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I really wanted to love this book, but I couldn t It was a pain to even finish and it felt like it had no plot whatsoever Others might have liked it but it just really didn t agree with me as a reader Let me talk about the reasons why I disliked this book1 The writing was EXCESSIVELY annoying and repetitive I couldn t BELIEVE how much caps and underlining there was It was not at ALL amusing This is pretty much how the whole book was written Even though in Queen Victorias real diary she did a lot of underlining and caps, I can t imagine it sounded like this The two annoying most used words were excessively and amusing It got old very quickly The biggest problem, however was that her voice never changed 12 year old Victoria may have sounded like what I talked about above but 21 year old Victoria shouldn t sound the same She did And it made it seem like either the writer or Queen Victoria was very immature.2 I don t believe that the real Queen Victoria was the annoying, moody, whiney and infuriating person that was portrayed in this book I found her character frustrating because she always wanted the best for herself, not her kingdom, and towards the end she still didn t learn selflessness or humbleness It is like what I mentioned above her character didn t really grow 3 The plot didn t really go anywhere, and it didn t seem to resolve, just fizzle out, except in the romantic aspect I did like how the events matched up with real life events but I feel like they could ve been written better I know my review makes it sound like it was a horrible book It wasn t, and I loved learning about Queen Victoria s life and how her mom and Sir John affected it I also liked Albert and how he dealt with Victoria s moodiness However, I didn t feel like the writing did the story quite enough justice. Victoria didn t come off as very mature in this book, and as other reviewers have said, some stylistic things use of caps underlining got on my nerves Also, it falls into a trend I ve noticed with other historical retellings the story is so busy checking off chronological boxes for plot points that it neglects a greater narrative, and it s hard to come away with any particular conclusion about the book as a whole. DNF at 41%I was bored by this book and found the main character childish, blank, and hard to sympathize with It annoyed me that, though I do care about accuracy, the author INSISTED on using CAPITALS a LOT and it was very ANNOYING isn t it because that was how she wrote in her diary, and she used very about five times per chapter There was little significant change between her behavior at age ten and at sixteen and she kept repeating the same things over and over again First it is Everyone, it seemed, conspired to keep me isolated and in ignorance.it would only be a matter of weeks even days until Lady Charlotte and Daisy were gone, and I would have NO ONE And two years later about 25 pages Lady Flora Hastings, always a great friend of Sir John and Lady Conroy, and of Mamma too, was excessively sharp tongued and much too critical of dearest Daisy ever to be a friend of mine Cover Blurb Yes or No Surprisingly, yes, though if it weren t a historical fiction novel I probably wouldn t like it But it s a clear indication of what the book will be about, and the character impersonator is in a profile, which I don t usually mind.Characters At first, the Reader is presented with a picture of young Victoria which we can easily sympathize with Here s a girl who grew up with seemingly everything, being a princess, and yet she virtually led the life of a prisoner, as Sir Conroy and her mother continually kept her under their thumb But as the story progresses, Victoria became a little less sympathetic in my view, for though she largely had youth an inexperience to blame her mistakes on, she turned a blind eye to good advice and was often unduly mean to Albert Sir Conroy is very easy to hate, as is Victoria s mother I wish I could have gotten to know Albert better The Young Victoria isn t the most historically accurate movie ever made, that is definitely true, but I did like how attached I became to Albert in it, and in Victoria Rebels, I just didn t get that.The Romance Victoria and Albert s romantic attachment is very swift, and really only dealt with at the end of the book, so there is, in fact, very little romance For once, I actually lamented it I was looking forward to learning about Victoria and Albert s relationship.Plot How Victoria became queen makes for a rather interesting plot While not history s most exciting ascension to the throne story, I still find it engaging, and Carolyn Meyer brings it to life It s difficult, at first, to sort out how everyone is related to Victoria I still don t wholly understand her family tree , but after a while it makes sense, and you re able to sit back and enjoy the story The plot isn t, perhaps, as detailed as I would like it covers events of several years, but I still found it a fascinating look into Victoria s early reign.Believability While I know a great deal about the Victorian era itself, I actually don t know a great deal about Queen Victoria But as always, I have faith in this Author s research, and she yet again provides a very interesting and informative historical note at the end of the book.Writing Style While I usually detest copious CAPITALIZATION and words underlined instead of italicized, I didn t mind it so much in this book, because it made it feel like it was written in the form of a journal, even though that isn t the format the book adopts.Content None.Conclusion Rather abrupt, and I do rather wish that the book had covered events after she and Albert were married It was, in my opinion, a little too short But all in all, it s a worthwhile and fast read.Recommended Audience Girl read, fourteen and up, good for those who want to know about Queen Victoria. I found this by accident on the shelf I really haven t read that many of Meyer s books, but I knew of her and what she wrote about When I saw this one was about Queen Victoria, especially when she