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    5 Words Swashbuckling adventure Love, danger, life.I always find it so difficult to review my favourite books I just can t put my feelings into words It s particularly hard when I have read that book so many times over the past decade that the pages are falling out and the cover s peeling off, because by now my love for the book has no reason, it just is.Pirates is such an adventure It has so many twists and turns and shocks and some really sweet and poignant moments It s a book that sets my heart racing, it s a book that has such a vivid world that I am lost to real life when I read it It s dramatic and thought provoking.Every time I read this book, I get out of it than before It s one of those books that I itch to read at least once a year and turn to when life s just getting too much It s a safety blanket make of pure escapism.This book is wonderfully written, in a quirky style I love the journey that Nancy takes, both physically and as a person.It s a book I can see clear as day when I close my eyes It would make an amazing film or mini series.Now that I m kind of finished gushing for now I urge you to get out and grab a copy of this book and get stuck in.

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    I know that this is supposed to be a fun little book, and I think the audience might be aimed at younger ages, but in the end, it felt inconsistent on so many levels that I was just left feeling confused and or disappointed, depending upon the chapter.For one, Rees seems to have done a good amount of research for this book, yet I felt that she wasted it every time she turned a blind eye to conventions of the day I don t care how accurately you can describe various ships if you don t also think that the impressive suntan one would get from working in the sun everyday in the Caribbean for months will be a problem once a lady tries to dress up pretty and mingle with society And don t even get me started on the pacing If the historical inconsistencies left me disappointed, the strangely anti climactic resolutions to all the dramatic moments just left me scratching my head The worst of Rees crimes of inconsistency, though, was the juxtaposition of some pretty grisly scenes, all things considered, with the rosy view of pirate life, where all men are decent except when riled up by a few bad apples and their apparently magically demonic musical instruments As for the love story, I m just thankful it wasn t a major component Boy and girl grow up together and naturally fall in love Boy 16 leaves girl 12 for the sea Over the next 8ish years, they see each other, oh, let s do the math for fun.2 hours talking in a stable6 hours ball in Bath1 hour girl is prisoner on boy s ship____9 hours Yet we leave girl as she goes off to look for the only man she will ever marry The only reason either of them are still so faithful is because they haven t managed a whole day together since they were pre pubescent.Happily leaving the ship.

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    Although I haven t read much pirate themed fiction, I find the premise interesting so I ve had my eye on this historical novel ever since the BC library where I work acquired it It definitely didn t disappoint Set mostly in the early 1720s, with some stage setting in the years leading up to those, this action packed tale follows the life and adventures of first person narrator Nancy Kington b ca 1704 , the daughter of a Bristol merchant, who finds herself packed off to the family s plantation in Jamaica at the age of 15, and is subsequently led by circumstances to voluntarily sign articles on a pirate ship.Pirates, of course, are sea going robbers by definition, they forcibly steal other people s property for their own profit Obviously, they re off of the ethical strait and narrow path, and in shady moral territory The piratical profession most naturally appeals to brutal and self serving types who don t have any particular moral sense or empathy with their fellow humans Some may be brutal and selfish than others and some spectacularly evil and sadistic types may find the pirate life an opportunity to gratify their propensities Like Robert Louis Stevenson before her, British writer Rees gives full recognition to that reality To a greater extent than Stevenson, though, she recognizes that there can be a range of nuanced moral qualities among pirates, with not all of them quite fitting that model especially in a time and place where patriarchy and male chauvinism, legalized slavery, and institutionalized inequality and injustice greatly constrict many people s lives and choices, and might render the right side of the law as morally dicey as life under the Jolly Roger That s not unlike the situation in the Old West, or in medieval Europe, where outlaws might sometimes be decent people pushed outside the law by others using the system for their own gain Personally, I think that pirates who aren t brutal and selfish as such, and who do have a strong moral sense and a concern for others, can be interesting characters in the ways they navigate the shades of grey that their position necessarily entails and that s true of our heroine here Yes, a lady who happens to be a pirate can be an honorable and admirable heroine This is fiction in the Romantic tradition that is, fiction that seeks primarily to evoke strong emotional responses from the reader, sometimes enhanced, as they are here, by extreme situations and exotic settings The Romantic aim is fully fulfilled here I was taken captive by this pirate right away, turned the pages as fast as I could at every opportunity, and experienced a wealth of complex emotions throughout the story It s not, however, a romance novel in the Harlequin sense though it has clean romance as one strand of the plot, which I appreciated and it doesn t romanticize things like piracy, slavery, and the grim realities of ocean going life in the 18th century It s also fiction with serious food for thought, as well as rousing adventure, and a very moving portrait of cross racial friendship Like most modern Romantic fiction, though, it borrows Realist techniques, with a concern for verisimilitude and historical accuracy In common with some other authors, Rees used the contemporary nonfiction A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pyrates, which she and some others attribute to Daniel Defoe, as a key source Nancy s narrative voice is engaging and quick flowing, with a slightly archaic flavor in word choices and diction for realism, but is much easier to read than an actual 18th century narrative would have been Born in 1949, former schoolteacher Rees is an accomplished novelist, the author of some 19 books, and a History major she actually had a double major, but History was one Her publishers market her books to the YA age group and the BC library put this one in the Juvenile section on that account , in this case probably encouraged by the fact that Nancy and her friend and fellow pirate Miranda are in their teens Bad language of the d word sort is present but relatively restrained, rape or attempted rape and prostitution are part of their world but not portrayed in great detail, and while there are some very violent and grisly moments, Rees doesn t wallow in them The content here, IMO, wouldn t be harmful to a healthy teen and I could see plenty of teen readers of both sexes eating it up with a spoon and asking for But it could just as easily have been marketed as an adult novel there isn t anything stereotypically juvenile or kiddish about it Teens in Nancy and Miranda s day were expected to grow up quickly, and our gals here definitely did they have far in common, in their capacities and general attitudes, with today s adult women than they do with typical modern teens This particular edition of the book has a moderately interesting interview with the author originally published in a Michigan newspaper , and a few pages of discussion questions and activities, aimed at younger readers, that could be used for common reads in a book club or classroom At the time it was published, the novel garnered a number of prestigious accolades from the likes of the American Library Assn., the International Reading Assn., etc For once, I think it deserved every critical recognition it got and I don t often agree with the critical community You may wish me luck, or curse me for a damnable pirate, Nancy writes near the close of her account This reader opted for the first choice, without apology

