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Short Description Peter Blood, An Irish Physician And Soldier In England In TheS, Is Wrongly Convicted Of Treason And Sentenced To Indentured Slavery In The Caribbean He Escapes And Becomes The Most Feared Pirate Captain On The Spanish Main, But All The Glory Of His Adventures Cannot Help Him, For The Woman He Loves Cannot Love A Thief And Pirate Even When He Destroys England S Enemies, Even At His Most Triumphantbut Wait What S That Long Description Peter Blood, An Irish Physician And Former Soldier Is Happily Settled, In TheS, As The Doctor In An English Town, When The Rebellion Of The Duke Of Monmouth Catches Him By Accident He Saves A Man S Life, As A Doctor Must Try To Do, But The Man Is A Rebel And The Hanging Judge Jeffreys Sentences Him To Ten Years As An Indentured Slave In The Caribbean Colonies Once There, His Knowledge As A Physician Is Recognized, And Thus He Meets And Falls In Love With The Daughter Of The Man Who Own His Servitude Not Likely To Be A Successful Love Story A Spanish Ship Attacks The Town, And While The Spaniards Celebrate Their Victory He Boldly Steals Their Ship, And He And His Fellow Convicts Sail Off To Become The Boldest And Most Fearless Of Pirates Among The Islands And On The Spanish Main But All The Glory Of His Adventures Cannot Help Him, For The Woman He Loves Cannot Love A Thief And Pirate Even When He Destroys England S Enemies, Even At His Most Triumphantbut Wait Is That The Classic Novel Of Adventure And Romance, And One Of Sabatini S Best

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    9 10Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini is a riveting swashbuckling adventure novel which is very vivid in its depiction of pirates and their life at sea It is not only a tale of misfortune, betrayal, treachery, and deceit but also of love, courage, allegiance, and friendship Captain Blood is the protagonist of the novel He is a great man a just man, with honor and integrity Blood was a medical man by vocation who eventually, under desperate circumstances, turned into a pirate that too a gentleman pirate Peter Blood was his full name when he used to practice his medical profession But a misfortune fell upon him one day he was arrested for treason against King of England He was tried in the court and was sentenced to hang till death But Blood s fate was better than this due to some lucky circumstances he was sent to Barbados as a slave along with hundred rebel convicts It was here when he met Arabella his love But again circumstances takes a swift course and he is forced to escape from Barbados I don t want to spoil the plot, but it is from here he goes to Tortuga the safe haven, an island, for the escaped rebel convicts and pirates And from Tortuga start the the great adventures of the Captain Blood, which in no time makes him the greatest and the most famous Pirate or rather a gentleman pirate who has ever sailed the seas Highly recommended

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    Old School, feel good, swashbuckling derring do, performed with style and panache, and featuring a larger than lifer whose battle savvy and intrepidity are matched only by his integrity, his keen intellect, and his imperturbable grace Captain Peter Bloodis the MANand the myth, and the legend, and the whole kit and caboodle, and he deserves VIP seating within the inner sanctum of literature s most memorable heroic characters.No wonder Errol Flynn became a star playing this singular figure He s everything the hero should be, and this novel is adventure as it was born to be done If you haven t read this, do so If you have read this, may I suggest a re read along while listening to the superb narration of Simon Vance, who performs the audio version to perfection PLOT SUMMARY Set in the 17th century, during the reign of James II, Peter Blood, Irish physician and former solider, is wrongfully convicted of treason for providing medical attention to a rebel combatant Kangaroo courted and sold into slavery, Blood quickly finds himself in Barbados as the property of the malicious Colonel Bishop From there follows hardshipsinjusticesangerseeds of romanceescapespiracybattles and strategy and tacticsblossoming romancebetrayalsbootyrevenge battlesfriendshipcourage battles and betrayalsa reckoningand a final comeuppance that will have you whooping and fist pumping THOUGHTS I loved it and sprained my jaw from excess grinning at the pure joy wafting off the pages The writing is polished and absorbing and very clever Foregoing any hint of pretension or the use of overly ornate language, Sabatini simply goes about telling his story, and he tells it with skill, with wit, and with an eloquence at which you can not help but be impressed The man s storytelling is fluid and flawless In addition, the story itself is so wonderfully deployed The plotting is intricate and nuanced, yet remains inclusive and engaging throughout True, Sabatini s characters are somewhat married to their roles of white hats and black hats, but this is hardly a cause for criticism in this kind of tale, and even in this regard, there are moments of shading where splotches of gray appear And, of course, there is Captain Peter Blood An attention captivating, envy inducing, singular aggregation of that which is cool Sabatini never angers or disappoints the reader with Blood s decisions or actions Blood never plays the patsy simply because he s the good guy, he never makes you question his honor, he never makes you feel a twinge of uncertainty at the rightness of his cause He is the consummate hero 4.5 stars HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION P.S A big thank you to Richard for insisting that I read this, and hammering the order home by rudely sending me a copy Well played, sir, you win this round.

