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Watching and reading about the Royals is like indulging in chocolate It s decadent Most little girls dream of being a princess and growing up to meet, fall in love and marry their prince For Princess Louise, Queen Victoria s fourth daughter, she got one out of the three.A independent, headstrong young woman, Princess Louise was the wild child of the bunch and her mother was determined to curb her ways She married her off to a British subject, the Marquee of Lorne Did Louise love him No, nor did they have children, but The Wild Princess explores Princess Louise s life and how one American, Stephen Byrne, recruited for the Queen s Secret Service, keeps Louise s secrets and those of the crown.With vivid details of royal life and all it entails, Perry has obviously done her research It reads like you could be watching it through the window Her characters are well developed and the pages just fly by as this reviewer found herself immersed in the decadent and secret world of Princess Louise, later known as the Duchess of Argyll Fans of Phillippa Gregory will devour this novel and the forbidden love and secrets embedded in it s tome. First let me say, Historical Romance is not my preferred genre But after reading the synopsis for this book, I was intrigued I mean, who doesn t love a good scandal The descriptions in this book are very vivid You feel like you are walking through the scenes in this book The main character is a strong woman who stands for what she believes I am really glad I gave this book a chance The Wild Princess Transports Us Back To Victorian England And Plunges Us Into The Intrigues Of The Royal Court, Where The Impetuous Louise Brazenly Followed No One S Rules But Her Own Even Marrying A Commoner, Which No One Of Royal Blood Had Done In The Previous Three Centuries I love historical fiction, especially when they are done well I admit that I have a secret passion for historical romance that I don t often indulge in Why Who knows It just isn t something that I actively seek out for some reason, but I m so glad that I had a chance to review The Wild Princess by Mary Hart Perry Here s the synopsis on Goodreads The astronomical success of the historical novels of Phillipa Gregory and Christine Trent prove that readers simply can t get enough of the British royals and now Mary Hart Perry enters the fray with an exciting, deliciously sensual novel of Queen Victoria s wild child daughter, the Princess Louise The Wild Princess transports us back to Victorian England and plunges us into the intrigues of the royal court, where the impetuous Louise brazenly followed no one s rules but her own even marrying a commoner, which no one of royal blood had done in the previous three centuries Filled with rich period deal, The Wild Princess is an exciting, enthralling read The Tudors have gotten the lion s share of attention in historical fiction it s high time Queen Victoria and her family got their due.Now the only thing I would contradict about this synopsis is the title of historical fiction I think they need to include the word romance in there somewhere because if you are a reader thinking you are going to just read a straight story about Queen Victoria, you ll be upset This is really a historical romance and one that is very well done Based on the life of Princess Louise, The Wild Princess reveals a sweet character that has already seen than her fair share of trouble After surviving a terrible scandal, Louise longs for a happy marriage in the arms of her new husband, Lorne He s a handsome man and fits into her mother s idea of the perfect match Oh, did I forget to mention that her mom is the formidable, no nonsense Queen Victoria The problem is that even though Lorne is a good looking man with money of his own, he isn t exactly known for his relationships with women In fact, he doesn t have any romantic relationships with women Why Let s just say that he s a big supporter of Oscar Wilde So what s a girl to do when she discovers that her husband would rather be hanging out with the guys at his club Princess Louise throws herself into charity work and causes that support women s rights That is until she meets Stephen Byrne, a rugged American from Texas who is supposed to be helping track assassination attempts on her mother When she meets him, the sparks fly and we discover exactly why Louise has the title of the wild princess I liked the story a great deal The characters were fun and well developed, and the plot flowed so easily that it was hard to put the book down I loved the character of Louise and the mix of history in the story This is such an interesting time period, and the author really captured the look and feel of it There are some fun, if predictable plot twists, but to me, some of the best scenes were the ones where the two main characters got to consummate their passion Here s why typically, sex scenes in romances like this one are graphic and drawn out These scenes were intimate and detailed, but not over the top with a bunch of erotic mumbo jumbo I also kept wondering how the author would resolve the love story in the end After