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When The Spring Came The People What Was Left Of Them Moved Back By The Old Paths From The Sea But This Year Strange Things Were Happening, Terrifying Things That Had Never Happened Before Inexplicable Sounds And Smells New, Unimaginable Creatures Half Glimpsed Through The Leaves What The People Didn T, And Perhaps Never Would, Know, Was That The Day Of Their People Was Already OverFrom The Author Of Lord Of The Flies, The Inheritors Is A Startling Recreation Of The Lost World Of The Neanderthals, And A Frightening Vision Of The Beginning Of A New Age

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    Reading this I have a sense of journeying into the author s interior life, in a steamboat, chugging upstream The jungle closes in around us and fog descends on the water Cut the engine This is the Heart of Darkness The author s cry is short the horror, the horror.Golding was working as a teacher when he wrote Lord of the Flies and this is his second novel, which deals with a group of Neanderthals encountering a group of the sophisticated Cro Magnons Working as teacher and dealing with schoolboys provided all the inspiration and material he needed for the two novels Thinking of them, I have a picture of a troubled man waist, then shoulder, deep in boys, only a slender cane to prevent the broiling mass of savagery from boiling over That savagery, however, was within him The fiction sprung from his head, fully formed and armed, not those of his pupils, who with their satchels and shining morning faces, unwilling crept to school.His first two books work together with The Inheritors reinforcing the point made by Lord of the Flies It is not simply that modern people are horrible they always were so, not just as children but even in prehistory We observe Golding s ancestors who will inherit the earth They lie, they are violent, they do and make strange things contrary to the natural order Their teeth remember the wolf They can harbour murderous intent against each other It is the Neanderthals who provide an optimistic picture of what humans might have been.The artistry of this novel is that, with the exception of the very end of the book, it is written from the point of view of the Neanderthals Golding seeks to take us in to the mind of one of them, Lok, perhaps the dimmest of the group The use of language has to be understandable but alien, unmodern Just as the story is set in England that is not yet England, but still Eden so too the language has to take us back before the Fall.Here are some examples that I ll set aside in spoiler text for the benefit of anyone who wishes to read this novel and find its surprises for themselves view spoiler Golding seeks to present what is explicable to us from the point of view of someone who has never who has never experience the like of them before, here our view point character is shot at Suddenly Lok understood that the man was holding the stick to him but neither he nor Lok could reach across the river He would have laughed if it were not for the echo of the screaming in his head The stick began to grow shorter at both ends Then it shot out to full length again.The dead tree by Lok s ear acquired a voice Clop His ears twitched and he turned to the tree By his face there had grown a twig p96here he is drunk The fall was roaring in the clearing, inside Lok s head The trees were moving faster He sprang to his feet and found that the ground was a perilous as a log He struck at a tree as it came past to keep it still and then he was lying on his back with the sky spinning over him p192 hide spoiler

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    I read this twice in close succession I read it, then I read it again The two readings were necessary, and not because William Golding failed in any way, but because his novel, The Inheritors welcomes so much failure from his readers I don t say this lightly I taught this for the first time this year, and it was beyond my first year university students The Inheritors challenges It challenges readers to work hard It challenges readers to pay attention It challenges readers to empathize It challenges readers to think about themselves and humanity It challenges readers to consider other ways of seeing the world It challenges readers to question the things they hold true It challenges readers to look in the mirror It challenges readers to actually read The Inheritors is a damning criticism of us and what makes us us It is an attack on the civilizing drive of humans and a call to consider the wreckage we left behind and continue to create Mostly it is a scream into a vaccuum that swallows all sound, reminding me of my favourite contemporary authors, like ki hope, who can imagine others that the rest of us wouldn t even remember let alone imagine It reminds me how much I miss the people or that person that voice such important messages The Inheritors is a difficult read But a necessary one for anyone who cares about life and living.

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    William Golding has a very low opinion of the homo sapiens He has made it clear in Lord of the Flies, where a group of boys stranded on an island after a plane crash very soon revert to savagery In this book, Golding makes another damning accusation we are the dominant and successful species because of our savagery.The book is written from the POV of the Neanderthals, a species of hominids who disappeared from prehistory as humanity advanced triumphantly Even though we still do not know the reasons for their disappearance fully, Golding is pretty sure they were wiped out by the murderous homo sapiens In this book, we see these peaceful race ruthlessly subjugated and then wiped out by the stronger species.What Golding does through this narrative is not provide a plausible reason for the disappearance of the Neanderthals what he does is to hold a mirror up and force one to look inside oneself, on what makes one human And what the reader sees is not pleasant.

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    Mal was strong and find much food But Mal die He sleep in belly of Oa now.Ha is strong but Ha fall in water Oh no Ha not like water Lok is strong but Lok stupid Lok not make good mind pictures.Lok look for Ha and smell other man Who is other man Doug not care.Doug bored.Doug give up.

