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The hero of Ludwig Bemelmans' first novel is one Leonidas Erosa a South American general heavy with years and money residing in Biarritz with his retinue This includes a paragon of a cook no Bemelmans book would be complete without fine food an Indian to care for his dogs a fabulous secretary a mistress and the faithful English governess Miss Graves who carries her coffin with her when they travel This sportive party at the approach of war sets out for America Their adventures in Casablanca in New York and finally on the old hacienda in Ecuador are a saga of life love death and birth

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    It's lines like this that make me love Bemelmans His chest looked like a sofa ripped openAnd another bit of conversationThis weather said the Beauty makes me feel like spitting in someone's faceThe General said to the steward Bring Madame Lopez a face to spit in