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    Blood Blood Blood Captain Blood , the fiercest pirate since Blackbeard But Blackbeard was real and Bl never mind After helping a wounded rebel in England , in 1685, a bad decision always, when on the losing side, however the future buccaneer was a dedicated medical practitioner, he will learn Physician Peter Blood, an Irishman narrowly escapes hanging, when captured, treated very harshly, though Eventually sent to the British West Indies instead, as a slave on the island of Barbados, dead men can t make money for the Crown Peter was spotted by Arabella, the exquisite niece of the sugar plantation owner Colonel Bishop, who bought him and the games begin Not liking the work, he leaves without permission , not a grateful man , with a group of friends, I must admit no gentlemen in the whole set Before you know it, Blood becomes a pirate of the Caribbean, the legendary sea thieves celebrated by some nations and despised by others All depended on the flags of the ships attacked, no Spanish vessel is safe from these bands of marauders Making their base in Tortuga a French island off the coast of Haiti and protected by them, for a share of the plunder The Frenchmen look the other way, quite lucrative bargain indeed, for a few killings High adventures on the Caribbean waters follows as the ambitious captain, modeled after the notorious to same and brave, patriotic, noble to others Captain Henry Morgan, like many books about sea raiders Magnificent scenes of ships battling, the action exciting and the gruesome carnage unending, both on land and sea, the conflict brutal under the warm tropical sununtil the conclusion You are there experiencing it, hearing the sounds of cannons roaring, the smoke hiding the damage, feel the masts crumbling, hitting the decks as the screaming sailors succumbWhen his enemy the evil King James the Second is overthrown later, in the Glorious Revolution of 1688, the brilliant Peter, rather good at his new profession, can go back home with Arabella, the lady is reluctant and needs a lot of persuasion if only he can locate the buried treasure Dig , dig, dig CaptainThe Italian Rafael Sabatini was the best writer of pirate tales ever, many authors tried the genre but none could top the gifted man, his novel a classic in this, is proof of that undeniable fact, he had an unique talent, love of the sea, and fun doing them, it showed.

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    One bright day of the seventeenth century a former soldier turned physician Peter Blood was minding his own business taking care of his flowers Those days very bored people entertained themselves by organizing yet another rebellion and one such swept across the small English town where our hero settled down Peter Blood did his best to stay away from the troubles and almost but not quite succeed The rebellion was suppressed and now the victors got to punish the losers Thanks to the King s need for cheap labor force in the Caribbean Peter Blood and some other unlucky people went straight there as slaves instead of gallows What is the first thing that comes to mind if we think seventeenth century and Caribbean at the same time Unicorns and rainbows No Cute kittens No Pirates aplenty, that is what This is a classic pirate book, make no mistake about it While some might argue Robert Louis Stevenson s Treasure Island is the classic pirate tale, this one most definitely holds the second spot Unlike Treasure Island it has everything you can ask from this kind of story naval battles, desk melees, hidden treasure, storming of heavily armed sea forts, defense of said forts, romance, and everything else you can think of Are you unsure about the difference between a pirate and a buccaneer Read the book and find out This novel did and still does influence everything related to pirates in all art forms, especially noble romantic pirate image While the following guy is not exactly noble and romantic, I am sure Johnny Depp had this story in mind when he portrayed Jack Sparrow as you can see some similarities I mentioned that the main character of the tale comes out as mostly good guy, but he still has enough shades of gray to look fairly realistic His development makes up one of the greatest parts of the book The actual rating would be closer to 4 stars than 5, but I still remember the impression the book made on me when I read in during my teens Hint my parents literally had to force me away from it So I upgrade the rating to 5 stars considering its nostalgia factor This book is a classic of genre even if a little forgotten now.

