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Still working on my series reread as the Netflix S2 episodes come out I don t think this is my favourite book but it s also one I love the aesthetic of the most If that counts as, um, a legitimate comment Shhh let me live But the Baudelaire s end up in jail and there are crows everywhere and Hector s self sustaining hot air balloon Although I can t actually imagine never coming down Because there s only so many times you can reread a book, c mon Hector, don t you want new releases Also Hector is a frustrating guardian, but I also feel really bad for him He s socially anxious poor guy.Notable things so I reread the first 6 books obsessively as a kid because I had them on audiobut not this one so I remembered NOTHING and it was a nice flit down memory lane SUNNY LEARNED TO WALK AND KLAUS TURNED 13 brb my babies are growing up and I have emotions how is it even possible for these children to be so unlucky why should they have to do chores for the whole village who is educating these children how will they go to uni one day also 10 10 for the fact that Hector ACTUALLY FEEDS THEM because I think they ate salmon in book 6 and that s it they will not grow if they do not eat obviously the biggest drawback of reread childhood favourite books when you re in your 20s is that now you wish to protect the children instead of wanting them to continue their adventures the village is vile because crows carry disease the fact the Baudelaire s are always still polite even when everyone is horrible proves they are 100 x better people than me The Vile Village is where the whole VFD thing really starts to take off and the original formula of a new guardian followed by Olaaf turning up in a new disguise starts fraying.The village is quite fun, replete with dozens of vile villagers, hundreds of ridiculous rules, and thousands upon thousands of crows.The off beat humour continues with Sunny s one worders and their elaborate translation, and the extreme stupidity of everyone who isn t a Baudelaire.The penalty for breaking almost any village law is to be burned at the stake which seems pretty gruesome in a children s story And we come pretty close to seeing it carried out.Perhaps though this story is most memorable for the WORST INVENTION EVER Violet s inventing skills are put to the test when the children need to break out of a jail cell The solution is to pour water from a jug along a bench and onto the wall where it weakens the mortar between the bricks The water is then mopped up with bread, the bread is squeezed over the jug, the process is repeated and it works.The Quagmires are back again The Baudelaires hunt for them in a book spanning plot that makes no sense at all, involving clues sent by the Quagmires And they re eventually found in a location that, at the risk of repeating myself, MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL In fact, very little of this book makes any sense But, Celyn enjoyed me reading it to her, and it s an OK book, little better or worse than its mid series predecessors Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes I didn t like this one as much The kids are sent to a vile village to live It was filled with weirdos and crows And of course Count Olaf, I m beginning to think he has a tracking device on them And the mystery of the Quagmire Triplets grows I am legally obligated to begin every review of my reread of these books with the following sentiment I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH.It is a legal obligation of my own construction, because I do love these books and cherish them with everything I have in my cold dead heart, but also Also this wasn t my FAVORITE of the series Which really, if you think about it A book in my favorite series that isn t necessarily my favorite of the series still pretty good Not the end of the world or anything.Maybe the fact that I was slumping so hard that even a children s book in a world I adore took me 5 days to read has something to do with it.Or or, or, or maybe this book just feels kind of sloppier than the others WHICH DON T GET ME WRONG even sloppy Lemony Snicket isprecise than literally anyone writing YA fantasy in the last hundred thousand years You know Because the genre of YA fantasy has definitely been around since the beginning of time Maybe both.Or maybe I just love to complain even when it comes to my FAVORITE SERIES OF ALL TIME.Bottom line I hate myself. The Vile Village Unfortunate Events 7 , Lemony SnicketThe Vile Village is the seventh novel in the children s book series A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket the pen name of American author Daniel Handler , which consists of 13 children s novels that follow the turbulent lives of Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire after their parents death The children are placed in the custody of their distant cousin uncle Count Olaf, who attempts to steal their inheritance After the Baudelaires are removed from his care by their parents estate executor, Mr Poe, Olaf begins to doggedly hunt the children down, bringing about the serial slaughter and demise of a multitude of characters.In The Vile Village First Published 2001, Publisher HarperCollins , the Baudelaire orphans are taken into the care of a whole village, only to find lots of rules and chores, evil seniors, as well Count Olaf and his evil girlfriend lurking nearby 2011 1384 194 1386 200 1386 194 9789647948746 1388 21 1384 214 7 9648557004 1389 253 9789645364005 9789645361646 Here at the halfway point of the series, the author is finally droppinghints and clues about what seems to be a rather large conspiracy against the Baudelaire orphans, the Quagmire orphans, and I gather orphans everywhere who have large fortunes to be acquired The search for the Quagmire triplets in The Ersatz Elevator ended with a literal red herring, but The Vile Village is almost entirely red herring, as the children are sent to become the wards of a village known only by the mysterious letters V.F.D Having chased the meaning of these letters since the end of the fifth book, the orphans believe they re close to an answer Though answers are not necessarily forthcoming, the new clues continue to be tantalizing, a word which here means something that increases your enjoyment of the series in spite of the figurative red herrings EDIT I m somewhat surprised that this little review has so many likes I have so many better reviews Dear Reader,You Have Undoubtedly Picked Up This Book By Mistake, So Please Put It Down Nobody In Their Right Mind Would Read This Particular Book About The Lives Of Violet, Klaus, And Sunny Baudelaire On Purpose, Because Each Dismal Moment Of Their Stay In The Village Of VFD Has Been Faithfully And Dreadfully Recorded In These Pages I Can Think Of No Single Reason Why Anyone Would Want To Open A Book Containing Such Unpleasant Matters As Migrating Crows, An Angry Mob, A Newspaper Headline, The Arrest Of Innocent People, The Deluxe Cell, And Some Very Strange Hats It Is My Solemn And Sacred Occupation To Research Each Detail Of The Baudelaire Children S Lives And Write Them All Down, But You May Prefer To Do Some Other Solemn And Sacred Thing, Such As Reading Another Book InsteadWith All Due Respect, Lemony Snicket For Beatrice When we were together I felt breathless Now you are.For their seventh misadventure, the Baudelaire orphans are sent to a creepy village, completely covered with crows, and full of impossible, vile rules against inventing, reading, and biting How are they ever going to escape yet another, inevitable, encounter with the horrible count Olaf if they can t put their best abilities to use I enjoyed this adventure so much I love when the orphans meet actually decent adults, even if they end up not being able to help them for one reason or another and I love how the main mystery behind the whole series is slowly unraveling throughout the books now I can t wait to read the next one There is no way of knowing for sure whether or not you can trust someone, for the simple reason that circumstances change all of the time I don t really have a lot to say about this book It was ok, there were some cute parts I like that the book always has some spot on satire about society and adults especially This book did push the series along a bit but I m getting tired of the formula with these books Orphans go to terrible place, all the adults are horrible human beings, the orphans are forced to do insane things for the adults, one adult is always nice but useless and in the end they escape but just barely I did think this one had a couple of moments that were a bit darker, which I always appreciate but overall I pushed to get through it It s a very fast read though I read it in like an hour or two I would still recommend it because the series is fun and if you have a child then this would probably be a hit. It was nice to dive back into this series after taking a little break from it This book is definitely one of the stranger ones in the series in my eyes Something about a village adopting children and the crows mixed together was incredibly creepy But that doesn t mean I enjoyed this book any less, in fact I think it made me enjoy itAs the series goes on, the books really becomeintricate and mature and I find that s particularly prominent in this one