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Philip Nolan swears that he never wants to hear of the United States again when on trial with Aaron Burr for conspiracy The court martial condemns him to live at sea where no news of his country will reach him So begins The Man Without a Country one of the stories included here

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    I wanted to read the title story because I’d heard of it over the years Turns out it’s mostly of interest for historic reasons Per Wikipedia it was written to support the cause of the North in the Civil War which explains the patriotic speech towards the end extolling the virtues and strengths of the Union For the casual reader today it’s kind of dry and there are many unfamiliar allusions and names The basic scenario of a man accused of treason and condemned to stay asea for the rest of his life and to never be allowed to hear or read about the US again is part proto “Twilight Zone” episode and part “be careful what you wish for” fableThe other stories go from mildly amusing satire what if a man had s doppelgänger to do all his tedious social duties for him to intellectual exercises extolling Christianity what if Homer met David —author of some of the Psalms or what might have happened when Nero met the apostle PaulTruth in reporting I did not read the last story because I felt I’d gotten out to of this book what I needed to

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    Mr Hale attended Harvard University beginning at age 13 and later wrote many short stories The Man Without a Country was written during the Civil War and stirred up patriotism for the Union's cause as it told the story of an army officer who says in court in a moment of anger that he wishes he'd never heard of the United States So his punishment is to be on a Navy ship for the rest of his life and to not be allowed to set foot on US soil or to hear about the USA for the rest of his life He of course intensely misses his country and regrets his rash act until the day he diesOf the other short stories the only one I really liked was My Double and How He Undid Me about a preacher who finds a poor man who looks just like himself so he hires the man to be his double The double attends all the boring meetings and parties that the preacher doesn't want to attend while the preacher relaxes at home Very fun storyIntereting quotesDear reader in a world made by a loving Father we are all of us children of good fortune if we only have wit enough to find it out as we stroll along p 181 in the Children of the PublicThere is an excellent fellowwho deserves well of the world till he dies and after because he once in a real exigency did the right thing in the right way at the right time as no other man could do it In the world's great football match the ball by chance found him loitering on the outside of the field he closed with it camped it charged it home not disturbed not frightened by his own success and breathless found himself a great manand he forges on hoping to meet the football somewhere again p 154 in My Double and How He Undid MeHale is also known for his wise sayings such as I am only one but I am one I cannot do everything but I can do something What I can do I ought to do and by the grace of God I shall do