all, this is Victorian England Royals can get divorced all they want now thank you, Charles and Di , but back in the day, it was pretty taboo Unless, of course, you were Henry VIII and then all bets are off In short, the ending was satisfying and I felt like the story was complete Check out The Wild Princess It s a great summer read Victorian times are normally considered particularly prudish, a setback in the relaxed morals of the Age of Enlightenment But in The Wild Princess, Mary Hart Perry shows us the romantic, passionate side of the Victorian Era, in Princess Louise, Victoria s fourth child Louise is headstrong and independent, both traits that were not popular in female royalty at the time Victoria tries to tame her wild daughter by marrying her to the Marques of Lorne, the first time since 1515 that a royal had married a British subject Historically there has been much speculation about Louise s marriage to Lorne and why the couple never had children This book explores those reasons and also how Louise might have handled a potentially loveless marriage.The description in this book is so vivid and expansive I felt like I could actually see the beautiful clothes and exquisite furnishings of the time period Perry s historical facts are all spot on and she uses some of the innuendo and suppositions from historians of the present and writers of the time to flesh out the main characters and make them identifiable.But The Wild Princess is historical fiction, and with that license, the author is able to embellish on the story with her own characters, who although not present in actual history, serve to further the story by making the real characters approachable.I am in love with this book I think I will save my second read for a nice long soak in a bubble bath with a box of chocolates by my side and my third read for a day when I m not feeling well and I need something comfortable yet exciting to keep me company Mary Hart Perry is already writing the second book in the series, The Bashful Princess, about Prince Beatrice, Queen Victoria s youngest child I can t wait. The Wild Princess by Mary Hart PerryRelease Date July 31st, 2012Publisher William Morrow HarperCollins Page Count 414Source From the publisher, via Innovative Online Book Tours for reviewFour of the five daughters of England s Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were regal, genteel, and everything a princess should be But one was rebellious, scandalous, and untamed THIS IS HER STORY To the court and subjects of Queen Victoria, young Princess Louise later the Duchess of Argyll was the Wild One Proud and impetuous, she fought the constraints placed on her and her brothers and sisters, dreamed of becoming an artist, and broke with a three hundred year old tradition by marrying outside of the privileged circle of European royals Some said she wed for love Others whispered of a scandal covered up by the Crown It will take a handsome American, recruited by the queen s elite Secret Service, to discover the truth But even as Stephen Byrne code name the Raven vows to risk his life to protect the royal family from violent Irish radicals, he tempts Louise with a forbidden love that could prove just as dangerous In the vein of Philippa Gregory, Mary Hart Perry tells the riveting story of an extraordinary woman a princess who refused to give up on her dreams, including her right to true love.What Stephanie Thinks I am SO glad I didn t give up completely on historical fiction As you may know, historicals are generally my least favorite genre because to be frank, I often find them too detailed and too dull There are marvelous exceptions, of course, and The Wild Princess is one of them Mary Hart Perry s voice is lush and simply masterful She certainly knows how to weave a romance into historical context, alongside sizzling suspense and lingering mystery Louise is quite a character, both in the book and in Victorian England, and I think her delicious misconduct is beautifully portrayed She s the kind of princess I would want to be Not the prim and proper one who gets the throne and her mother s adoration, but the one who knows how to have fun, the one who learns from experiences rather than advice, the one who is shaped into the strong, na ve, but at the same time, incredibly worldly young woman she became This does come at the price of a reputation, a brisk air of notoriety Louise faces hushed whispers and blind accusations within English society But at least she is her own being at least she has herself In such an era and circumstance, I don t know what could have mattered And like all women who live up to insurmountable expectations, Louise has a rocky, and tremendously heartbreaking past The novel revolves around the Fenian terrorist threats upon the country in 1871 as well as Louise s golden wild days , five years prior Stephen Byrne, a bucking, irresistible non gentleman of a character, as a member of Her Royal Majesty s Secret Service, has the responsibility over the royal children against such attacks in the book s present day Except there s one problem he is irrevocably attracted to the young and feisty Princess Louise, and