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Out Of Their Minds And The Force Of Their Imagination, Men Have Created Countless Beings, From Demons And Monsters Of Legend To Comic Strip Characters What If Their World Were Real If Dragons, Devils And Don Quixote Hobnobbed With Dagwood Bumstead And Charlie Brown Such A World Would Have Its Facinationsd Its Dreadful Perils If It Existed Horton Smith Found Out That It Didd That He Was Right In The Middle Of It

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    Simak and his parallel world ideasQ I think that we are haunted, he had said, by all the fantasies, all the make believe, all the ogres that we have ever dreamed, dating from that day when the caveman squatted in the dark beside his fire and stared out into the blackness of the night which lay beyond the cave Imagining what might be out there Knowing, of course, what might be out there, for he would have been the one to know a hunter, a gatherer, a roamer of the wilderness c Q Why, I wondered, should a man so yearn toward his past, knowing even as he yearned that no autumn tree could flame as brightly as it had on a certain morning thirty years before, that the waters of the creek could not run as clear or cold or deep as he remembered them, that much, in fact, of what he did remember were experiences reserved for someone no than ten years old c Q There had been a hundred other places and convenient places I could have chosen places where there also would have been freedom from the clatter of the phone, where there d be no memos to be written, no deadlines to be met, no important persons one must know, no need of being continuously well informed and knowledgeable, no necessity of conforming to a complicated set of sophisticated folk customs A hundred other places where a man would have time to think and write, where he need not shave except when he wanted to, where sloppy clothes could be worn and no one would notice them, where one could be lazy if one wished, unconcerned if one wished, ignorant if one wished, where a person never needed to be clever and never needed to be witty and could deal in a comfortable sort of gossip that was entirely insignificant c Q

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    I think this was the first book I ever read by one of my favourite authors, so the fellow pictured on the cover alone knows how come I hadn t added it before now.

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    Horton Smith was after some peace and quiet so that he could write a book A place where he could have expected to find that was his boyhood home, the sleepy, isolated village of Pilot Knob What he didn t expect to happen when he arrived was to be chased by a Triceratops Escaping the dinosaur he seeks refuge and shares a meal and some moonshine whiskey with an elderly comic strip couple brought to life, then wakes up in a cave with a rattlesnake on his chest To say the least, there was something damn funny going on And that s just the start of his deadly yet decidedly wacky adventure, as Smith and his new found girlfriend are chased and harried by all manor of characters out of the collective imagination of mankind, from Disney, Don Quixote, to the very Devil himself.A typically quirky story from Simak, a tale where our old and trustworthy world had been jerked from beneath our feet, and the goblins and the ghouls were no longer something for mere chimney corner tales, but existed they were not illusions Very silly, very enjoyable.

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    Every creature and thing that mankind has ever imagined exists in some way in the present There are werewolves and cartoon characters, witches and Civil War soldiers, unicorns and the Devil himself And they are no longer imaginary if you are shot through the heart by an archer from fantasy, you are truly dead.Horton Smith is a nationally known radio and television reporter who wants to take time to relax, fish, and write a book He returns to the rural town in which he spent his childhood Unusual things start happening as he approaches the town He comes across a triceratops, spends the night with folks who he eventually realizes are the comic strip characters Snuffy and Loweezy although Simak has the name as Lowizey Smith, and awakens in a pit of rattlesnakes He begins to suspect that something odd is going on.In the course of the book, Horton meets and falls in love with the small town school teacher and they travel together toward Washington, DC, where Horton thinks there are people with whom he can discuss the situation The trip is not smooth.Horton encounters all manner of evil and deadly beings and a few good and kind ones Simak regrettably misses his chance to have Horton meet his namesake, Dr Seuss s Horton the beneficent elephant.I think that the logic of the story is a little shaky Werewolves, sea monsters, and folks from literature and comic strips may belong in this milieu Simak sort of explains how the Civil War soldiers exist as well But the triceratops and the rattlesnakes don t seem to fit, unless the point is that everything that ever existed or could exist can now appear.The ending is just silly, but then, the concept itself is silly It is also fun This is not Simak at his best, but I like it.

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    I love Simak s SF but not so much his fantasy This story seemed to work too hard to make some not very interesting observations There was none of the magical feeling you get from good fantasy If it was suppose to be satirical it didn t accomplish that either.

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    as with the other clifford d simak books i ve read, the ideas behind the story are simply ingenious strokes of miracle on the page, they are the ideas that you ve almost thought of, but never fully realized only understanding this when confronted with a book like out of their minds in out of your minds, simak is playing with the idea that man s own imagination is rebelling against him, that we ve created beings as we imagined them, from our fears and whimsies, our comic strips, and bumps in the night, and one day they all rebel and retaliate horton smith is the protagonist not a lot is revealed about him, and that plays into the final act of the book, explains why he is a the centre of the maelstrom so here s the thing, the ideas are great, and it s really fun, but i have trouble following simak s plot pacing choices we spend a lot of time hanging out at a cave at the beginning, and by the end, i feel like he s rushing things a little it doesn t help matters that i read john d mcdonald s novel Planet of the Dreamerswhich handles similar ideas right afterward reading this, and out of their minds suffers in comparison, though i would say john d s ending is rushed as well i will read clifford d simak but i think i have to start reading his popular ones now.

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    I ve read a lot of Simak s stuff, but this was the first fantasy of his that I ve read The plot toys with the idea that the characters of our imagination could be forced to exist by our belief, so the hero encounters the Devil, werewolves, Don Quixote and others The idea is interesting but it wasn t pulled off well The plot took too long to get going, spending the first quarter or so indulging in the love of old country life that is evident in a lot of Simak s work although often used to much better effect and the end was far too rushed and completely anti climactic.

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    Very fun book to read.

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    Fictional characters come to life Another strange one by Simak.