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The Fortunes of Indigo Skye was my first book by Deb Caletti, I really liked the idea of it but in the end it was a bit too predictable for me Usually predictable is fine but for some reason this time it sort of made the story suffer for me, like everything happened so conveniently and easily.Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the book I thought Indigo was a rather likable character, how selfless she was and how carefree She seemed to really love her life and only with the money she is given is she truly tested and ends up discoveringabout herself and what she wants in her life I also really liked the regulars or Irregulars as Indigo calls them that frequent the diner she works at They were a great group of characters I also really liked Indigo s relationship with her father, who left their family and moved to Hawaii, and how after all these years they are finally taking the chance to really get to know one another.One character I didn t really care for was Indigo s boyfriend, Trevor, I didn t really see why Indigo would be attracted to him besides that they had been together for so long they were just comfortable with one another and frankly, Indigo seems rather easy to please He started to get on my nerves after Indigo received the money and he assumed that it was their money, didn t even ask or tiptoe around the subject.In the end, Indigo s journey to finding out who she is with the addition of 2.5 million dollars is an enjoyable one but a bit too predictable. Indigo Skye doesn t really want much from life She s happy with her job as a waitress, her boyfriend and her are crazy in love, and her family, however boisterous, is loving and lively That s why Indigo s life is turned upside down when a mysterious stranger leaves her a 2.5 million dollar tip At first, Indigo doesn t know what to do with herself First, she tries to give it back When that doesn t work, she tries to embrace it, buying expensive cars and a TV that will hardly fit in her house But thats when she notices people start to change around her Although she is warned time and time again that money changes people, Indigo can t help but feel a little lost With all that money, what would you do Yes, I know The plot needs work The biggest complaint I gathered from other reviews was that the book was boring I didn t find it boring exactly, but it was certainly slow paced I really wasn t a fan of the plot at all, but there were other reasons why I enjoyed this book I love Deb Caletti s style I didn t always It is sincerely informal and rambling, and her sentences tend to be overlong and poorly structured But if I were to write a journal, that is exactly what it would be like Most teenage girls do not have editors in their brain There were just quotes in this book I adored They were funny and strangely insightful There are moments where I would look at the book in awe, thinking I thought I was the only one who thinks of that stuff I m a self centered kid, so you can imagine how shocking that is to me.Another area where Caletti shines is in her characters They have a quirky exuberance only otherwise seen in Ellen Paige movies They are the kind of people we all wish we could hang out with Crazy, funny, and a whole lot to love.So, yes, I liked this charming little book I recommend it to lovers of a good piece of chick lit. What gives, Caletti I found your previous books so charming, so lovely Here is a quote a few pages in that shook me to my very core He kisses me and our tongues loll around together, like seals playing in water. Uhhh I never want to kiss anyone ever again.You know, I really hate books about working class folks written by middle upper class folks who don t seem to grasp what that actually means They don t automatically call their mothers Ma and spend mealtimes talking about what they d buy if only they were rich Relationships aren t necessarily dominated by money power class I mean, they might be But they aren t ALWAYS Also the copyright on my book is 2008, so why are cell phones such an indicator of money uppitiness Why is everyone in Malibu an effing jackass I also hate books where the author clearly keeps looking for excuses to drop in clever little quips like she s working out a comedy routine Trust me, if they fit, I won t notice Writers probably do it all the time and I have noooo idea Here it is bizarrely transparent though This dovetails with another complaint, which is that I truly never understood who Indigo was Nothing and simultaneously EVERYTHING that she did surprised me, because who the hell was she anyway Also I hate the ending so, so, so much, and think it s a terrible lesson. I don t know if I a Need a break from YAb Need a break from Deb Calettic Just don t like this bookI do know that I don t really like the main character At all She is a little too self aware or self righteous or