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Aboard The Vociferous Carmichael, Puppeteer John Chandagnac Is Sailing Toward Jamaica To Claim His Stolen Birthright From An Unscrupulous Uncle, When The Vessel Is Captured By Pirates Offered A Choice By Captain Phil Davies To Join Their Seafaring Band Or Die, Chandagnac Assumes The Name John Shandy And A New Life As A Brigand But Than Swashbuckling Sea Battles And Fabulous Plunder Await The Novice Buccaneer On The Roiling Caribbean Waters For Treachery And Powerful Vodun Sorcery Are Coins Of The Realm In This Dark New World And For The Love Of Beautiful, Magically Imperiled Beth Hurwood, Shandy Will Set Sail On Even Stranger Tides, Following The Savage, Ghost Infested Pirate King, Blackbeard, And A Motley Crew Of The Living And The Dead To The Cursed Nightmare Banks Of The Fabled Fountain Of Youth

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    On the menu tonight ON STRANGER TIDES Amuse BoucheThis treasured bit of savory Pirate en Papillote will tantalize your taste buds a choice cut of ole pirate lore and Caribbean history, spiced with traditional Creole seasonings, and glazed with a stringent sea salt reduction to further whet the appetite Ahoy, diners, prepare yourself for a repast that is simultaneously light and fulfilling AppetizerA tossed salad of varied delights for the historian, we include historical greens as served during the actual time period on display vignettes that are easily verified by a cursory search on Wikipedia for the robust straight male, a hearty helping of derring do, swordplay, vengeance, machismo, and chivalry for those of the faggy persuasion, we offer constant shirtlessness and the promise of much nocturnal shipmate camaraderie Unfortunately for the gentler sex, this multi course meal does not include the usual sampling of kick ass female pirate although this flavor is present sparingly , we instead offer a blander side of helpless Rescue Me Please Our regrets to our lady diners.Entr eAlthough the classic pirate bouillabaisse is often over spiced to confusion, our delightful offering has been stripped down to allow the diner to discerningly inspect and consume the essence of each ingredient the pure hero a straightforward poached scallop the pure heroine a handful of simple white rice the spicy villains a vivid combination of Haitian crawfish, robust Andouille sausage, and most surprisingly, the traditionally bland English haddock, which we have flash fried with some may say sorcerous spices, hitherto untasted by English gentry Prepare your senses to be born again, and again, as each spoonful allows the diner to imagine how they may return to taste and re taste this classic dish Some have said that this meal inspires the rare individual to attempt to conquer Death, if only to return to this meal, forever and again On this topic, our lips are sealed and our flavor profiles shall remain sacrosanct DessertFor our last dish, we offer you this stunning and dramatic plate a half mad English sorcerer, reliving his days as a happily married man, furiously fucking the sand as he once again fulfills his wedding night duties, as all around him turn aside, aghast Wine PairingThe vintage Tim Powers is a truly unique palate cleanser it takes traditional historical figures and places them within the realm of the supernatural, all the while remaining true to their documented history This fine wine takes the known and boldly combines it with the unknown a marvelous feat

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    THE SHANDY METHOD Become the YOU you ve always wanted to be in just 6 short months You want to work MAGIC You can do it You want to become a MASTER SWORDSMAN You can do it You want to CAPTAIN your own ship You can do it You want to be a MASTER OF SEAMANSHIP You can do it You want to cook Bouillabaisse like a FIVE STAR CHEF You can do it Just follow Jack Shandy s patented TEN STEP PIRATE PROGRAM and you too can be a master of your own destiny.Act now and you will learn STEP ONE How to kill everyone who offends your sensibilities YOU VE GOT NOTHING TO LOSE STEP TWO How to change your unpronounceable name to something catchy CHICKS DIG IT STEP THREE How to drink your face off for three months and turn it into training NO BETTER WAY TO INSTILL CONFIDENCE IN YOUR FRIENDS FAMILY STEP FOUR How to always keep hoping BELIEVE IT EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT IN THE END STEP FIVE How to selfishly use all those around you NEVER FEAR YOU LL BE A RIGHTEOUS PIRATE STEPS SIX through TEN are only available through our special, limited time offer. FREE PAMPHLET Order today and receive your introduction to the The Shandy Method absolutely free Just send your 5.00 dollar cheque or money order for shipping and handling, and you will be the Pirate you ve always wanted to be.Chandagnac Enterprises3 Hillside Ave.Summerside, PEC1N 4H3 obligatory disclaimer the jack shandy method only works if you have spent your life as a professional puppeteer any failure to approach this method without the proper life experience is the sole responsibility of the customer, and Chandagnac Enterprises cannot be held responsible for any side effects suffered by aforementioned customer side effects may include loss of appetite, ghostly possession, alcoholism, dismemberment, incarceration or loss of life.

