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For the Anderson family Rockwell is the picture perfect small town A wholesome place to start over But as the autumn days begin turning to winter something is awakened deep within the woods Something bent on revengeCut off from the rest of the world they must fight to stay alive as the haunting presence lays claim to Rockwell exposing the dark secrets of the town that created it

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    Nick his wife Rebecca and daughter Emily move into the idyllic town of Rockwell Soon after their arrival people start killing themselves or turn into creepy creatures What's going on here? Cut off from the outside world by a terrible snow storm Nick and some friends have to deal with the dark secrets of Rockwell's history Why did evil and uncann killings start after the new family arrived? Is there any connection? How ended the conflict between the Cansack and the Tal Teh Thule and what about the mysterious stone monuments in town? Fast paced action many eerie moments sinister creatures and a dark secret That was a very compelling story set in a little American town Really liked it Highly recommended

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    This was one heck of a story I'd have to put it in my top 20 reads of 2015 A blocked in town that's haunted by a dark past and people trying to figure out what's going on in the middle of a winter freeze I love it It definitely gets my anxiety and creeped out factor notched up a bit I enjoyed almost all the characters in this story but I just couldn't find a connection to Nick who was one of the leads Jake of course stole my heart and I loved the bartender Yep I'd recommend this story and author My one complaint is that the Author doesn't write fast enough I'm ready for stories

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    I swear I'm not a mean person but this writing was badReally badNo one says anything They retort command respond whatever there's no he said she said It bothered me Other than that failed attempt to flavor the prose it was entirely bland I'm surprised it was published I had to DNF around 80%

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    I guess I didn't previously comment on or review this book so I'll add a little sumthin sumthin here before I forget about it I LOVED the cover Don't judge a book by its cover? Well I did here Is that not a creepy thing peeking out from behind a tree? Also the book was free through Kindle Unlimited so if I hated it I could return it like an undercooked steak In fact this was a suspenseful frightening and enjoyable read A lot of snow horrible undead creatures strange symbols a small town on the brink Native American lore and a lot ofblood Yes this IS a horror novel Good times

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    A very good book and quite eerie if had to put a word on it Jack Night as other readers may or may not have mentioned seems to have a real feeling for the effects of cold isolation particularly with environmentally harsh conditions like snow to where it wouldn't surprise me if it was a staple in his writing It comes through here very clearly as the climate and its unique characteristics and challenges becomes than just a backdrop It becomes a contributing character of its ownAs with most art it becomes difficult every day to produce something truly original Truly groundbreaking to the point of not bringing other work to mind As a musician and designer I know that deep down this is bone of contention for an artist Everyone wants to be original The compromise is that often than not what you come up with is a unique variation on a theme in which your devil is in your details so to speak It is on display here as there are several different easily identifiable themes on display Anyone who considers themselves a fan of stories like The Mist will love this Desperation? Sure thing If you love desolation and the fear of the unknown waiting just out of sight where the environment plays a huge role like in Silent Hill? This is up your alley as well There was even a point at which the sort of spooky discovery thing found in some children's books like The Mystery of Chimney Rock Choose Your Own Adventure came to mind And there are others I can't mention because they will surely qualify as major spoilers simply by reference You will indeed find elements of many MANY other stories you've read in this book many variations on themes You will also likely be very impressed with the way they were blended together here to form something that ultimately is a standalone and high quality piece of literatureThe attention to detail mentioned earlier is pretty much everywhere The story builds very well without revealing itself too quickly or too slowly and it is neither gore heavy nor unacceptably sanitized Just about right for what's happening The story never drags nor is it ever hard to follow or jumping around in seemingly random patterns as many books of this type seem to do Night is quite good at keeping his plot lines organized which is much appreciatedIt is a definite page turner Not the sort of book it will take you days or weeks to read because there is enough mystery going on and enough dread created to keep you going and where it goes from its starting point is not at all where you'd expectRecommended highly for dedicated fans of the author's style and also for those who like to see where an author's personal vision can take time honored themes when he or she has embraced doing that and made it almost as powerful a form of originality