self something for my taste When I was 18 I was a moron Either way, I just can t finish this book I can hardly make it through a chapter a day, and if Faith didn t finish it I feel like it s ok that I don t either Thank you, Faith, for saving me. All right So this book was about a girl named Indigo Skye, who is an 18 year old waitress high school student she graduates during the book , who gets a 2.5 million dollar tip Remind you of anything My biggest complaint about this book is that it was not a quick read Maybe that sounds stupid, but the writing style is just one that I can t read quickly I don t even know what it was the short sentences, maybe But the 298 pages took WAY longer than they should have You know what else it could have been The margins on the pages were really small so the text area was pretty wide and I think I m mildly dyslexic And so when there are really long paragraphs, it s hard for my eyes to wrap to go from one line to the next shrugs Whatever It took me a long time to read this book.The other thing was pacing I dunno It seems weird to me that for a book about a girl who gets a 2.5 million dollar tip, which it says on the inside flap, she d get it pretty quick into the book I don t think book flaps backs should give away any info past about the quarter or third point But she doesn t get the tip until page 103 I think it all ended up turning out all right, pacing wise But around page 60 or 80, I was like, This is a 3 star book because the story wasn t going anywhere I was like Is anything going to happen, or is she just going to sit around at the diner or make out with her boyfriend the whole book Anyway, overall, I d give this book 3.5 stars I loved how Indigo was so anti drugs, anti smoking, and anti drinking And I really loved the moral of the story BEEEEE YOURSELF Don t let the money change who you are Eighteen year old Indigo Skye never worries about money much Her family is constantly struggling to remain afloat in the economy and lives in a shabby apartment Despite of this, she is content with being a waitress full time instead of going to college Indigo s life is changed one day when a mysterious man leaves her a large tip two and a half million dollars The Fortunes of Indigo Skye was, frankly, all over the place There wasn t really a plot line or anything it was just events happening one after the other, and that made the book grow tiresome after the first one hundred pages It didn t help that in addition to the harebrained plot the main character Indigo wasn t very likable either Her narrative would constantly trail off into random thoughts that had absolutely nothing to do with the story, thus resulting in about 150 pages of flowery fluff In fact, none of the characters were really developed or easy to relate to.Overall, it was an interesting concept done wrong I ve always wanted to read a book about someone who wins a large sum of money but Caletti didn t control her characters, or her inane ramblings. I love the way The Fortunes of Indigo Skye is written Deb Caletti has a way with words It s almost a magical touch A way of capturing perfectly ordinary observations details of daily life that just sparkles.In its simplest, The Fortunes of Indigo Skye, is a story of a girl who loses and finds herself Indigo Skye is a waitress She s happily content with being a waitress She loves her life in fact But when one of her customers leaves her a big tip as in crazy big then Indigo s life becomes challenging What would you do as a teenager or adult for that matter if you woke up to discover that someone gave you a little over two million dollars Would you stay true to you Or would you begin changing, transforming into a stranger What makes you you How grounded would you need to be to stay real The Indigo Skye we first meet is charming as can be Her definition of happiness is simple, an absence of wanting equals happiness 44 She s got her waitressing job, school, friends, family, a boyfriend, Trevor And for the most part, she s content That s not to say she doesn t have times when she s restless and unsure Moments when she wonders what she is going to be when she s grown up But the money she receives changes everythingand everyoneespecially herself.I didn t love this one Don t get me wrong I loved the writing in parts There are phrases that I marked as being oh so right and oh so true But I wasn t loving the story of this one Interesting premise Indigo starts off with potential But I didn t find myself connecting with her family her mom and dad, her brother, Severin, and her sister, Bex I didn t feel her relationship with Trevor was that developed He seemed a complete bore Someone she didn t feel much affection or devotion for And there weren t many friendships either with her classmates or with her fellow waitresses that seemed to be important to her The book was full of observations vignettes of human personalities and