was young, I knew I had to read it As a big fan of The Young Victoria movie, I figured this was a must read.Having what background I did from The Young Victoria was great No, it s not entirely accurate, but it s still pretty close And it gave me faces to go with characters, like John Conroy and Lehzen That s always helpful.Granted, I came into this book looking for a love story between Victoria and Albert And I didn t really get it He doesn t come in until later in the story This book follows Victoria from age 9 through 24 or so And while I liked it and found it interesting, it was kind of dry Not necessarily boring, but there wasn t a whole lot to the beginning of the story but how a little girl doesn t want to follow the rules set by a mother she doesn t like and an advisor she likes even less.And it sounds as though the writing style is similar to how Victoria wrote her own diaries, with CAPITAL LETTERS whenever she got excited Which, you know, is cool, but it gets annoying when the words capitalized tend to be the same words over and over again Like yes, Victoria, we realize by now that you are VERY MUCH amused by Dashy Thank you.Other than that, I found it to be a really enlightening read There were different things it talked about that I ve never heard about in regards to Victoria before, like how she had an older half brother and sister. I think I may be approaching Victoria saturation with itv s very pretty series and Daisy Goodwin s novel to go along with it Even the file The Young Victoria covered these same years But they are the best years cause Albert, duh and this book brought them to life very well. The young Victoria lives with her overbearing mother and her governess Daisy Her father died when she was an infant, and her mother listened to her advisor, Sir John Conroy than Victoria would like We first meet her at a young age, when her step sister, Feodore, is preparing to get married and leave England Throughout Victoria s childhood, her uncle, Kind George IV, is not in the best of health, so everyone knows that Victoria will soon be queen Her mother uses this as an excuse to keep Victoria under her thumb dressing her like a child, making her stay in her mother s room, having her every move watched Victoria is also introduced to Prince Albert, and is amenable to marrying him, but not any time soon When her uncle passes away, Victoria is finally able to assert some power to chose the people with whom she surrounds herself NOT Conroy, and eventually not even her mother , fall in love with Albert, and become the long reigning queen we know.Strengths Like all of Meyer s books, well researched This has the additional charm of drawing from Victoria s own journals, and hearing her voice I was much amused is great fun Enjoyed this tremendously.Weaknesses When I got to the end, I wished for a family tree there is one at the beginning that I missed upon opening the book Very helpful to consult. This author does a very credible job of writing YA books which tell a historical event In this book, Carolyn Meyer tells the story of young Victoria Destined to be queen by a happenstance of Uncles who either die early, or who have children, none of which are legitimate Shortly after her birth, Victoria s father dies, leaving her mother and a caretaker, Exceedingly dominating and controlling mother, Victoria leads a very sheltered life and Kensington palace Victoria is also controlled by Sir John Conroy, her mother s adviser Because she rarely sees King William and others, she is lonely, leading an exceedingly dull and empty life When she is placed on the throne, she feels the freedom of letting her mother know how much she disdains and resents her Sleeping all her life before she came to be Queen, the first announcement is to tell her mother that she will have her own room.Ruling England, Ireland and India, Victoria s 63 year reign is the longest of any female monarch in history Falling deeply in love with her German cousin Albert, their marriage is a happy one with nine children Unfortunately, when Albert died at a young age, Victoria was forever heart broken.This book focuses on Victoria s young life, and thus there is not a lot of text regarding her rule, her marriage and her long reign. Queen Victoria S Personal Journals Inform This Captivating First Person Account Of One Of History S Most Prominent Female LeadersQueen Victoria Most Certainly Left A Legacy Under Her Rule As The Longest Reigning Female Monarch In History, The British Empire Was Greatly Expanded And Significant Industrial, Cultural, Political, Scientific, And Military Changes Occurred Within The United Kingdom To Be A Young Woman In A Time When Few Other Females Held Positions Of Power Was To Lead In A Remarkable Age And Because Queen Victoria Kept Personal Journals, This Historical Novel From Award Winning Author Carolyn Meyer Shares Authentic Emotional Insight Along With Accurate Information, Weaving A True Story Of Intrigue And Romance I discovered this book totally by accident, but I m glad I did I have loved Meyer s other books of the early lives of princesses and queens, and I did enjoy this one.The book, written from Victoria s point of view, chronicles her life from a young age up to the first several years of her reign as queen At first, the writing style of using ALL CAPS and underlining things for emphasis was distracting and made the writing seem stilted, but in the author notes at the back it explains that this is how Victoria actually wrote in her real diary The only thing that was disappointing is there was no connecting story I understand this was based on her actual diaries, but there was no overall plot to get the reader absorbed into the story Instead, the book felt disconnected, and strangely I don t know Loose That said, it wasn t a bad book I always love seeing glimpses into people s lives, and this was a fun look into the fictional mind of a real person It was childish, at times, and there were other times when Victoria was utterly frustrating But it gives a fun perspective into the life of a woman everyone knew existed, but no one really knows.