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    I have to admit I loved the book I give it a 45 out of 5The story line was great and unique in all my reading wanderings only one book has came close to the background story this book offers It had me right at the beginning As soon as I started reading it it took everything I had not to read it all at once The characters where believable and you kept hoping nothing would happen to themEverything in my imagination kept trying to figure out what was causing the events I have to give this author credit for making me wonder right up to the point I found out the truth Great Job JackI read outside a lot waiting for my ride to and from work and I smoke out side too I always take my tablet with me it has both Kindle and Kobo on it and it lights up so need to carry a light When I am reading I have a habit of forgetting where I am and talking out loud or gasping and on a few occasions have had tears running down my face Well this book had me gasping or talking to it Have had a few funny looks until I explain what I am reading LOLI kept waiting for what was to come next Trying to guess what was going to happen and to whom Most of my guesses where wrong but I was not disappointed I loved the story line and the characters The writer gave you enough information on each one to have you hoping yours would make it Right up until the endNow the reason I gave it 45 out of 5 is because when it ended I felt like I had missed something in the book Now I am not sure if it was something I missed or if it was there at all I do intend to read the book again some time in the future maybe I will see what I missedIn my opinion if you like thrillers read this book it is well worth it

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    Before reading I must put a disclaimer The review may sound a little bit salty and that's only because how disappointed I was with this book especially after buying it for 15 JD while I was short on money It's worth the sacrifice I thought Boy was I wrong25 only because of the writingAt the beginning of the book I must admit I thought I'd review it for 5 stars From the very first pages I was scared or to be exact terrified The night right after I started reading this book I would picture the body From chapter one dragging itself toward my bedroom or the hand touching the end of my bed Anyway as the story went on I was spooked over and over till I got to page 100 there I started to lose my interest in the book only because it shifted the tone from horror story into a walking dead cheap rip off At page 161 I gave up on the bookFirst all the characters ARE DULL And an evil character suddenly emerged without giving proper reasons why he's evil or why people hate him Nick and his family Who I thought would be the main characters had hardly played anything in the first 161 pages It was mentioned that Em's nick's daughter was the reason behind all of that And yet in my opinion she had done NOTHING When she encountered the ghost body in chapter one she wasn't doing anything In fact she was just walking around a huge stone that some teenage boys were having a party at the night before The story events fell from horror to some thing like the walking dead and most characters acts were not real They really can't survive for a week in a TAVERN with what must be food and water Humans can survive without eating for days as long as there is water and guess what water was available all alongbut no They didn't think they would survive in the safest place in town so they decide to go outside and look for another escape like wtf Pretty much it became the walking dead though the walking dead was a good show for at least three seasons this book is notI don't recommend this book Truly the writing look's A LITTLE like Stephan king but the plot and story are very stupid and glass made Don't buy it

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    I about gave up on this book halfway through I'm glad I didn't It started off well but the characters remained too thin for too long and there were several inconsistencies that made me groan Even worse the book seemed to be spiraling into an awful hodge podge of horror tropes However when the novel finally took some unexpected turns it got a lot interesting and a few of the characters came into better focus That said one of the main problems I have with this book is that it has too many point of view characters to develop the main ones sufficiently spoiler view spoiler hide spoiler

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    I was in the mood for something spooky this time around It started out being spooky but turned into of a horror thriller It was definitely a good book I often dream about books that I read before I go to sleep so I definitely avoided this one before bed I like the ghostzombie type mix even though I’m not a fan of the zombie craze I thought the storyline was good and kept the action going throughout the book My only complaint is that it was a little to long I could’ve lived without the group running in yet another problem before finally wrapping up Definitely worth the read

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    I really enjoyed The Dead of Winter by Jack Night The cover of the book caught my attention This is one of the better horror stories that I have read in awhile The storyline is pure horror at its best The novel is packed with plenty of action and I did not want it to end Night is an excellent writer and a great storyteller If you are looking for a horror novel with a different twist I would highly recommend this book This is the first novel that I have read by Jack Night but it will not be the last