nature There were sprinklings of characters that were interesting But none were fully developed None were fully engaging.The novel was enjoyable because of the writing the language, the style But the characters, the plot Just so so I thought the book was sluggish in the beginning It takes a little over hundred pages for her to receive the money And I can see that as a good thing in a way it establishes a before so that there can be an after In fact, I enjoyed the first half better than the last half But still, I felt it was a bit unevenly paced Becky Laney of Becky s Book Reviews My eyes are still wet and my heart is still swollen after reading this book Deb Caletti has a way with words that makes her beautiful story easy to read, laugh out loud and cry with the main character It is also a big plus that she is from Issaquah, Washington so the places Indigo goes are really there Indigo s mom graduated from Lake Washington High School I loved the connections I could make Even though the main character, Indigo, is a recent high school graduate, readers of all ages can relate to her Indigo is a young woman working through the last months of high school at Carrera s, a small Cheers like diner in Nine Mile Falls, Washington She loves this job with the Irregulars sharing their daily problems and questions of life She sees people through the eyes of a waitress, judging each person by the order she gives to the cook One day a well dressed older man comes in to Carrera s and orders just coffee The place is abuzz with curiosity the way a new customer brings Rumors start about why he orders just coffee He s depressed, sad, he s gay Finally Indigo just asks and she gets her answer he s lonely in his successful life In their short conversations she lets him know that at least one person cares about him, if it is just her She is rewarded for her kindness with a check for 2.5 million dollars Now Indigo s life is full of wealth and confusion Can money really buy happiness Yes, it can, as long as the money makes you bigger and not smaller READ T HIS BOOK It s not the typical she won the lottery and life sucked It s so much better.I suggest reading this book with a pencil in hand, ready to underline the amazing quotes don t be afraid to write in your books be an active reader Here are some of my favorites Whenever Jack sees his leash, it s like he s looking at two plane tickets for around the world, even if it s just going to the corner and back, pg 33 Indigo, jeeze Would you quit with the menopause thing I m too young for menopause You can be over forty and just be a bitch, pg 60 When you want what s real and you try to that in high school, you might as well be looking for a mossy rock beside a babbling brook on the corner of Sixth and Pine in downtown Seattle, pg 71 Maybe I want what she has without wanting to be what she is, pg 72 We think a lot about having When we don t have and we think about not having, it s called dreaming When we do have and think about not having, it s called greed, pg 262. SPOILER ALERT I did in fact finish this one, despite the fact I stopped nearly every chapter and thought about chucking it Caletti is in fact a decent writer, so I stuck it out in the hopes that the style would be matched at some point by the plot or the characters The basic plot a teenage waitress gets a tip for two and a half million dollars, and her life changes for the worse until she learns some lessons I told this plot to one of my friends, and he said Oh, so it s like that Nicholas Cage movie I can t verify, I haven t seen that movie, but I remember the previews and yessimilar.But the reasons why I disliked this book, without further ado 1 The plot is completely and in all ways predictable Indigo, the waitress, receives the money and her friends and family start to treat her differently and she begins to get a big head Once her life has spun out of control, so looks around and has the brilliant epiphany that this isn t what she wanted and has to go around apologizing for her behavior 2 Even though it is predictable that she end up back with the love interest, her boyfriend Trevor, I really wished it hadn t happened As soon as Trevor finds out that she has this money he starts making lists of things to buy for himself She is upset, rightly so, but ends up continually placating him after she argues with him about what amounts to him using his girlfriend to get what he wants By the end of the book she s had to orchestrate a huge apology in order to get him back, he s decided to go to college for business andshe s decided to fund it Really What is this teaching young girls Not only is it ok for a guy to use you, but you should bend over backwards to keep this guy because you ve been together so long that it s comfortable expected and you ll never feel right without him This guy had his entire car re done with the thought that she would pay for it without telling her