unfortunately, she is quite apt to his charms.The frisson between them is undeniable, and it is H O T Their witty exchanges leave me smiling and desperate to see consummate their love for each other I seriously loved the characters and their dialogue The Wild Princess tells the story of a tragic incident as well as a slow but sure recovery that is suspenseful til the very end and thrillingly scandalous and so very improper in all the right places I would have liked the romance aspect of Stephen and Louise s relationship to be a little stronger As steamy as their encounters are, there are only a few intimate scenes, and vague and lyrical descriptions, rather than arousing details Other than that, I commend Perry for penning such a poised, yet naughty, substantial, yet entertaining novel brimming with danger, scandal, and the journey of true love.Stephanie Loves One step forward was all he needed to wrap an arm around her waist and pull her hard up against his chest Her eyes flew wide She whimpered as his mouth came down over hers Unlike the other, this kiss was hard and hot and shockingly intimate.When he released her mouth, she felt dizzy, bewildered Perhaps her teasing had backfired Don t play games with me, Princess, Byrne warned, his voice abrasive with emotion she couldn t identify You won t like my rules I absolutely LOVE their chemistry It s witty and tender at the same time, not to mention hot hot hot Radical Rating 8 hearts Would recommend to lots of really good friends. How many of us have ever dreamed of being a part of the Royal Family I know I have How many hearts were broken when William married Kate last year and are still holding out hope for younger brother Harry Well this book is for all the admirers of the royal family The book chronicles the life of her husband Lorne Princess Louise was the daughter of Queen Victoria Although this book is about a real character the story that unfolds is one of pure fiction The book, called The Wild Princess is written by Mary Hart Perry It is a book about royal life, romance, and history entwined into a wonderfully delightful tale Here is a brief summary of the book To the court and subjects of Queen Victoria, young Princess Louise later the Duchess of Argyll was the Wild One Proud and impetu ous, she fought the constraints placed on her and her brothers and sisters, dreamed of becoming an artist, and broke with a three hundred year old tradition by marrying outside of the privileged circle of European royals Some said she wed for love Others whispered of a scandal covered up by the Crown It will take a handsome American, recruited by the queen s elite Secret Service, to discover the truth But even as Stephen Byrne code name the Raven vows to risk his life to protect the royal family from violent Irish radicals, he tempts Louise with a forbidden love that could prove just as dangerous In the vein of Philippa Gregory, Mary Hart Perry tells the riveting story of an extraordinary woman a princess who refused to give up on her dreams, including her right to true love.This book is amazing read You learn a little bit of history while being entertained It is an easy read that any reader of period novels would especially enjoy. I ve never read any historical fiction about Victoria or her daughters, so I had to give this book a shot, and I have to say, this is a must read Princess Louise is a historical figure that there is much speculation about.Like any good work of historical fiction, it made me want to learn about the lady in question She she was a royal ahead of her time She worked for women s causes and fraternized with the common folk, something that simply wasn t done She was a royal that was totally unconventional She attended art school and was actually an accomplished sculptor.But this book is about her marriage, which most believed to be a sham, because Lorne, the Duke Of Argyll didn t particularly care for the ladies Why they wed is a mystery Their wedding, which was lavish by any standards would suggest a love match, so would the fact that this was the first time since the 1500s that a member of the royal family wed a commoner.But there s to the book than merely a scandal surrounding her husband s sexuality Which at that time was illegal Louise wants to find her first lover, a model she met in art school, who mysteriously disappeared.I absolutely loved this book I was fascinated by Louise and felt bad for her childless state, but I was proud of her for doing what she wanted.This book paints a great picture of what Queen Victoria was like and how family life was for these royals This is a must read for all lovers of historical fiction 4.5 starsShe knew all about love that beautiful, exquisitely painful but precious journeyLet me just say that The Wild Princess was one of those books that s really hard to rate it s not amazing enough to earn that elusive 5 stars but it really doesn t have any negative points to fall back into the 4 star trap, know what I mean Overall, I d say The Wild Princess is a wonderfully entertaining quick read and I definitely recommend it to every reader out there Plot The novel is a fairly slow paced one, but it makes