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Dead, Dead, Dead Say It Enough Times And It Becomes Just Another WordWhat Would You Do Could You Kill A Killer Does The Death Of One Appease The Deaths Of A Hundred What About That Hundred Against A Thousand What If You Had No Choice Meet Sin No, Not That Sort Of Sin, But Sin, Crazy As A Loon You Ask Sister Moon , And Proud Of It Sin Locks Himself Away In A Mental Home And, Every So Often, Gets Violent That S Only So They Ll Give Him Those Nice Drugs, Though The Ones That Help Him ForgetIt S A Pity They Don T WorkSin, You See, Has A Serious Problem Well, It S Not So Much His Problem, As Ours Yours, Mine And Everyone Else S People Die Around Him He Doesn T Like It And He Can T Help It But Someone Else Knows, And He Has To Stop Them And HimselfFlip And Catch

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    Sin That s my name, don t wear it out, as I used to say once upon a very long time ago excerpt When I received this book for review and read the blurb, I thought to myself that this sounds like it s going to be a dark, disturbing read, exploring the mind of an I was abused as a child sorry ass psychopath That was my very first impression of Sin With trepidation, I sat down to read, preparing to wrestle my way through to the last chapter, I mean really, who wants to read about a crazy ol coot locked up in a padded six by six cell Well, all I can say, is that I couldn t have been wrong By the time I got to page four, I was so absorbed in the story and intrigued with the main character yes, Sin that I couldn t fathom not reading to the end.Contradictory to the impression generated by the blurb of it being a journey into the mind of a serial killer, I experienced Sin as quite the opposite In my opinion, Sin could ve been my next door neighbor a man just going about his daily life and minding his own business until that unfortunate incident in the street in front of Woolworths, which changed his life for the worse It took a few thousand deaths, but Sin soon catches on to what is happening and how the coin or the not so proverbial bad penny affects him and the lives of the people around him Subsequently feeling that he will be much less of a danger to others and himself, he voluntarily has himself locked up in an asylum, under the care or what he perceives as such of Dr Connors Biiiiig mistake Sin sin sirree, there s no place for thee, I was Sin Not a superhero but but good Yes I d plead my case to that jury and I d convince them I wasn t a big bad wolf, ready to eat the little piggies But, Dr Connors, I was going to blow your house down excerpt What I enjoyed most about Sin is the way the author tells the story as though he is having a conversation with you As a big fan of the books of both Stephen King and Dean Koontz, I instantly recognized the author s writing style of that similar to both these authors and thus enjoyed the book even The story is recounted through Sin s inner dialogue and point of view and has so much skillfully interlaced humor in it, that most of this book I read with a smile on my face I wondered if, in a court of law, murder in absentia was a punishable crime If I had an alibi tighter than Jacob Marley s business partner, even though I admitted to having done the crime and thanks to Mental Homes R Us, done the time would I still be sent down, joining the chain gang on a one way trip along the Green Mile Maybe I could get Tom Hanks or Michael Clarke Duncan s autographs I doubted a defence of I wasn t there m lud would be sufficient to get me off But death by proxy What would be the maximum sentence for that excerpt Sin is not what I dreaded it would be Dark Yes Disturbing Sure Boring Heck, no Quite the opposite It takes you into the life of a man whose parents thought it a joke to give him a name that caused him to be the butt end of ridicule and who found it equally hilarious to name their daughter Joy But a name such as Joy could not possibly be on the receiving end of beatings, name calling and being made a fool of, now could it Ask me another If you enjoy reading thought provoking books that punch you in the chest with unpredictable shocking twists, Sin should be at the top of your list I personally, am not into the whole inner dialogue thing and as laugh out loud funny as it was at times and heartbreakingly sad at others, I found the inner dialogue, although relevant to the story, a bit lengthy and therefore the 4 star rating Other than that, I would highly recommend this expertly written book to anyone looking for a superb read I can say with certainty that Shaun Allan is on his way to best seller status And just to tantalize your appetite for this unusual first rate book some , here is another excerpt I didn t mind them staying away from me I wasn t in the mood for company, and trying to hold a conversation with a squirrel was something I was too tired to bother trying They can be skittish creatures and tend to have a short attention span, so any chat is liable to dip and dive from subject to subject faster than I could make a banoffee pie disappear Rabbits are different but just as hard to please They simply look at you with blank faces, making it obvious that, no matter how riveting your conversation might be, they just wanted to know where you kept the carrots I couldn t blame them My stomach was starting to growl so a carrot or two, while not banoffee pie, would have been quite welcome.