beforehand, and later in the book she left him a message saying Please hate me, but don t ignore me I was livid.3 Indigo handles having the money, i.e., keeps a level head, until her boyfriend takes her on a shopping spree to the mall The mall is the big bad catalyst for her downfall, which follows thereafter so swiftly it actually makes very little sense 4 Indigo s morals read like an after school special Let me preface this with saying I was not a smoker, stoner, drinker, etc in high school either, so I actually agree with these statements However, in this character it is hard to swallow It is even thrown in that people who don t wear seatbelts are morons True, but again I felt trapped in an after school special, and it is not really necessary to the plot Indigo has such an issue with smoking that she goes ballistic on anyone she sees with a pack of cigarettes Which brings me to number five5 The only reason the rich man left her a two and half million dollar tip is because she waited on him, reamed him out for having a pack of cigarettes, and it changed his life I felt so let down For the rich character, Indigo was the first person to tell him no because she cared about him instead of saying yes to him because he was rich Hmmmand for this he drops millions of dollars and moves to Hawaii I could see leaving fifty or even a hundred because you respect the person, but in today s society, how many smokers haven t heard the phrase those things will kill you from multiple people I m sure if this had truly happened the man would have not left her a tip at all for presuming to yell at him for what is really his own business.6 The rich guy and one of his friends are the only good rich people in the book Otherwise, all the rich are shallow, manipulative, greedy bastards who only care about themselves Even the friend Indigo has at the beginning of the book who is somewhat well off turns out to be just in it in life for what she can get I felt this was generalization at its worst, and believe me, I m anything but rich myself Some of rich people s actions don t even make logical sense Indigo s twin brother takes a rich girl to prom and then is later invited to a party at her house where he is expected not to be a guest, but rather a waiter What If this girl were really that shallow, she wouldn t have deigned to be seen with him at prom, even as a charity case as we re supposed to believe The rich are just demonized in this book Obviously, many rich people can get big heads and fall into the trap of always wantingBut aside from not every rich person falling into that category, there are plenty of poor or middle class people who also always wantPerhaps this is why Caletti threw in the madness of Trevor wanting to spend Indigo s money, but in the end what comes across is that the rich are innately horrible people, end of story.7 Going along with sixmoney steals everyone s soul Caletti took the root of all evil idea and ran with it Aside from the boyfriend, Indigo s little sister ends up abandoning her philanthropic ideals to watch the massive tv that is bought, as told above her brother abandons his self respect for a rich girl he was a waiter at one of her functions prior to the prom , and her best friend is only revealed to be less than a good friend once she is in Malibu at her father s, surrounded by opulence The friend character says she feelslike herself in that setting, and lo and beholdshe s no good there 8 The only people immune to the evil pull of money or jealousy over her having it are Indigo s parents So I guess add to the after school special feel the idea that your parents know what s best Even if, as in this case, one of your parents left your family and started living with a 28 year old in Hawaii But that s ok, because he is deep and philosophical and gives you books by Ralph Waldo Emerson and tells you to not lose yourself So that is why I gave this two stars, despite Caletti being able to write in a style that is actually pretty terrific. I Suddenly See Where I M Standing, And That S At The Edge Of Change Really, Really Big Change Eighteen Year Old Indigo Skye Feels Like She Has It All A Waitress Job She Loves, An Adorable Refrigerator Delivery Guy Boyfriend, And A Home Life That S Slightly Crazed But Rich In Love Until A Mysterious Man At The Restaurant Leaves Her AMillion Dollar Tip, And Her Life As She Knew It Is Transformed At First Its Amazing A Hot New Car, Enormous Flat Screen TV, And Presents For Everyone She Cares About She Laughs Off The Warnings That Money Changes People, That They Come To Rely On What They Have Instead Of Who They Are Because It Won T Happennot To Her Or Will It What Do You Do When You Can Buy Anything Your Heart Desires But What Your Heart Desires Can T Be Bought This Is The Story Of A Girl Who Gets Rich, Gets Lost, And Ultimately Finds Her Way Back If Not To Where She Started, Then To Where She Can Start Again