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    I liked this one a lot better than The Anubis Gates For one thing it has pirates and battles at sea, voodoo monsters and that vegetal Thing from the Florida marshes, animated skeletons and rum bottles, a damzel in distress and a sultry temptress If it sounds like the last episode of the Pirates of the Carribean francise, that s because On Stranger Tides is the source material for the movie Frankly, I prefer the book to the movie, even without Johnny Depp.Among the things I learned from this book the term buccaneer comes from buccan a wooden grid used over a fire to smoke fish or meat Apparently the pirates were originally gypsy rovers, hopping from island to island and living free from the bounty of sea and soil, until the spanish authorities tried to get rid of them and drove them to illegal practices never to eat a chicken that has writing on its beak a true man drinks his rum only after he pours gunpowder over it and sets the liquid aflameJohn or Francois Chandagnac is the main character an accountant and former puppeteer, sailing from England to Jamaica in search of a stolen inheritance When his ship is attacked by pirates he is given a choice between joining them and loosing his life Living among these outcasts his whole outlook in life is changed as he learns the tricks of the trade and had to do battle with both natural and supernatural foes.The book has well rendered action sequences and relies quite heavily on magic inspired both from the voodoo practices of the Carribean and from the legends of the Fountain of Youth and of Ponce de Leon Edward Teach, alias Blackbeard, is another major character in the story, with a bevy of other names found in historical records Jim Davies, Ann Bonny, Jack Shandy edit for spelling 2016

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    If you are as nerdy about movies as you clearly are about books if you are visiting this here book website, you probably recognize On Stranger Tides as the name of the fourth film in the Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Belabored Franchise Subtitle series This is wholly appropriate After all, you can t read the book these days without thinking of the movie trilogy extended cash grab saga Both are about pirates, natch Both are set in the south seas Both combine seafaring lore and zombies, one dull taste and one stale taste that somehow still taste great together.In fact, I d wager POTC actually does quite a disservice to On Stranger Tides as a novel, since even though the book was published around 15 years before the writers of the movies appropriated all of its ideas named it as an inspiration, Tim Powers work can t help but feel a little uninspired these days And it s a shame, because it was never a huge success, even though aside from being original, at the time, probably, it apes the film franchise in another significant way, which is that you really enjoy about the first third and then the plot starts getting really complicated and difficult to follow and by the end you re basically reading voodoo action sequences with only a vague idea of what is happening.Unfortunately, the book stars Captain Jack Shandy instead of Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow And while Movie Jack is boozy and entertaining and carries the movie along even when you d otherwise be super bored at lame Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly s skeleton very realistic creature, that , Book Jack is just boozy not funny, not compelling, barely a character In fact, all of On Stranger Tides would probably work a lot better if it was funnier Because let s face it pirates Hilarious Especially when you are listening to Bronson Pinchot narrate an audiobook like it s Talk Like a Pirate Day.So it s probably fortunate that On Stranger Tides was optioned for the fourth movie in the series, because Powers will finally get the payday he deserves for clearly inspiring the whole supernatural take on the genre in the first place, and the story will benefit from a dose of the films tiresome trademarked humor And it already doesn t make any sense, which saves the screenwriters a whole bunch of time.

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    On Stranger Tides may be the best audiobook I ve listened to so far Bronson Pinchot s narration brought this story to life in a way that my brain never could have if I had read it it print He performed it rather than read it and the result was the most fun I ve ever had listening to a book.For a long time, the rumor mill has been saying that On Stranger Tides is to be the basis for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie While I was listening to this book, I looked on IMDB and found that the next Pirates movie will indeed have this title It also shares a lot of the plot elements Having listened to this book, it s not surprising that Disney is using it for the next Pirates movie Written in 1988, it predates the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie by 15 years It is so much like that successful movie franchise that it wouldn t surprise me at all if the creators had a group read of this novel On Stranger Tides blends pirates, voodoo, a damsel in distress, and the Fountain of Youth into a rollicking good story It s got a really good creepiness factor that made it a perfect pre Halloween listen The gruesome parts aren t any gruesome that what has already been in those Disney movies I highly recommend this as an audiobook I won t even suggest trying to read this in print Even for those of you who don t normally listen to audiobooks, give this a shot It s absolutely wonderful and may just get you hooked on audio.