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    I have read this book so long ago that I nearly forgot some events in it and to my joy, I was reminded about this great book while stalking awesome updates of excellent pirate captain Craig and wonderful pirate lady Dawn Thank you This book was a great find after the torture in Black Company and I fell into a nice BR with Craig What attracted me some years ago and gave me pleasant moments in the reread, is that the story is written in old fashioned English and the pace of action is just fabulous Alongside with beautifully written descriptions of people, nature and sea battles, it s a great read Characters Remembering my first read of this book, I know I was stunned a bit as starting the book I imagined that I ll be thrown into the harsh sea battle times from the very start and instead I found a kind and calm gentleman, smoking a pipe and tending his flowers, who enjoys his life as a simple doc I know that back then I checked the blurb at the back of the book a couple of times, to see if I m still to have some piraty read But Life can be infernally complex 17th century, injustice, war, slavery that are the core factors to make life complex to anyone But this calm gentleman gets his share of various adventures, too Experiencing all the struggle and making his new life aboard his ship, the Arabella, he remains true to himself, especially in doing the right things, protecting the innocent and helping others Sometimes for too much as He s chivalrous to the point of idiocy That leads me to conclusion that Captain Blood is quite a predictable story about a great hero gentleman as justice wins after all I view it as an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time I m not a great fan of romance, especially old fashioned dragging one, so I had a couple eye rolling moments when reading the passages about the eternal love This led me to another trouble I found in Captain Blood A strong kick ass heroine I admit, Miss A is a strong female, she has great character features indeed, but what annoyed me a bit is that despite playing an important role in the story, she has only a couple of scenes for her personality to bloom I d have wanted her to kick some ass, make some plotting with unexpected twists But I know that this book was written quite a long time ago, when kick ass heroines weren t very widely incorporated into books Narrative Choosing a playdate with Captain Blood you ll experience grand piracy, scheming, fab sea battles, near misses and some old fashioned love There s def a tasty treasure, a gulp of politics and a dash of romance for you in store in this fast paced fun adventure Mr Sabatini really knows how to command words An intelligent observation of the facts of human existence will reveal to shallow minded folk who sneer at the use of coincidence in the arts of fiction and drama that life itself is little than a series of coincidences Open the history of the past at whatsoever page you will, and there you shall find coincidence at work bringing about events that the merest chance might have averted Indeed, coincidence may be defined as the very tool used by Fate to shape the destinies of men and nations To sum up, I can put Rafael Sabatini books with such masters of adventure like Alexandre Dumas and Robert Louis Stevenson I admit this author present the story in his own, different way but his sea adventures and awesome pirates are definitely worth a playdate.P.S I just loved and laughed hard when I met one character, it was a short acquaintance but really fun one You said you vould show us zome vine dings Vhere are dese vine dings

