Daniel Holmes rescues a girl called Rosemary from drowning he falls madly in love, only for her to start a relationship with his best friend His story, charting a gradual descent into obsession and madness, is written as a journal In the modern narrative, also set in Cambridge, an artist named Alice is disconcerted when her ex boyfriend Joe asks her to offer a spare room to his strange new girlfriend, the ethereal Ginny The Evil Seed was Joanne Harris s first novel, reissued after her success with Chocolat etc, and the author s foreword suggests she is now somewhat embarrassed by it It s easy to see why it is frequently amateurish and the style doesn t seem to have much in common with her later work although, only having read two other books by Harris, I m not an expert Many of the events stretch the limits of plausibility, to say the least I m not talking about the vampire stuff, but things like Joe expecting Alice to let Ginny stay in her house who would ever do this , and Joe seeming completely unfazed at the idea that Ginny might be a heroin addict, as if such a thing is no big deal The characters emotions are all over the place and they often contradict themselves several times during the course of a few pages.That said, I still enjoyed this It s atmospheric, compelling and fun, and although I would have preferred asubtle approach it definitely descends into horror towards the end , there s enough gothic intrigue to keep it genuinely interesting I don t think I can really say that I would recommend it, but I never wanted to give up on it, and I don t regret reading it either I wanted it to distract me from certain things I don t want to think about at the moment, and it did its job rather well. Haunting and spectacular.