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    Sin is a ground breaking novel by Shaun Allan that grabs the reader from the first page and never lets go The main character is named Sin and he is quite insane, or is he Sin is probably one of the most unique characters I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know in a book This novel is very well written, engaging, quickly paced, and just plain fun to read I highly recommend it

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    SinSampleCopyright 2011 by Shaun Allan I woke with a start Was it possible to do that with a stop Or with a finish Why is it always a start Not too long before I d have been happy to wake up with an END As my body jerked awake, the knotted tree trunk gave me a good kick in my back to remind me where I was I could have told it that I hadn t forgotten, but trees are notoriously bad conversationalists, especially in the mornings Well, without a hot Cappo and some toast, who isn t But was it morning Dewy webs dotted the ground like a warped game of Twister where all the spots were white or silver Now that would be confusing you wouldn t know where to put your foot or hand I stretched, wincing as my back breathed a sigh of relief at finally being released from the bark s surface I wondered at who spun the wheel and who did the twisting Spiders could cheat and squirrels only had short legs It wouldn t really be a fair game I m glad I d only played with my sister and friends.The light had a hazy feel to it, as if it was on a dimmer that hadn t quite been turned all the way up I could see a vague fog drifting across the fields beyond the forest, aimless and lost I knew how it felt The mist failed to reach into the confines of the trees, perhaps lying in wait for me when I emerged No matter, I thought I could handle a bit of fog It was hardly a case of Mr T versus Rocky Balboa, was it Of course John Carpenter or James Herbert might disagree, but I d have to take that chance If the mist thought it was hard enough to try it on with me, let it have a go.Big words from an escaped lunatic, don t you think It certainly felt like morning time How early I couldn t tell, but the air had a definite crispness to it, like it was just out of the wrapping and hadn t been used yet I felt guilty taking a breath, as if by exhaling I could possibly taint the atmosphere but hey, I felt guilty taking the last jaffa cake from the box It didn t stop me The freshness of the air was sharp in my throat and nostrils, cleaning them out as it passed on through I felt like someone had stuck a Dyson down my throat and sucked out all the grimy remnants of modern day s pollution It was as if every breath I d ever taken had traces of muck and sludge mingled in it, and this clear morning air had scoured me out better than a hydrochloric enema I could have been breathing for the very first time, instead of the twenty millionth or so.How often do you breathe in a life time I think I read somewhere that it was around twenty thousand times a day It sounds like a lot, but it s only about fourteen times a minute, give or take the odd yawn or hiccup to spoil the flow So that makes it about erm put the 1 on the doorstep about seven hundred million or so in a century Of course, if you re still breathing at a century then you re doing something right breathing for one.Anyway, today s felt like Numero Uno for me My lungs had been plucked from my torso, chucked in a washer on 40 and hung on the line to dry, thereafter being shoved back in my body to start all over again Refreshed, revived, replenished and renewed I guess I d been RE ed in every which way but loose, Clyde It was great I was Samson before he d nipped to the hairdressers for a quick wash, cut and blow dry Whether it was Androcles or Saint Jerome who pulled the thorn from the lion s paw, I could do it with my teeth whilst blindfolded and with both hands tied behind my back Unusually invigorated by the morning, I pushed myself to my feet, ignoring my protesting joints, and decided I was going to get my shiny metal behind into gear If the men in white coats came a hunting we will go, then they d have to catch me If Dr Connors was on the prowl, he d have to find me And if my dead sister wanted to stop by for a chat again, a haunting we will go, then she d just have to call first so I could check my diary Either that or she d have to bring some Viennese Whirls I hadn t had any for ages, and I just fancied one.Of my sister, there was no sign Maggots weren t wriggling towards the morning sun like turtles to the sea and the grass wasn t flattened where she d stepped No cockroaches crunched underfoot and I failed to see any globby bits of flesh, with hair still sprouting, hiding between the roots of the trees My dream had been a dream and no Of course it had Why did I feel the need to convince myself Yes, it had seemed real, apart from her eye popping out and the like, but she was dead It hadn t been real Just a dream veering precariously close to the edge of nightmare without quite careening over.Not that I m saying my sister was a nightmare She could sometimes be, though, a bit wee, a bit woo, a bit wah, if you know what I mean Often even a bit WOAH I didn t know whether to blame that on hormones or just general femininity Who understood a woman Not even women was my guess And isn t any sibling a nightmare at times Isn t it always a case of I can call you but if anyone else does I ll rip their head off Such it was with Joy and me She did my head in, big style, sometimes, but she was still my sister So why dream of her with a face melting faster than hot wax Go on, ask me another Dare ya Sin by Shaun Allan is a 105,000 word supernatural thriller that has been described as a masterpiece of genuine creativity.There s a video trailer, excerpts and reviews, along with the origins of the story also has a blog, his diary from within the asylum, where he describes his experiences and the people he meets within the institute Read it at me on Twitter singularityspnt