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    The Inheritors is a rare attempt to portray the human race from the outside looking in told from the point of view of a group of Neanderthals having their first, fatal, encounter with this new and dangerously clever species.As a palaeontological study this book may not be strictly accurate or even fully convincing, but as a prose experiment it s frankly astonishing and exactly the sort of thing top level novelists should be trying to do The efforts to give us a sense of how life was lived for a primitive sub species can be very moving The extended family unit in the book has a basic language, a sense of common purpose which borders on the telepathic, and an ability so nearly like thinking as Golding puts it at one point to form mental pictures of possible consequences and communicate them to others.We know, of course, that Neanderthals didn t last, and Golding makes the most of this in built pathos from the very start The people are painted as a peaceful group, whose primitive, quasi religious beliefs mean they are reluctant to kill other animals Their encounter with Homo sapiens will show them that other creatures have no such qualms Golding s moral that humans attained their prominence only because they were unusually destructive can be argued with, but is no less powerful when dramatised like this.Actually, let me turn that around and say Golding s moral may be powerful, but it can still be argued with The book has been rightly praised for its unflinching assessment of the human character, but to make his point he has to ignore those facts that go against it It s probably disingenuous to portray the Neanderthals as nature loving folk who abhor murder what makes humans destructive is not a qualitative difference with other animals, but an intelligence which allows us to be cruel on a much larger scale.And further that intelligence also allows us to go beyond animal instinct, which means that as well as increased cruelty there is also sympathy What bothers me is not the book s argument, which is brilliantly made, but rather a response to the book which assumes that this is the whole story.Lok s final death cry will stay with you, and so will the melancholy thoughts of one of the humans, who sails away wondering futilely, Who would sharpen a point against the darkness of the world People who want to look at our species through rose tinted glasses need these reminders But equally, those who want to see us as purely cruel and instinctive are taking Golding s message without remembering the crucial point that his species is able to write a book at all, and willing at least to try to inhabit the thoughts and feelings of others This novel is a dark and wonderful thesis, but its existence holds the clue to its own counter argument.

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    The story of the gentle, mostly vegetarian Neanderthal tribe that is all but obliterated in a meeting with wandering Homo sapiens Told almost entirely from the viewpoint of Lok, a slightly dim Neanderthal with many words and no pictures, it s an interesting story and a sad one.But the power of the tale is softened considerably by Golding s laborious, descriptive prose At times I found it very hard to understand what was going on, as the Homo sapiens activities drinking wine, portaging boats, arguing were described in Lok s terms at length, with little clarity Discounting those passages, the novel was a good one, capped off quite amazingly with two narrative voices First we see Lok as a hairy creature, an it, and then finally we hear the story from the view of one of the humans, who, it turns out, are as scared and confused as the Neanderthals, whom they consider fierce devils A skillful comment on how far humans have come from a natural state of innocence, acceptance and wonder.

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    Golding is a wonderful writer and this is a tremendously thought provoking work It has something to tell us about the fall of man and the loss of innocence Golding imagines the great forests at the crossover point for Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens It is deeply tragic and quite shockingly violent We see the world from the Neanderthals point of view they are in many ways like us but lack our imagination, clarity of thought, adaptability and most sadly our greed and brutality This is not an easy book to read as it is written as if we are looking at the world from the Neanderthal perspective and with a less analytical mind A masterpiece.

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    I am in awe of this book, Golding s craft, and his work in general I have also read Lord of the Flies and Darkness Visible The writing itself, whatever one thinks of the plot, is transcendent I am impressed by what must have been prodigious research on Golding s part to gain insight in the world of the Neanderthals, about whose specific reality modern man can only speculate Whatever the Neanderthals lacked in intellectual capability, they than made up for in their ability to use their senses, especially that of smell As well as their possible telekinetic activity, which would have been unencumbered by advanced intellectual processes Golding s Neanderthals have an intuitive grasp of their world that is lacking in the modern human on the other hand, the Neanderthals also live wholly at the mercy of Oa Mother Earth The innocence of the Neanderthals is endearing, the new people Homo sapiens are dangerous and menacing I felt compassion for the Neanderthals, and contempt for the new people The emotion that binds both species together is fear IE Homo sapiens refer to the Neanderthals as devils Fa tells Lok that the new people are frightened of the air.The prose within The Inheritors is highly poetic Golding paints an intricate portrait of a primeval landscape, such as our planet will probably never experience again this description in itself adds to the atmosphere of suspense the author creates in this novel It is not just that landscape in itself that is impressionable, but also how it is perceived by the Neanderthals and their mind dream pictures IE the heightened colors seen by Lok during his hangover from the honey drink Golding shrouds his worlds in mystery to create a background of heightened effect, which becomes an integral part of the story Richard Wagner used a similar technique by employing the orchestra as an additional voice in Der Ring des Nibelungen One of the major themes of this book focuses on the evolution of innocence into corruption a problem that unfortunately still exists in humans today Another theme is that of the Machiavellian nature of mankind as a whole, specifically in how that behaviour was starting to evolve in Golding s portrait of Homo sapiens I actually think this work is engaging than the commercially accessible LOTF and certainly so than the experimental yet inconsistent Darkness Visible Golding is a recent discovery of mine, and I am looking forward to reading of his work.

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    This might sound silly, but this small book of simple language confounded me The story is told, not just by a Neanderthal, but by the dumbest Neanderthal in the book His struggle to comprehend the changing world around him and to pin down the advanced technology of modern humans with concepts he could understand made parts of this story completely baffling He sees boats as logs and paddles as leaves and representations of things as the real things they represent It s a testament to Golding s brilliance that he could stage a whole book this way This is definitely something I m going to have to read a second time and maybe then I can give it a better rating.

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    Tough read especially early on There were times when I thought quitting would save me from some stress, but I read a few reviews, got my bearings and remembered why I wanted to read this in the first place I ll spare the synopses, I m sure you ve read them all before.Give this one room to breathe Take your time There s some hidden beauty here, buried in the density of the prose Be careful to reread when you have the instinct to as well I found I could have easily missed some critical plot points had I failed to recognize that I had started to day dream instead of read.Finally, take your time to admire how the story is told and the beauty of some of the language Who would sharpen a point against the darkness of the world