sense since much of it is romance The pace speeds up as needed though some parts especially the end are quick and really fun to read Princess Louise has had some indiscretions as a young girl which now makes her ineligible for a high marriage like her sisters She is married to a Lorne who turns out to be gay and has married her only to protect himself from the wrath of people who think men like him should be tortured and executed Louise is crestfallen she had been looking forward to having children with a loving husband, nevertheless, she agrees to keep his secret Starved for affection, she meets the handsome, dangerous looking secret agent the Queen has just employed from America and the story begins There are two main plots at once the romance between her and Stephen, as well as the numerous attacks being made on the Queen s family to get Ireland s independence There is one very unexpected twist in the story that you just have to read and enjoy.Characters The superb characterization is what really drives this novel Even the minor characters are given 3 dimensions they each have their own personalities and understandable motivations for their actions, whether good or bad Louise is everything you could want in a historical fiction protagonist beautiful, headstrong, flawed a rebel against the system Following the legend of Princess Louise s wild nature and the rumors of the circumstances around her marriage, Mary Hart Perry created this amazing character haunted by her past and stifled in the constraints of being royalty Her romantic interest, Stephen Byrne is super hot but also very intelligent and caring so awesome Lorne seemed to be the only one dimensional character every time he s mentioned, he talks about his fear of going to prison and so warns Louise off other men Come on Narration Tone The story is told through alternating POVs, most often from Louise and Stephen s point of view The author really used that to her advantage to fully elaborate on their feelings for each other when they re together and show what s happening with each while they re apart The vivid descriptions let you easily get lost in whatever s happening tension between Stephen and Louise, fights, or just another day at Louise s women s store Hard to believe this is Mary Hart Perry s debut novel, it s just so good World Since this is historical fiction, a review would be incomplete without describing the setting and customs of the time Princess Louise s personality is so unique at that time because she refuses conform to society s rules She isn t necessarily as wild ascurious And determined Most females were not spoken of in such terms during that period and that is what intrigued Stephen about her because he was an outsider too He was American and he refused to wear a gentleman s clothes or act gentlemanly since that wasn t who he was.Wow, I m rambling aren t I This book just brings that out in me Another reason why you should read this book Extra Thoughts that don t Deserve a Separate Category The Wild Princess is an engaging, quick read that has a strong main character and an imaginative plot It is based very loosely on the rumors of the real Louise s marriage and childhood indiscretions, but overall it s a fictional account as the author herself points out The historical aspects combined with the mystery, romance and suspense Perry has created makes for a very entertaining read It reminded me a lot of Their Eyes Were Watching God because it is about a woman way ahead of time, looking for love who finds three men, the third of whom is absolutely perfect for her This is the first of a planned series of 5 books each involving one of 5 daughter Queen Victoria had The second will be called The Bashful Princess and will be about Louise s younger sister, Beatrice.Here is Perry says about her next novel which I am already excited about For royal intrigue and Victorian romance, look for Princess Louise and Stephen Byrne when they return for guest roles in The Bashful Princess, by Mary Hart Perry, the next novel in the Novels of Queen Victoria s Daughters series Youngest of all of Victoria s children, Beatrice is destined to remain forever her mother s companion in her declining years, and if the queen gets her way, Bea will remain pure and never marry But attending a royal wedding on the Continent exposes shy Beatrice to temptation in the form of not one but two charming suitors Prince Henry of Battenberg one of four famously handsome brothers and a charismatic Highlander who claims to be the nephew of the recently deceased John Brown, favorite of the queen Will Beatrice remain meekly loyal to her mother, or fall in love and into a political trap meant to draw England into war Review Originally Posted at Bibliophilia, PleaseWhen I first discovered that Innovative Online Book Tours was doing a review tour for The Wild Princess, I jumped at the opportunity Historical fiction is one of my favorite alternatives to science fiction fantasy Philippa Gregory is one of my absolute favorite authors, so I could not get my hands on the book quickly enough The Wild Princess does not release until July 31st, so the copy I was provided with