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    Insane, that s what this book is, and I mean that it the nicest possible way The first time I was treated to Sin s point of view, I wondered if I had gone insane myself and muttered, What the hell He s off the charts random, but there s a very good reason for it He s in a mental institution asked to be put in there himself because he found a 2p coin that makes weird things happen If he flips it, bad things occur He didn t realise it at first, but the he flips it, the bad things happen until he can t deny it any longer He s causing people to get hurt, to die He tries getting rid of the coin, but the bloody thing keeps finding its way back to him As the tale progresses and Sin transports himself out of the institution because he d rather die than be this insane, his thought processes calm a little He doesn t go off on so many tangents, and it s almost like him being in the mental home makes him worse but that s a bit of plot I won t go into due to spoilers.The way Sin s mind works is actually pretty much like mine He thinks of one thing and that leads to another It s like a game of mind word association, where one thought makes another, and so on, until he s so far away from his original thought he was to pause to remember what the hell he was on about in the first place It s amusing but also frustrating this is not a negative comment Read on , because as a reader you want to know what happens next, but because we re living in his mind, with what he has to cope with every day, you have to have the tangents in order to fully get what this poor guy s going through.After Sin transports himself out, he meets up with his dead sister Honestly, it sounds mental, but he isn t mad it s happening, it s real, and I felt quite sorry for him in a way I wouldn t want to be him if you paid me The doctor at the institute wants Sin back, and Sin s sister, Joy, wants to help Sin, let him know what s going on, but she s not allowed to tell him So she orchestrates things so she s not exactly telling but showing, and that s where things start to make sense to Sin He isn t crazy, and that s a big relief, and I felt incredulous on his behalf that he was used in the way he was It was cruel.Best Bits Woolworths I really understood the comment that follows mention of this store I thought the same thing myself when Woolworths closed down See, Sin isn t insane Unless I am too The Royal Bank of Pocket bless its sweet little copper heart I thought I d mention that just to keep the mood up LMAO ducking into alleys for a crafty ciggy or nipping home for a packet of salt n vinegar enough to make them often look like disembodied heads floating along the hall Really vivid image here Brilliant A bit like PMT is an excuse for a woman to tear a man s balls off AAAAAhahahahah one partridge in a pear treed mansion Knots as big as fists were digging their knuckles into my back Viennese Whirls THE best biscuit EVER He slipped on a patch of piss in the Oak Tree toilets Ahahahaha I could feel it in the air tonight, oh Lord I nearly wet myself here Well tough titties.It s make a change from living in a town called Malice Oooh, yeah LMAO Verdict Sin is not only insane but it s FUNNY There are some really good laughter lines inside, well placed to set you laughing when you aren t expecting it I felt as insane as Sin is meant to be, relieved when he wasn t insane, and disgruntled that the poor guy went through what he did He s a happy enough soul, though, doesn t complain much even when the chips are seriously low down, and I think he could just about cope with anything after going through this

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    This work is a surreal story describing the weird twist about a mental patient who voluntarily commits himself to a psychiatric facility to escape or stop his delusions under heavy medication As the reader continues into the story the question to ask is he insane or actually san being manipulative by a dark evil doctor The journey to insanity to sanity takes the reader for a wild ride the humor excites the brain, because this author ingenious incorporates all sort of humor from dark to light to entertain the reader Sin has character he is witty and very knowledge about people and psychology His personal interaction and experiences stimulates the mind, what if The question is he insane or in reality is able to use his mind to kill This story is zany, witty, like traveling into twilight zone, definitely a challenge firing dominant brain cells, but worth the time getting familiar with this unique style of writing Thanks for the entertainment To find out about this creation the author has a blog which introduces his character and his adventures work is a surreal story describing the weird twist about a mental patient who voluntarily commits himself to a psychiatric facility to escape or stop his delusions under heavy medication As the reader continues into the story the question to ask is he insane or actually san being manipulative by a dark evil doctor The journey to insanity to sanity takes the reader for a wild ride the humor excites the brain, because this author ingenious incorporates all sort of humor from dark to light to entertain the reader.Sin has character he is witty and very knowledge about people and psychology His personal interaction and experiences stimulates the mind, what if The question is he insane or in reality is able to use his mind to kill This story is zany, witty, like traveling into twilight zone, definitely a challenge firing dominant brain cells, but worth the time getting familiar with this unique style of writing Thanks for the entertainment To find out about this creation the author has a blog which introduces his character and his adventures book can be reviewed at Goodreads and .comhttp SinEBUS OR and website is at Lisa Vandiver s Bloghttp 2011Via book can be reviewed at and .comVia