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    Many of you who ve read some of my reviews know that there is another Sabatini book that is a long time favorite of mine But while this one isn t my top all time favorite it s still excellentwell, it s Sabatini of course.Rafael Sabatini is one of the great adventure writers of all time though it s not all he wrote, it s what we re discussing here While the sea genre and the pirate genre in particular isn t one I routinely seek out there are books of this type I like immensely For instance I m a huge fan of C S Forester s Horatio Hornblower books Here we re discussing Captain Blood, possibly the premier pirate novel The book was not at the time it was first written Sabatini s most popular though it did ride the success he was currently enjoying having been popular in Europe for a while and then being discovered by Americans The book is today possibly his best known work largely because of the 1935 Movie staring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland justly by the way This is one of those rare occasions when the movie comes close to doing the book justice The book is better, but the movie is good It follows the general story only collapsing one main plot point for time Today the movie still shows up regularly on Turner Classic Movies and is available to buy.I think it s fair here to say that I can t recommend this book too highly It s a good story told with a fairly solid historical background If you ve read Sabatini before you ll see some of the plot devices he likes to use, misunderstanding, judgmentalism backfiringdaring do.Really this book has, Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles okay no giants per se and no obvious miracles, but there are people murdered by pirates From the word go when Peter Blood is taken and wrongly condemned to the very final climax of the book it doesn t often slow down to take a breath You get to know the characters and the book is driven by both them and it s plot Peter may be a bit of an over achiever in the storybut hey doesn t the world need some over achievers So grab those flintlocks, strap on your sword, rapier or cutlas and pull on those swash top boots Time to open this book and be part of high adventure Enjoy.

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    This is definitely a book to read if a reader likes pirate swashbuckling novels The setting, characters, scenes, and dialogue took me back to the 17th century in a time of political turmoil and wild seas and locales where the wars between countries play out in a very personal matter And Peter Blood, the main character is one that claims your affection and doesn t let go I sometimes find reading on the Kindle a chore, but with this story, I got so sucked in, that before I knew it, it was ending And I had a smile on my face as I read the last sentence.Captain Blood is not a predictable read, at least for me I literally didn t know what was going to happen from one scene to the next I loved reading about Peter rely on his wits and face each obstacle with courage and determination, always working towards the end goal, even when it didn t seem in sight He is a charismatic character who kept me captivated, through his quick thinking, and his powerful manner of expressing himself Although Captain Blood is a pirate, he is very much a man of honor, for his profession He is, in my opinion, the preferred antihero One who doesn t let go of his sense of honor, even if it doesn t necessarily follow the established rules And because of that, I rooted for him.The one part that didn t sit right with me as I read, was how a distinction was made between Peter Blood and the English captives sold into slavery and the negro slaves As though they were too good to be slaves when the negroes weren t I realize that it was the ideas of race at the time, but that doesn t make it right Slavery to me is wrong, period It doesn t make it wrong when the enslaved is a white man versus a black man I wouldn t presume to call the author a racist I think he was painting a realistic picture for the times, and I can t fault him for it I personally find the idea of racial superiority offensive, and it can slap me in the face even in the context of a historical work Overall it was a pebble in my shoe as I read, but not so much I couldn t read the book Otherwise, I enjoyed this novel I ve always had a yen for pirate stories, and it s great to go back and read a classic in the genre Rafael Sabatini is an author who writes this type of story well, so I ll be back to read of his books.

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    oh heavens i dislike admitting that am not 100% cynical about things, that life will all its ignominy and disappointments, vacillations and cupidity has not yet extinguished my ability to dream of freedom and unfettered joy, that there might still be a heart under all this bravado but there it is, that little squeak that i cannot suppress oh, captain blood how you have undone me captain peter blood is a little wild he loves the poetry of horace he s sharp witted, and impudent a cunning strategist he cuts a fine figure in black clothes and flashing eyes he has the misfortune to lose his liberty for doing the right thing, and his heart to the niece of the reprehensible man ostensibly made his owner, a woman never wooed because she was too companionable and frank with men he stands by his word and turns himself inside out to protect the men who serve under him and the woman he loves to satisfy his unattainable lady s ideas of honour, he tries to give up the pirate life that was the only option left him, only to find that men pursuing outwardly honourable professions are in fact privateers in sheep s clothing he is surrounded by hot heads, morons, and avaricious s.o.b.s who somehow have the world in the palms of their hands and try as he might, he sees no way to escape his sorry fate he decides to give up and get really stinking drunk but then it all changes on a dime, as fate is wont to do, and he gets a chance to turn it all around view spoiler and he gets his happy ending, and for a moment i forget all the heartbreak and pain and loneliness because my heart is so full for him hide spoiler

