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    It has been a surprising, thrilling and enjoyable journey through this book. I really like the exchange of ideas and arguments of the two authors, and especially the conversational format of the book.

    What is it about? In short, mental health of individuals, families, organizations and societies. But I think I learned more from the detailed discussions than the main points. The book covers how we think about and deal with family members, neighbors, colleagues, friends and ourselves, with tons of advocative examples analyzed from different points of view and cultures.

    The central concept of the book is (mental) "health," applied to individuals and groups. The effect of any guiding principle or life lesson is determined by the level of health. The authors discuss the characteristics of health in various group settings, then finally advise how health can be improve.

    As I reflected on my own family and work, I have to painfully concede that the authors are quite correct. I realize a lot of room for me to learn and improve, thanks to this very helpful book.

    Note that the conversational format of the book is very entertaining to read, but may be hard to follow for some readers, as there is no clear outlines.

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    I was going to write a lot about this book, but I'm going to simply say that you should read it. Just do it. You'll never see humanity, or issues in your own life, in quite the same way.

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    Funny and packed with insight

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    Life and how to survive it.

    "It has all been most interesting."
    ~ Mary Wortley Montagu, English traveler (21 August 1762), last words

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    An exceptional book. Changed my life solidly for the better. Please read.

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    Absolutely amazing. I cannot recommend this book too highly. The generalized insights on human psyches and relationships are unlike anything I've ever seen anywhere else.

    The authors start by discussing the characteristics of exceptionally healthy families and spend the rest of the book expanding widely and thoroughly in all directions. They talk about what it's like for individuals, families, companies, and societies to be mentally and emotionally healthy, unhealthy, or somewhere in the middle and about the forces that makes them healthier, less healthy, or keep them at the status quo.

    The format is taken from the Socratic dialogues, a long-running conversation between the authors. Their close friendship and Cleese's comedy background (he was a co-founder of Monty Python's Flying Circus) keeps the tone very light and casual. But the content is still very dense. it is not a quick read.

    If you read it I am rather confident it will make your life considerably better.

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    A book that takes some thought, delving into research about what makes the 'healthiest' people, families, organisations and countries. It's written as a conversation between John Cleese and the late Robin Skynner (his therapist) with a few moments of humour. It makes for an enjoyable read but the depth of the concepts isn't always immediately obvious.

    The sections on 'religion' were rather revealing, despite some facets not tying in with Christian belief. A surprising emphasis is given to Jesus' words, considering that it's basically a secular book.

    It's taken me almost a year to re-read it as the dialogue format doesn't lead to skimming or reading a lot at one sitting. But although the concepts were not, this time around, new to me, I thought it well worth revisiting them.

    Definitely recommended.

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    Written after 1 year of reading:
    The book is in the form of a written conversation, which makes it very easy to read.
    The book contains a lot of statistical information resulting from academic or other studies and Robin and John talk about what they mean. It is very interesting to read how these two clever people translate the outcome of these studies in everyday language. I think that this book should be read every once in a while. It is not at all like a self improvement do-this do-that kind of a book - but the scientific studies and explanations implicitly makes you feel like you want to change a few things about yourself.

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    This is he kind of book that, when you read it, you'll feel cobwebs being swept out of the corners of your unconscious. It's one of those books that is good to have around the house so that you can dip into it now and again depending on what you're confronting in your life.

    It's sequel, Families and How to Survive them (which I'm rereading at the moment), is just as good.

    I would like to know, though, how discredited or dated the counselling and psychiatric communties would regard its prognoses - particularly the way it rationalises homosexuality.

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    Can't give it anything other than 5 stars. I studied Psychology in college but this book took it all and made it relevant to my life. Thoroughly enjoyable and well-presented. Despite it's dialog format, you don't get the feeling that the book is scripted (though it must be) and it doesn't go off on all these tangents as a normal conversation would - it has all the logical build up of a proper non-fiction book. A must read.