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    4.5 stars but I m rounding it up to 5 for this scene alone That s why he beat you Yes But ain t nothing you can do, Miss Nancy Best not to interfere Don t need to make trouble for yourself You be married soon Her voice faltered Her gaze flickered away as if she could no longer look at me.I left her staring at the steady flame of the candle I still wore the pistol, stuck in my sash, and I almost smiled as I felt the carved wooden grip snug in my hand Nothing I could do How many people had told me that Well, now we would see WHO RUN THE WORLD

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    Someone commented that the writing was weird and confusing I don t find it confusing at all I will admit listening to it on audio book might help with that, as I did the first time around But this time I read it We have the story of a girl who wants to be rebellious in a world that sees her a currency for land and wealth She lives innocently and oblivious to the schemes of the men around her until one day she takes action against a man trying to hurt her best friend They run away and become pirates to escape their lives on Jamaica Someone also commented that she didn t grow as a character but that also isn t true She went from being a girl who did what she was told and went where she was told to standing for what she believes in, in her own weird for her time way She thinks of others before herself in a different way now as well This story was breathtaking I was riveted and couldn t put it down until I was done Yes there were parts like in any other book that you think wow can we move on, but it s nothing than a paragraph that I felt like this and not very often It is juvenile fiction but the story should captivate anyone and doesn t read as simple as most juvenile fiction.Read August 2005, May 2012

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    A young adult novel that I read exclusively because the teens in my book group had a serious hard on for the Pirates of the Carribean movies It s a good story that seems backgrounded well with research, and it s a quick read about two teenage girls one an English heiress, the other her slave who become pirates It doesn t gloss over what a pirate s life entailed, but it refuses to linger on the unsavory aspects of it, choosing to go a light hearted route Considering that Rees main goal is to entertain and capitalize on the current pop culture hunger for all things of a piratical nature , that s fair enough You can t take a book with an exclamation point in the title too seriously anyway.

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    This book is about two young women who choose to become pirates during desperate times in their lives This book was just as good as With Child and think it s great for young teens to go on a great adventure.I can t wait to get my hands on other books by Celia Rees, such as Savoy another pirate book.Although I think I may be a little to old for these books I still think they re great, as said by the 5 stars I gave above.

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    So glad I reread this I highly recommend if you want to read a pirate story.

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    Although I was fully prepared to like this book, I love seafaring stories , the book didn t hold up to my expectations fixed high by the likes of London, Stevenson, Jacques and Luke There is a wealth of potential, with good characters and conflicts, exotic settings, and a sense of historically accurate details, but the narration is slow with full details of events that bring little interest, and skimming quickly over the most important climactic action The reading is easy, but it is too clean cut The protagonists face danger after danger, but there is never a sense of risk The reader is allowed to take for granted that no character of importance will be harmed Almost every detail in the long train of events is impossibly contrived, so that there is no real excitement The underlying drama that drives the story is the romance between Nancy and her lover William, but in the end this storyline takes a backseat, and is never concluded In the beginning, I noticed a strong resemblance to The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by avi, but avi s story was complex, with greater risk, elevated danger, and plot twists Pirates was predictable and unalterably safe not what I expect or want from such a title So if perilous adventure on the high seas be what ye desire, put down Pirates and take up instead the pages of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, The Sea Wolf, Treasure Island, The Pearls of Lutra, or heck, even Benito Cereno Any one of these will be better reading, and challenging for the mind I know Benito Cereno is a difficult read, but it has twists and suspense in its few pages than Pirates can shake a stick at But whatever it lacked in excitement, it made up for in success Those pirates got loot with less trouble and in less time than any I ve ever heard of

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    Nancy Kingdon is the daughter of a rich merchant When her father s fleet is lost in a terrible storm, he makes a bargain with a man known as The Brazilian Nancy is unaware that her father has promised her hand in marriage to this man in exchange for gold When her father dies suddenly, her brothers send her to her father s plantation in Jamaica She lives there for a time, unaware that she will soon be presented to The Brazilian, who lives on a neighboring plantation Nancy and her house slave, Minerva, become fast friends When Nancy s fate becomes clear to her, she runs away and Minerva joins her The two girls fall in with a band of pirates, dress as men, join the crew, and set off on the adventure of a lifetime.Reaction I ve always loved pirates and thoroughly enjoyed this tale of female pirates on the high seas The story is set at the beginning of the 18th century and Rees does a good job of illustrating the historical backdrop The reader learns something of the rum and slave trade of that time period as well as interesting pirate facts Some of the story borders on the unbelievable, but what good pirate yarn doesn t Also, this is a nice title for female young adult readers who don t want to leave the swashbuckling all to the guys.