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    This review is written to satisfy a group read in the Action Adventure Aficionados discussion group.http www.goodreads.com topic show 8The format fits the suggested format for discussion of this book It may not be what you expect then again, if you read my reviews, you might like it better 1 Plot Storyline Setting was the historical flavor authentic The plot was sophisticated than I had expected The timeline was complicated than expected to the point where Sabotini felt the need to come in and defend the way things turned out in his story because it involved a good deal of chance and luck I haven t checked the history the history books to see how closely it followed actual events but I had the feeling that it followed actual events accurately than most Rollins or Cussler books There were parallels made by the author to Henry Morgan and even a case where Pitt, Sabotini s narrator, claims some things that had been attributed in the history books to Morgan, were actually Blood s exploits There were plenty of pirating adventures and misadventures Blood and his crew were creative and interestingon the other hand, this was also a love story, wrapped in an action adventure tale of pirates and privateers The love story was sweet, joined with humor and a pleasant part of the story It had echoes of Cyrano D Bergerac, as our noble hero resigned himself to a loveless life if only his true love could be happy with another, safer man Without the love story, this would have, one, been a lot shorter, and, two, the story would not have been nearly as interesting view spoiler Warrior turned Doctor falsely accused of insurrection becomes slave then pirate and last governor representing the crown this book is a fairy tale with a fairy tale ending told with a very realistic, believable narration and the smell of gun smoke and a taste of sea salt hide spoiler

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    The physician Peter Blood is unjustly arrested for treason under unfortunate circumstances, and sold into slavery in Barbados In the beginning of the book, before the trial, he doesn t even take sides in the ongoing political debate, but the circumstances changes him When he and the other slaves escape the sadistic Colonel Bishop, they are desperate and adapt to their new life.Spoiler s alert This is pure entertainment, and I really like the main protagonist for his sharp witted, arrogant and ironic manner and the way he treats his pompous superiors and other people of high rang who think themselves important When he loses his motivation, when Miss Bishop calls him a thief and a pirate, the only thing which will set him straight is a condescending glance from the M le Baron Rivarol, and he is back in business If he is going to be a thief and a pirate, he is going to be an excellent one.One minor problem I found a little irritating is that the pirate museum in Nassau states that pirates had a certain codex to follow, and that included treating women gentlemanly Either Nassau has it wrong, or Sabatini had a strong imagination, because most pirates in the book, except the main characters, seemed morally detached Other flaws I found bothersome was in some of the encounters at sea where the victories seemed just a bit incredible A third thing worth mentioning is Peter s somewhat naive characteristic, but this latter complaint might be a rather good description of a man, whose destiny forces him to change into someone he doesn t want to be Peter isn t fit for piracy, but with a dominant authoritative manner and brains sharper than all the governors of the islands, he succeeds, never the less.Even though Captain Blood is entertaining and adventurous, it has other qualities as well It describes the social classes and conventions of the time, as well as the less fortunate states Slavery and piracy were just different sides of the coin of unfortunate destiny back in the 17th century, the one not so different from the other Both are a kind of imprisonment and detachment from the world, and when forced upon you, it s already too late to do anything about it to justify or redeem yourself And despite Peter trying to come back to a normal life, prejudices, greed and jealousy in other men prevent him from reaching that goal, until the last chapter What saves him in the end has ironically nothing to do with a change of mind by those men, or some agreement between them, but purely that the political alliances of the Glorious Revolution shift, and Peter goes from traitor to respectable in a matter of hours This emphasizes the fact that our perception of the world, our view of right and wrong depends almost entirely on our surroundings Peter is the exception, but it s only because he is open minded, challenging and without much prejudice This reminds me of Edmund Dant s in The Count of Monte Cristo.What I like best in this adventure novel is that Peter Blood maintains his honor, dignity and moral throughout the book, despite being treated unjustly, and that his strong minded persistence pays off.