was an eARC That being said, there were barely any technical issues on the Writing The only thing I had a problem with was Princess Louise s name was often misspelled as Louse , but I am pretty sure something like that was caught before the finished copy was printed I did not see much symbolism or themes, and that was completely fine with me This book was nothing but a pleasure read, despite it being a review 4 5The World Weaving was pretty good for a historical romance I had no problem believing that Mary Hart Perry s interpretation of the British royal family behaved in the manner she described in The Wild Princess Stephen Byrne was a completely fictional character, but there were times that he felt real than Louise The supporting characters also lent much to the book John Brown was a real person, and I love that it gives a little wink to their relationship I know it is something Perry would have had to mention with the bit of controversy surrounding it, but it was thankfully not overwhelming As for the main character, Louise, I quite enjoyed how Perry portrayed her as a woman well ahead of her time, who was passionate and strong willed I read a lot of YA with female characters given much freedom and opportunity to be strong, but Louise was born into a gilded cage, and made her life her own in this novel The Civil War ammunition veterans who worked for the Fenians were my least favorite characters, but they were needed antagonists in the plotting of the story Louise s husband, Lorne, was also somewhat of an antagonist, but he was not evil or even unlikable for me Yes, he was not the man that Louise deserved, but that was how it went in arranged marriages Historically, Lorne and Louise s marriage is usually described as a love match , but Perry did not use that scenario at all I will not spoil it for you Victoria was also a bit of a villain when it came to Louise, but as a mother and a historian who understands the necessity of maintaining royal perfection, I did not begrudge any of her actions She was merely a mother who wanted to protect her daughter, her family s reputation, and the monarchy.The setting itself was enjoyable because it had Fenian plotting at every turn to create tension in the beautifully described royal opulence Louise s time spent in the common areas of London also seemed very real The scenes with the royal family traveling or on the parade route were some of my favorites, and I did not even care to check the historical accuracy of it That is usually one of the first things I check Did a royal take a bullet for Victoria or face death during another attack I don t know, but it was a lot of fun to imagine that she did 4.5 5The Pacing of the story was the one problem for me I enjoyed the story itself, but there were periods of time that I felt like nothing was happening The blame for this can be easily blamed on the fact that I ve read quite a few novels lately that are action packed, and it s been a while since I ve read an adult novel When all the pieces came together, I could not put the book down I suppose I was just impatient for Louise and Stephen to come to terms with what was happening around them Perry also made us aware of nearly every aspect of the plots against the royals, so there was not much suspense about what would happen only a question of when.There was a few flashbacks in the story that helped the characterization of Louise, which made The Wild Princess enjoyable for me Those were some of my favorite parts of the novel There was also a side plot point that involved one of Louise s school friends that I would have liked to seen wrapped up, but some questions have no answers 3 5My Attention Span would have been a lot shorter when it came to this book, and I would not have read it nearly as quickly if I had not read it during the Once Upon a Read a Thon I m glad that I pushed myself through it because it really was a lovely book However, there were outside forces at work here, so I don t feel I should offer a score based on this factor.The Extra Magic for me came from the story Perry created based on rumors and whispers from the Victorian era There is no historical evidence that some of the events in this book occurred, but it is a lovely to think that Victoria is spinning in her grave from the liberties taken with the royal family Louise was given a life I feel that she deserved, and I have no doubt that was the author s intention Every woman should have a great romance and fictitiously giving one to a princess whose life was never her own was a beautiful tribute to her life 4.5 5Overall, I found The Wild Princess to be a lovely example of historical romance I would be hesitant to compare it to the novels by Philippa Gregory except as a reference point personally, but that is merely because Mary Hart Perry has a style that is all her own I look forward to reading her future novels about the Victorian princesses.4 Stars To satisfy FTC guidelines, I am disclosing that I received the book for free through Innovative Online Book Tours in exchange for an honest review It has in no way affected the outcome All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.