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    My theory is this when Disney decided to make a movie out of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, some imagineer was assigned to read a bunch of stuff about pirates and figure out a story for it And that poor lil imagineer stumbled across this gem and was like, WHOA Not just the movie On Stranger Tides comes from this, but the whole franchise owes a LOT to this book I only wish it hadn t been so short I feel like much of it was rushed and that it could have been much longer or even a series.

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    Ahoy mates No, I didn t look here for Jack Sparrow Nor Johnny Depp This book caught my attention with promise of meeting Baron Samedi And you can t say no to Baron just because you re not into pirate stories So I picked it up and started turning pages and I wasn t disappointed I really liked it, surprisingly, even though I didn t get to meet the Baron, at least not the way I imagined.The pirates were their usual drinking, cursing, fighting and robbing bastards Pretty much all you can expect of them and what you d get in any other pirate tale What I loved and found really interesting was magic of the New World, wild and untamed The way Powers describes magic makes you actually believe in its existence It s everywhere in air and soil, and especially sea water, and on the fingertips of any decent pirate Or not just pirate It s in every drop of blood And the blood runs free here, which surely isn t unexpected.I especially liked the part about the trip to Erebus Not to mention all those ghosts, loas and voodoo charms and curses And zombies Although I don t have a particularly warm feelings for these guys in general, they have their place here It s a light and fun read and a must read for fans of Pirates Of The Caribbean.

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    4.0 to 4.5 stars This is an excellent book and one that I could easily see myself giving 5 stars to if I had been in the mood for a slightly leisurely pace The writing is superb, the plot is complex and intelligent and the magical elements are really uniquely done and very interesting I especially enjoyed the discussion near the end of the book of WHY magic has disappeared from the European continent These kinds of details always add to the richness of the narrative In brief, the story takes place in the 18th century and centers around John Chandagnac aka Jack Shandy who has booked passage to the New world to avenge himself against his Uncle who he blames for his Father s death There is another important plot thread involving a brillint scientist who has become unhinged by the death of his wife Combine those two plot threads with pirates including the legendary Blackbeard , voodoo magic, the Fountain of Youth, zombies and some excellent, excellent writing by Tim Powers and you have a superb novel I mentioned above the pacing as the reason I did not give this 5 stars and I want to say one thing about that I do not think the pacing was poorly done or was an inherent flaw This comment was based on my particular mood when reading the book and I should probably have waited for a different time to read the book Some of my favorite books Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell being a great example have a very leisurely pace and I absolutely loved them It just goes to show that mood matters when you are reading Nominee Locus Award for Best Fantasy NovelNominee World Fantasy Award for Best Novel

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    With a damsel in distress, pirates and pirate ships, voodoo, magic, ghosts, the Fountain of Youth, swashbuckling sword fights, puppet theater, cannons, prisoners, games of wits, Blackbeard, and zombies with all of these elements, a book like this has got to be fun And it is a bunch of really fun characters, fast moving plot, humorous twists in the story line, all help to make this an enjoyable read.Actually, I did not read this book I listened to the audiobook Bronson Pinchot does an excellent narration, giving each character a unique sound My only complaint is with the sound engineering The sound level is very weak, and some characters are barely audible Blackstone Audio should do better.

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    I give this book 3.5 star.From a perspective, this is a unique book for me I have never read a pirate fiction, or naval adventure fiction before, or voodoo based magic I admit I am still confused with the ship terms, which means i could not imagine a complete picture when reading about a scene on a ship Regardless of the trivial details of the setting, I could follow the storyline.But from other perspective, this book is so standard with stereotype plot formula The first and second chapter is good for introductions, but I believe many readers could read predict some details will be important to make surprises at the end of the book.Then the story development is a bit predictable at middle part of the book Even with surprises of the voodoo magic and fantastic realms, the middle part up to 3 4 of the book is just passable 2 star for me After reading a lot of stories with good character development this year, I found many of the characters of this book feel flat, but I can tolerate it because this novel only has 322 pages The last quarter of the book saves this story I don t know if it is intentional or not, but the border between 3rd and 4th quarter is on chapter 23, which I praised so much on the comment I can say that I satisfied with the climax and ending.I cannot help myself comparing this book with The Anubis Gates for the writing style and the magic rules I won t spoil , but unfortunately TAG has superior plot with the time travel twists.In summary, it is a good novel, but definitely not the Tim Power s best.