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    When my new friend at work told me he was a writer I thought, Yup Sure OK We all write don t we, in one way or another I m forever helping my daughter with phrasing her uni assignments composing personal and business letters to all and sundry I ve even written short items about ancestors for my family tree website To humour him and because I was intrigued I downloaded this book and started to read it And carried on And on Now I know what a page turner is and what they mean about not being able to put it down Sin is amazing There s a little bit of him in all of us, I think we all carry perceived guilt for things that go on around us, or regret a minor action that caused a major event But no one else could have expressed Sin s thoughts and feelings in the way Allan has There is this marvellous insight into the way the mind works such imaginative use of words and rhythm colourful ways to describe black and white The characters are sharp, yet completely blurred, so the reader feels an intimate relationship with them only to have that dashed in the next sentence or paragraph One is constantly changing from knowing all that is going on, as if experiencing it oneself and loving every minute, to feeling a total outsider and grateful to be so.The story twists and turns, flowing from Sin s thoughts to the reader s consciousness Never, ever can one predict what happen in the next sentence, let alone the next paragraph or page.I loved it And I m constantly nagging now for the follow up volumes Thank goodness for the blog to keep us informed about goings on in the asylum.

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    Shaun Allan gives you than expected with this stream of consciousness onslaught of what initially appears to be the ramblings of an insane man, who insists he is really a sane man who has a little problem he causes buses to crash into buildings, earthquakes to appear on the other side of the planet all sorts of catastrophes small to large, communal to personal How does he do it Simple, it s all done with the flip of a boomerang two pence coin, and he just wants it to stop Stop it does not.The plot builds much like a solo flight in a first generation jet climbing to its maximum altitude Storing kinetic energy on the long ascent for such a moment as with a quick side push of the stick and a stomp on the rudder, the vessel flips upside down and then the pilot pulls backward on the stick The jet goes downward into an ever increasing g load, pointing earthward and then beginning the long, hard pull back to the horizon, shoulders aching, furrowed brow beaded with sweat, fighting to keep awareness as the heart pumps against the unnatural pressures Then remarkably, the readers like the pilot discover they are on a course 180 degrees in the opposite direction, at a completely different altitude and with a near placard speed registering on the dial Yes, we re going somewhere now.You ll want to read this one.Bravo, Mr Allan.C.D Sutherland, author ofThe Dragoneers The Chronicles of Susah Book One

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    I love urban fantasy and horror, so I knew that Sin would be a great read And indeed it is The action is nonstop, although much of it plays out in Sin s head And believe me that is a scary place to be.It s not often that I read a book with a completely original character who lives and breathes who comes alive Sin is that character The way he thinks, how he interacts with his dead sister, Joy, and the strange events surrounding a coin that Sin found and that completely changed his life.As a reader, I see so many plots that have been recycled or restyled Sin was completely new The concept of a coin that can bring chaos and death but not in a fantasy Middle earth way, in a real world, gritty urban style was amazing.The author brought the book to an even higher level with his style Allan constantly plays with words, their sounds and meaning Sin has such a pervasive voice that drives the novel forward I was fascinated until I read, with great reluctance, the final word.

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    This isn t my usual genre as I prefer romance chick lit But, I was intrigued after reading the summary of this book The book starts off with the written ramblings of a psychiatric patient The author leads us to believe he is insane But as the story progressed, I found myself not so sure People do die around him Did Sin cause their deaths Can he tele transport Is there a sinister force following him causing this destruction All these thoughts ran through my mind as I read.The plot twists and turns and led me to where I wasn t sure I wanted to go, but happily did because I wanted to see the end.I empathized with Sin and his vulnerability, never so when he would speak with his dead sister, Joy Was she a ghost or just an apparition in his mind The author does a good job of weaving a tale of suspense and intrigue It is cleverly written and done in a most unique way I ve not read a book like it before and the last few chapters my knuckles were white as I gripped the edges of my kindle.It was a satisfying read

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    Welcome to Sin s mind Sin is a confused guy He thinks he can kill people by tossing a coinflip and catchflip and catch He is so sure of it, in fact, that he voluntarily enters a psychiatric hospital As the story unravels through Sin s thoughts first person and his impression of what is happening, the reader is forced to wonder Is he crazy Did these things really happen Is he dreaming Or is it all the effect of the drugs he is flooded with on a daily basis As the story progresses, it becomes clear that Sin s case is far than a simple voluntary admission There is a larger force at work, trying to stop him from finding out the truth behind his craziness.Good story, excellent writing.